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  1. It also did not go unnoticed, but the country Marth makes out of merging the nations of Archanea is also now “The Archanean Alliance” instead of the United Kingdom of Archanea. And War of Heroes is official now, too- War of Shadows first showed up in Warriors, and gets reaffirmed here.
  2. The patch isn’t finished; all of the updates being worked on and discussed are for Beta 3, as well as the vast majority of the dialogue corrections and updates. Beta 2 is a little over a year out of date. If you want to patch the game you need to patch Beta 2 to a rom that has already been patched with the HoS patch, and then the game will have the Beta 2 release. However, that said, beta 2 is still a year out of date; it is nowhere near reflective of the work that has been going on.
  3. FE12 content keeps coming to Fire Emblem Heroes, slowly but surely. While a new character has not been added, as was the case with Fallen Hardin, instead we have a smaller but still important note in the form of an item update: Like Clarisse's Bow and Legion's Axe before it, Reese's Tome (named "Hellfire" in the older versions of the fan translation) has been added to Fire Emblem Heroes as Katarina's personal weapon, to be retroactively added to her learnset sometime around July 8th. In FE12, this weapon was one of the rare character-based items one could acquire from the Barracks function. With this news, it is safe to assume Intelligent Systems will add other FE12 character items to Archanean units when they need to buff them, such as Ogma's Blade or Roderick's Lance. We will be keeping a close eye on any further developments in Heroes, especially considering the recent, suspicious slew of Archanean characters getting new personal weapons or forge options for their existing personal weapons. Astute readers and players may in fact notice the Japanese reads Katarina's Tome, not Reese's Tome; the use of Reese instead was a change by the localization team here. This is likely because "Katarina's Tome" simply will not fit as a name in Heroes; and all the better, it wouldn't fit in FE12 either. However, "Reese's Tome" fits perfectly in both Heroes and FE12. On a similar note, this localization choice also implies "Merric's Tome" as another localized name for a different weapon; that name fits and has also been implemented. Further progress and developments will be posted; rest assured that this patch is not dead.
  4. Learning the truth of Archanea’s history is literally exclusively between Marth and Xane/Gotoh in the remake during those segments. I am fairly certain you are confused. The only thing Kris is told are things everyone already knows, mainly the Anri legend which everyone and their mother except Kris seems to know in Altea (I.E. things which would be overly redundant to be told to Marth, like that scene in FE11 where he has to chide Malledus "Is that what this was all about? I do know my own country's history, Malledus"). Kris doesn’t get taken aside by xane or Gotoh at any point and told some super exclusive information (shit, Xane actually mocks the avatar and dupes them into wearing a pointless Headdress because he thought it’d be hilarious, and that outside of their supports and the first meeting when he’s disguised as Tiki is the extent of their interactions). come to think, I don’t think Gotoh and the avatar ever even speak to each other. we spend literal days on each individual chapter (once I think we went up to a week and a half on one specific chapter) with meticulous cross referencing between up to 5 localized games at once, retranslation with multiple Japanese proofreaders having it run by, and Cirosan’s expertise in the English language being applied. I again say to wait until the patch is done, and I do hope the amount of effort in the result ends up being appreciated.
  5. I do think you should probably wait until the patch is released; as it turns out, the older translation inadvertently amped up the Gary Stuness of the avatar by a great deal in the prologue alone, before we’ve even gotten into the rest of the game. I’d probably wait to analyze Kris’s role compared to Marth again once we can put this out, because even at the bare minimum the more correct “one of my royal guards” is already a hell of a lot less Stuish than “my one and only Royal Guard who is the awesome one and only” that the older translation somehow (and inconsistently) got FE12 is really, really focused on Marth; Kris is pretty largely someone who Marth is propped up on (with Kris being among Lucina in the list of Marth fanclub presidents), but the older translation seems to unintentionally make this seem the other way around 90% of the time. Even in the prologue alone, 2 very important conversations concerning Marth had to be redone or completely retranslated from scratch because of how off the mark they were tonally speaking.
