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  1. Yay for Ephraim, and I was worried I was going to go 3 for 3 on picking the losers this time round! From https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/pjhmg8/he_wins_no_matter_what/
  2. . . . same hell is such a pain and it won't go away!
  3. This is tough. Gatekeeper is a boss, but I am quite the Eirika fan. I think I will have to go with Eirika. Hopefully if she drops Gatekeeper will still be in the running. If both drop. . . the preferred units from the other pairs would be Marth and Lysithea. But as a Sacred Stones fan supporting Ephraim if both Eirika and Gatekeeper go down is probably my best bet.
  4. Well apparently my luck has tickled me pink. Not the greatest thing since I almost never fodder single copies so to use the save skills I would have had to pull doubles or luck out further down the line and I am unlikely to use them as units. But this type of thing always amuses me. I still remember when I pulled both Legendary Erika and Legendary Ephraim in the same pull. In addition I also got both Winter Alts in the same pull. So yeah, this type of thing tickles me pink and I can't help but smile when it happens. so yeah while double Henrietta would have given me a new skill to play with on one of my favorite armors, this is much more amusing.
  5. Just something real quick. I probably spent more time finding the right accessory than I did on the skills. I may be taking down my hood, but that doesn't mean I am giving up my secret identity!
  6. Well I got lucky I suppose. I was hopping for Bridal Micaiah for my freebie and that is what I got. -ATK and +DEF though. But these days we have the means to fix that if I really want to. I was missing 5 of the colorless, Tibarn, Bridal Micaiah, and Summer Mia being the ones I most wanted 7 of the greens, but pretty much all of them but the New Year Peony/Triandra aren't particularly desired 9 of the blues, but again that is partly because I didn't highly want them anyways. I did fail to obtain the Sisterly Trio though. 9 of the Reds, Spring Idunn and Young Marth being the standouts there. I figured my best chance of something I wanted was if I pulled on colorless if available. And lucky I got.
  7. Kinda sad about Eirika getting bumped out of first, though I suppose there is some fittingness that both she and Ephraim won as 2nd placers with ~31k votes. Twins they are indeed. I would probably also be sad about Marth getting bumped, but the sheer ridiculousness of the total number votes Gatekeeper got more than makes up for me being a bit down that the one 'most deserving' the prf skill got bumped out. I just find it very amusing that he got so many votes. Nearly passed Edelgard and if I recall we didn't need a Nintendo account last year, so if it was 'open' voting this year he may have actually exceeded her vote total. Anyways no salt, just amusement and some worry that Eirika's brave version will be too similar one of her current alts.
  8. I would really like Panne to get some love. Unlike @Magenta Fantasies though I think themeing Panne with Triandra would be more fun than Embla or Nidavellir(though neither of those styles would be disappointing). Panne could be the Nightmare Hare. Ok, maybe that is more of an alt idea, but I like it.
  9. On topic for the CYL thread I would imagine, but I'll drop it here instead.
  10. Started off planning to throw a vote at Panne and Gatekeeper(I just thought him being available to choose was neat, I didn't expect him to actually do well) and Eirika, and then maybe the trainee trio of Amelia/Ross/Ewan. Used to be a given, but since they are in I have less urge to throw them votes. After midterms however, I have decided to alternate between Eirika and Gatekeeper. Normally I don't like repeating votes, but I am kinda meh this year so whatever.
  11. So I had my usual terrible but not bad luck on the Halloween banner. Wanted to catch at least 2 Grima Wolves so that I would have at least 1 Dragon's Ire for fodder. Hey I got 6 5*'s out of this. BUT. Fallen Lyon, Grima Wolf, Brave Micaiah, Ossian, Sue, Yarne, and as of today and the last pulls I had for this banner a Sutr. My overall pull rate was somewhat better than average for what I had, but Green wise I only got 1 new unit and none of the fodder is what I want or was seeking. I mean I didn't even get a Xane despite opening colorless whenever there were no greens(which was far more often than I care to think of). Anyways with it ending today, I do hope everyone got at least some of what they wanted out of that banner!
  12. Is Bantu the only one who didn't get upset? Or was his match up so close that it wouldn't be called an upset either way? I am now REALLY hoping Velouria goes all the way. I have no idea who I'll support if she fails. Just flip a coin I guess.
  13. That was my first thought when I saw the op. In fact it might make it even more racially basised. Right now a black man, for example, can at least get some kind of crowd sourcing to meet the bail(not a great option, but it does technically work). But if it were based on how 'dangerous' someone thinks he is or looks. . . well do I really need to go into that? Bail itself isn't necessarily a bad system, though I would say it is very prone to becoming one. The problem is that the bail is set to ridiculous amounts. Though even a percentage of income bail runs into the problem of hitting the poorest hardest. My personal preference would probably sound similar to the proposed in that cash bail really wouldn't be a thing. But rather they should have to prove with a preponderance of the evidence(more likely than not) that release back into the public will either result in an imminent and clear threat to the public or an imminent or clear risk to flight. Basically the burden would be on the police to prove risk rather than on the suspect to prove not risk. I suspect that the California proposal is more the latter than the former, and that will almost certainly cause bias to run amok. Though I would have to read the bill in question in full to know for sure. But the ACLU and NAACP both being against it is rather telling I would think. More than likely it doesn't have anything in place to prevent bias from becoming even worse since after its passing you wouldn't even be able to crowd fund your way out.
  14. Congrats! Free Pull buddies! Though mine is +DEF/-ATK. At least her speed wasn't bad touched. Though I wonder if I should be concerned that so far every Harmonic Hero I have pulled(all two of them) are +DEF/-ATK.
  15. Well darn. I was really hoping Kris would take this since we had the last hour multiplier. But I also knew that we were at a pretty big disadvantage army size wise, so . . . But I was really hoping Kris would join the other Avatar pairs has having at least one VG win under their hat(Summer Corrin, Male Grima(Robin), Summer Byleth). Though all those were alts so maybe a Kris has to get an alt before they get to win a VG.
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