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  1. Bigger problem is I don't even know how 4chan works, I have entered that site and... Got nothing of it lol Thankyou, I'm gonna check that post
  2. When the spoilers start to get bigger and bigger, can someone tell me in which cases Dimitri can get killed, either by route or desicions?? I don't want to get him killed by accident, so, if he indeed died in any of the endings, I would like to know, so I can avoid them!! (but I want to believe that if we marry him, he would stay alive) Also, How did people find spoilers? I have been searching and I can't find them lol (I love spoilers)
  3. I preordered SE edition but... Can we already "pre-order" the DLC ??? When I checked there was only option for bundle with the game, and I don't need that
  4. I choose the Blue Lions before people started to think they were cool!!! I choose the Blue Lions since the beginning because of Dimitri since the day Nintendo introduced him for the first time !!
  5. I'm not worried for the game. I'm worried of the fandom
  6. My mom's mistake I asked for Golden Sun for my bday. She got me Sacred Stones instead. All because she couldn't remember the name of the game and told the store guy "Is a game about fire" ( Sun = fire, of course) In the end I never played Golden Sun, but I have been playing Fire Emblem since that day Now, what make me keep playing Fire Emblem after that mistake, was when I accindentally got Innes "killed" and his "dead" quote appeared (I know he doesn't die really). Yeah I had already other characters died before (first time playing I didn't know what to do exactly) but his quote hit me hard for some reason unlike the others, and that make me start the whole game again and tried to keep everyone alive, also it make Innes my favorite character so... And Yeah that is... My mom's mistake + Innes
  7. Akaneia - Julian Valentia - Kliff, Delthea, Luthier Jugdral - Ares, Fury (or whatever is her name now), Lewyn Elibe - Klein, Fir, Pent, Louise Magvel - Innes, Vanessa Tellius - Geoffrey, Elincia, Nailah, Kurt, Naesala Awakening - Jerome, Laurent, Lucina Fates - Oboro, Takumi, Leo, Hinoka
  8. Best: Tellius, I think they are very good, idk why but I like them a lot Worst: Conquest. Really mostly the only one I care is Leo. Well, the siblings are fine, but the one I care the most is Leo, aside of them... I hardly remember the other exist lol, and never used them actually, I just jumped into Conquest with the siblings, Corrins, Azura and a bunch of transported Oboros and Takumis
  9. Takumi, Oboro, Leo, Geoffrey And if the new characters are included, Dimitri
  10. Nobody cares, but whatever she is complete now
  11. Shut up and take my money I liked the games so I don't see why I wouldn't pay for it again, specially if they give me new stuffs
  12. Matthis, not only a bad unit but... everything about him is bad! Also poor Julian didn't deserve how this guy thread him and let not forget he can kills his sister Silas, I hated how he auto proclaims our best friend, like... guy if you really was Corrin best friend, why Corrin forget you? Anyway, I didn't liked his auto proclamation. Also, this guy thread some of the girls really bad!! I feel so bad for let him marrying Felicia in my 1st file (I ended deleting the file and replaying the route just to save the poor girl), and his supports with Hana are terrible too... He acts like a good guy but is a jerk with some of the girls for no reason? (Yes I know Jacob acts very bad with some girls too, but the difference is that Jacob is a self proclaimed jerk, unlike Silas who acts like a good person and do bad in the end) Owain/Odin/whatever other name he calls himself. I find him annoying, that's all, I'm not a fan of characters with his personality: happy and annoying and He just doesn't shut up! Like... ugh... Not my type of character, you can be a large ham and not be annoying And some of the villains, but they are villains so, I'm not ganna mention them
  13. This thing was so freacking easy, DC Oboro and Brave Summer Taku laughted at it
  14. Ok! Yeah he has good spd, it would be sad to lose it for res. Thanks
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