  6. Look at Fire Emblem Heroes. Luke has a minor tendency to refer to himself as “The Luke” and all of the dialogue I decided to sample are things which are quoted directly in Heroes; as in, the Japanese version of Fire Emblem heroes has either the exact same or a paraphrased version of the dialogue as it is in FE12 and I am simply applying the localization of this dialogue Treehouse used for Heroes onto that same dialogue in FE12 for 100% consistency seeing as that’s the point of the patch, in addition to cleaning up some errors or odd phrasing. In the cases of paraphrasing where Heroes doesn’t 1:1 quote something and mixes around the quote (say, for example, one line of Marth’s dialogue fuses 2 or more of his quotes) it’s approximated to be as accurate as possible to the Japanese text while still keeping intact the paraphrased portion that was localized in heroes. the explanation the above poster posited about him wanting to be his own person/run on his own steam (as mentioned in his support with Roderick, like you said) and thus being a bit of a rebel is probably the reasoning behind his personality. He even outright ditches the knights in his ending. sorry if I’m not explaining this well, but there’s that as well as cleaning up errors like Wrys’s lack of explanation for leaving the party due to a minor mistranslation or grammatical errors in the dialogue. I’ve had a very good editor to assist me with these last bits, I’m mostly concerned with making sure everything parses well with heroes and doing menu related work (which I feel like menu work is 80% done at this point at least, with the big holdups being graphics) of course, we are also putting the same amount of effort and applying it to consistency with Echoes, Awakening, And Warriors in places where it is applicable.
  7. Alright, progress update I guess; the Prologue of FE12 has been finalized as far as text is concerned. The main outstanding issue for the prologue portion of the game remains the tutorial slide related graphics, which are a bit difficult to figure out how to edit. However, the prologue has been applied an updated translation which acknowledges lines of dialogue quoted or paraphrased in both Awakening, Heroes, and Warriors, as well as fixing up grammatical and translation related errors for what is hopefully a drastically improved and easier to understand experience overall, for both new and veteran players of the series. Cirosan in particular has been a huge help with assisting the creation of these edits, and we hope to have further progress to report in the very near future. Some samplings of dialogue from the prologue chapters- Aside from that, work has begun on the BSFE and DLC chapters, which will end up being a slightly smaller workload than the prologue at seven chapters and no base conversations. The biggest goal is to make sure the end result is both accessible, consistent with Awakening/Heroes/Warriors where Japanese dialogue is quoted/paraphrased and translated into English, and free of translation induced inconsistencies or plot holes, both in FE12 itself and removing or reconciling inconsistencies between things such as Shadow Dragon and Awakening to the best of our ability. I sincerely hope that, when the time comes, everyone who takes a stab at this patch enjoys the finalized product, as it is the result of much manpower and meticulous dialogue cross referencing between up to 6 different games.
  8. It pretty much only involves an Action Replay cart. It’s very, very simple to do if you have the gear for it and a bit of knowing how to set up DS internet; in the case of a flashcart running a rom, it’s even easier because you can just patch the rom directly on your flashcart and bypass the need for codes entirely.
  9. Flashcart compatibility is something I’ve had at the front of my mind for the entire duration of development of this patch since I am planning on personally using the patch in that manner myself. I’ve been trying to have people I know with DS flashcarts test the patch where they can, but really it all comes down to not having a shitty flashcart. Can’t give you any links, I don’t think, but I’m sure you can find a few message boards if you search something like “what DS flashcart should I use?”. The current plan is optimization for real hardware in the final patch version, which will definitely make things smoother when run on an emulator too in theory.
