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  1. Have a great day.

  2. Camilla's figure looks great. I was really worried they would put her in a fanservicey pose like Tharja, but I'm glad I was wrong. I'm definitely going to pre-order it as soon as pre-orders open. It's disappointing that Elise's nendroid looks so crappy though. That's honestly one of the worst nendroids I have ever seen. :/
  3. My favorite is Selkie. I like her class, and she has a really cute personality and supports. My least favorite is Ophelia. Her personality annoys me and her design is really hideous.
  4. Setsuna looks horrible. Camilla and Oboro look great. The guys all look pretty good too.
  5. I would love to see Malig Knight and Kinshi Knight in future games.
  6. Hmm, I suppose the only one I find a little funny is Arthur. I don't find Odin, Ophelia, Setsuna, or Azama funny at all. Izana is alright.
  7. I would still say that she looks ugly with black hair, but not quite as bad.
  8. No. A few more examples would be: The butler characters from Black Butler (they are demons though) Hayate Ayasaki from Hayate the Combat Butler Kanon from Umineko Luca from Arcana Famiglia Raven from Earl and Fairy Characters from Ladies vs Butlers! Ayumi Tojo from Gintama Sakuya Ohtori from Rewrite Sanjay from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Vishnal from Rune Factory 4
  9. Ophelia looks really ugly with black hair. Dweyer looks surprisingly good. Forrest easily looks the prettiest, which is a little humorous. Midori looks pretty cute too.
  10. I like Selkie a lot and I guess Velouria is decent I don't really like any of the other children. I especially don't like Ophelia or the Awakening characters as children. I don't like how children are handled in this game, though. Really young females like Elise can get pregnant, and nine months just somehow magically goes by in a flash. Then somehow the children instantly grow to maturity in the Deeprealms. It's ridiculous.
  11. Elise. I thought that she had a really cute design, but I never expected to adore her character like I do. I'd say she's easily one of the most likable Fates characters in general. Selkie was also a pleasant surprise.
  12. Hmm, I suppose that I would give Iago the title of "King Shit" out of the three. I don't think that Hans is quite as bad as Iago, and Garon is kind of being manipulated and out of his mind, so I will cut him some slack.
  13. Female Nohr: Camilla (surprise, surprise). Her hair is lovely, she has a nice figure (tall and curvy), her crown is really cute, and her armor is pretty cool looking. I actually think that the "battle panties" look neat on her due to the fact that she has armor and cloth on her hips and thighs. It really manages to pull the outfit together. The runner up would be Elise. She looks like an adorable gothic lolita. Male Nohr: Leo. I love the black armor that the Nohr siblings all wear very much, and I think that Leo manages to wear it the best. I'm also a big fan of his hairstyle. Inigo still looks great in this game too (he was my favorite male design for Awakening). Female Hoshido: Hmm, I suppose I would pick Hana because I'm a big fan of her outfit (I think her face is a bit too plain looking though). Selkie also has a nice design. Male Hoshido: None. I'm just not a big fan of any of the male characters in terms of design for Hoshido. :/ They all either look kind of plain or have certain things that I hate about their design. None of the all path characters impress me much in terms of design (as much as I like Jakob).
  14. Congrats! A turn can be improved in Part 4; Chiki recently cleared 4-E-1 in 1 turn 128 turn run, but the odds were absolutely ridiculous (he calculated the odds as about 1 in 400 quadrillion or something like that). You need to edit RNs in Dolphin for that.
  15. I wish there was a bit more of a selection, especially for the hair accessories. I like the big white bow, the sun tiara, and the crown that Camilla wears. It would have been nice if they sold the hair accessories that you can put on your avatar too.
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