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  1. Just finished my file, and I let everyone get their supports at random with the only exception of Dimitri and Byleth, so I ended with this: Byleth x Dimitri - Because reasons Dorothea x Petra - I'm surprised since they couldn't pair up for missions... Dorothea was always paired up with Annete in fights while Petra was on his wyvern in the other sides of the maps... so... How happened? I'm not sure lol Ashe x Anette - Probably all the heals helped Felix x Bernadetta - Idk how, but I'm happy with it Sylvain x Ingrid - Both were flyers unit so, they went ahead to clear some sides of the maps together Mercedes x Dudue - The power of HEAL!!
  2. I'm probaby the only person that is not in love with the gatekeeper. He is nice but that is all for me. Actually, I didn't feel like marrying any other character, either npc or student, I'm just gonna stay with Dimitri as S support
  3. I'm still in my first file, I got my game 1 week later because of the lack of a proper videogame store in my city, and then I can only play like 1 hour per day so... I'm on Blue Lions chapter... errr... 18 I think (the one with the giant mechas). Main team is around lv 40 in their final master class, exception are Dimitri since he have his exclusive class, same with Byleth Previously Dorothea make me feel bad for not recruiting Ferdinan and now I'm thinking in maing a +file to save everyone Somehow I loss Hanneman... Ok, I never recruited him in the school pass and I thought he would joint me after the time skip by default, but nope! He is gone! he probably got killed in the attack before the timeskip haha
  4. I think she is in an interesting character with background that deserve to be learned, but, I feel unable to become her fan, her personality just doesn't click to me
  5. I would like that, anything to learn more of the cipher mascots woudl be cool! Idk, it can be a new DLC... DLC 2 maybe... But I think it would be hard on Three Houses, thanks to the school mechanic, how do they fill in it with the students?
  6. This is an easy choice, Blue Lions all the way~ I love all my lions, but Dimitri ended in the top. From the Eagles was hard to choose, I really like Bernadetta, Petra, Caspar and Dorothea won me with her dialogues in the BL route (she nearl make me cry after what happened with Ferdinan and make me feel bad for not recruiting him), in the end I voted for Bernadetta since she was the first one I recruited and she is kinda relatable. From the Deers I choose Lytithea, her dialogues express that she thinks good of you even if she is in a different house, it make me feel sad for not had the time to recruit her. And from the "others" side... I think is a tied between Flayn (who somehow I end calling her Flan) and Shamir bc she is enigmatic lol
  7. None. I never disliked anyone of the characters that I ended liking later BUT!! Now I dislike Rhea hahahaha, I was neutral with her, then I spoiled-played the game, and now I dislike her ! And of course the bad-bad guys I dislike them too (cofSoloncof)... But about the students, I don't hate anyone, I'm just not a fan of some of them
  8. I really like how classes are not limited to only one type of weapons Like, swordmasters are not "sword only" Is great to have different options, and I don't know, I just... Like it, and of course I would love to keep this for future games!
  9. I got a new question: How do I unlock paralogues?? more specially, Dudue's paralogue
  10. I would like that! An option to oposse the church with the Blue Lions would be interesting, and personally I don't mind kicking Rhea out of the Monastery! I also want an option to slap Edelgard so hard and make her start working with the other houses but this one is obviously not going to happen But since this is probably never going to happen, I'm going to say... I want a patch to pet the animals, is a crime looking at them an being impossible to touch them!
  11. Ah yeah is in pale Blue, and I get message but it probably say something different in english, since in spanish is something like "He is not ready" Oh well, I need to wait then... I just hope I don't miss one of his supports. Thanks !
  12. I'm a bit confused and this probably was already answered but I don't know how to search it... So Bylet's supports, how it works? I got a blue C with Dimitri, but I can't "see" the support, then I read in another site, that you need to wait for the character to talk with you Is this true? Do I need to wait until Dimitri want to talk, I need to search him and talk, or just happen after certain event in the game? And, are all his supports like this? I just work to get the Support lv in Blue and wait for it, or do I kneed to "trigger it" ? I'm really confused guys
  13. Probably just Dimitri and that's all, I don't feel like marrying anyone else... But again, I don't even feel like playing any other route outside of the Lions so...
  14. Aaaah that's cool! At least in his case ! Thanks
  15. Dimitri all the way!! Somehow I end liking characters with a lot of troubles so... I also like Bernadetta and Ashe... And the character I like the less is probably Edelgard, but that is mostly for ALL the bias she is getting not only from the fandom but also from IntSys... Yet I don't dislike or hate her, she is just... Not in my favorite list... Oh! I also find Hannenman a bit creepy...
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