  10. No, but I am saying that's what we've done so far. It has not been a speedy process. I plan to have Beta 3 released to the wild once all of the main game dialogue and supports are proofread and gone through, then sift through them from there; the plan as of writing is for Beta 4 to be more intensive things such as graphics that need to be edited in obscure places (though quite a few easier to change ones have already been done). I do have a small group of people testing as we go along, including myself where I can, but I absolutely do want anyone to report issues that aren't "caught by the fishnet" once Beta 3 is live. Beta 3 is going to be pretty much every bit of textual dialogue in the game at this rate; however, I could see it being released with just the Prologue, BSFE, and Prelude/DLC chapter dialogue done if it's decided upon. Beta 3 will also have at least a large portion of the user interface updated, as well as item descriptions; the Tomahawk and Spear, which in this game are enemy only, are an example of an item description I am particularly worried about being displayed correctly with the updated description and coding and will probably want tested in the wild due to the difficulty in getting to read those descriptions ingame. Some problem areas of note include the tutorial images which are displayed ingame, save file turn count display, and parts of the character index (as well as sorting that alphabetically). I hope to have many or all of these issues resolved before we push out Beta 3; Beta 4 is planned to be reserved for the most difficult to achieve edits, but no promises that won't be a beta 5, I suppose.
  11. We have basically torn the entire thing apart since beta 3. Lots of revisions where things were translated in Awakening/Heroes/Warriors, lots of grammatical corrections, and fixing quite a few minor translation induced continuity or character errors here and there; all of which is chiefly to be in line with official localizations. It’s been slow progress, but there will definitely be a very noticeable bump in quality compared to the previous revision. also, I’ve overhauled the menu interface to be consistent with how it is in Shadow Dragon, and corrected item descriptions to be much the same- lots of testing to make sure everything works fine, though, and there’s a few annoying stragglers in terms of the menu interface to deal with. i wouldn’t say Beta 2 is reflective of what the patch will end up with at this point; it misses a lot of localization corrections even as it is currently. Archanea has had the good fortune of getting a lot of coverage in Awakening, Heroes, and Warriors to go off of, which means many things (most prominently support conversations, but pretty much all of Hardin’s FE12 dialogue is localized at this point via the other games) are ammended to be consistent with localized games. Legion is definitely the most prominent change here, but Heroes helped a lot with codifying some nuances for certain characters in official localization. basically, please give Beta 3 at least one go whenever it comes out; not sure how long that will be, as the fine tooth comb has been going a bit slower than anticipated, but a lot of effort was put into cleaning things up to be consistent; not just names, but phrases, nuances, etc. are being cross referenced for consistency with localization as thoroughly as possible.
  12. 7 Zip has an official site (.org). It shows up with a quick search, first result generally. If there's nothing for Mac there, try digging around with a search engine; just be smart about where you look. There's also other programs for opening .rar files you can look into, like the Unarchiver on the mac app store.
  13. .rar is a compressed file, not an emulator file. .nds files are DS rom files. You need a program like 7-Zip to open up a rar file and extract it; are you trying to run the ROM, or the patch? Either way, whatever file you're trying to run is essentially in a special folder (.rar file) that needs to be unpacked using a special program like 7-Zip. I plan to make an update post very soon, we're almost completely done with revisions to the prologue as far as we can see and are soon to start bug testing the prologue chapters. Great time and care was put into clean up and proofreading, as well as retranslation where needed and making dialogue that was translated in Heroes consistent in the patch (or in cases where it was simply paraphrased dialogue rearranged in Heroes, making it as correctly approximated as possible). Awakening and Warriors were also used as reference points where relevant. I'm not exaggerating when I say about 50% of the dialogue in Heroes for Archanean characters comes from their appearances in the FE12 Prologue, if they featured in it. Most prominently, a lot of their introductions to the avatar were adapted into their summoning quotes for a very large majority of these characters, including but not limited to Cain, Katarina, and Roderick off the top of my head; others like Jeorge had only part of their introduction incorporated into FEH.
  14. Yes, Hardin reorganizes the Holy Kingdom into a Holy Empire during the plotline. I've already done all of Hardin's localized dialogue from Heroes, so far. I'm currently ensuring all dialogue is consistent with Heroes in addition to graphics work that is being done
  15. This strikes me as ironic somehow. Yes, Hopefully the Beta 3 patch revision will be out soon; I’m thinking a month or so at this rate, assuming everything is optimized properly? I’m going to err on the side of caution and say two months.
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