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  1. Well offense is dirt easy this week. I finally bit the bullet and Sacked my Nailah. I had been debating who to give my Spare Null-C/DC fodder to for quite some time. Brave Ike finally convinced me to burn it. I had been hesitant to do so since I figured he would end up being something defense teams intentionally build to counter and I can't really rely on getting another Null-C/DC anytime soon if he ends up being benched due to counters being on every team. But so far so good. We'll see how long that lasts. Defense wise I am a bit miffed though. Ate a full loss due to Lilina focusing on a TRIANGLE ADEPT Brave Lucina instead of nuking a Brave Ike. Yay.(and yeah I know the AI likes to focus on foes that can't counter when possible. Still annoying though since she would have dropped Ike well into range for the others to KO. She is supposed to be my green killer, not my blue Triangle Adept killer).
  2. @TEKWRX FRESHMEAT! As others have said focus on Offensive Fortress upgrades. Winning can be really tuff if the foe's defense fortress out levels your offense fortress. I had focused too much on defense and ended up with a 1-2 level deficit when trying to climb into 21(or was that back when I was trying to climb into 20?). The point being letting your enemies have an extra 10 to 20 merges doesn't work very well. Given that you are starting late you are likely going to be facing fortress deficits, if you aren't already, but you need to keep it to about 1 level if you at all can. 4 extra in each stat can be worked around, but 8 or more starts becoming more than a little bit difficult. For defense spending buying new slots is probably the most effective use of stones. The structures can be handy, but an extra body is generally better. Also don't bother spending your limited stones on the bolt trap, I don't recall if anyone else said that yet. The traps' best function is soaking turns and they do that just fine at base level. And in the bolt traps case it can easily be used against you. Heavy Traps can be useful, but I would still probably focus on buildings first unless you have a particular plan to exploit the trap. The Shrines didn't exist when I was climbing so the offense shrines might be a helpful addition to try and offset the fortress deficit a bit. The problem being you don't want too many buildings in the back line since that can actually limit your offense options due to lack of space to maneuver. However, first of all if you haven't already, I would focus on building up the ladder. Getting more shots on offense is probably one of the best use of stones you have. On to me. Since I was 'lucky'(I wanted Ewan most) enough to get Duo Ephraim(Neutral) I am again looking at a Gale team(the idea never takes off since I tend not to like cavalry). My thoughts are to run Ephraim, Edelgard, and Brave Celica as the main Galeforcers. Dancer I am thinking of Dark Azura(of my dancers that can learn GaleForce she has the highest atk and the highest spd so could potentially run Heavy or Flashing). Final slot of course would be for an Astra Mythic if I ever manage to pull one or bonus unit.otherwise/until then. Anyways HP totals would be 41 for Ephraim and Edelgarde, 39 for Celica, and 36 for Azura. I figure at least one would want Infantry Pulse. With double Lion and the potential to run Flashing Blade 4 Celica doesn't really need a pulse to proc Galeforce as long as she scores the quad or got countered. Other bonus is that she could get Null Followup at the same time, though double lion might be the better option since it ensures a turn 1 double tap against the speedy mages? She would need to run an HP seal though, So HP/SPD most likely, or trade Royal sword out for Slaying. Which might be a good idea anyways. This would open up darting blow seal for 49 speed. I don't really like this idea. I think the others are better options for pulsing. Edelgard gets the slaying affect so if running the Heavy Blade Seal could get away with not needing a pulse. A single dragon flower upgrade would let her pulse the rest. If Ephraim runs Pulse he would need Quickened Pulse in his Seal to guarantee that he himself could easily gale and also need a dragon flower upgrade. I could run double pulse on Celica and Ephraim which would free up Ephraim's Seal which would probably go to sturdy blow and take Heavy off Edelgard(or leave it on so that she can proc after 1 hit on something like a wary fighter non CC unit Or still charge through guard). In this case Azura would probably want Quickened Pulse to drop her cooldown to 2. These are rather premium options though. I could run try running a grail axe or sword, but the HP totals are bit less flexible. Ylgr for example has a lot of HP and would have to be the Infantry Pulser since none of the others could hope to compete. Sword wise Joshua and Marisa are both cool, but rather unsuited to the role I think since they would probably have trouble using Heavy. Flashing they might be able to use(though Celica can use it much easier). Outside of grails - Eirika I like and is at 5*+10 8 dragonfllower status, but she isn't really built for this and would probably serve better in an Omega Tank type of role. Plus enough HP she would have to be the Pulser. There is Soliel, but again lots of HP and would have to be the pulser. I did give mine Heavy Blade and Slaying Edge already though so she has that going for her. For Axe non-grails I would like Ross, but don't yet have any. And there is also Arthur, but . . . I don't think he would make a great GaleForcer? I do have a +ATK one sitting around.
  3. Well I got the free orbs, bought the monthly pack, and spent all the tickets. Got 2 5*'s out of it which is pretty good rate wise. Sadly though Ewan never showed. His ticket, the last one I got, instead summoned me a Ephraim+Lyon Duo. Neutral, so good enough. Though this has broken my string of getting +ATK Blue Ephraims. Seriously. My only Ephraim who wasn't +ATK was Brave Ephraim(who is -ATK/+DEF which just happens to be the opposite of my +ATK/-DEF blue Ephraims. . . at least I think my first legendary Ephraim was -DEF). All Blue Ephraims must be +ATK. Or so I thought. Anyways this is a good enough result. Wanted Ewan, but Ephraim is probably second most wanted since he could really open up Galeforce in AR for me. Also he should make a great Arena bonus unit.
  4. @Zeo Congrats! That is awesome luck. As for me I am still at the starting line. I just did the first freebie and change. Mostly focusing on red since I figure Ross being in the 3-4star makes him a lesser priority here. Circle has two reds, some colorless and a green. I got enough for the reds, that is fine by me. And BAM free 5*. But it is Mareeta not Ewan. Given that she has made a freebie appearance once before I can only conclude that I am being stalked. But I guess a second one means I have null followup fodder(though both are -ATK so if I ever plan to use her might be better off merging away that bane, particularly since I don't know if I have anyone who wants it). Other red was a just a three star Lilina. However, this ain't a terrible start. Would have preferred Ewan, but at least my freebie has decent fodder.
  5. Blegfh. Don't know why but this isn't the first time I have forgotten that it is a glimmer type 1.5 x damage rather than 1.5 x atk. @Anacybele Tagging you since I got it wrong. Required res is basically 20 lower due to brain glitch on my part. Yeah that is how my Kaden does it. He gets nearly obliterated by the special itself, but Ophelia can barely dent him afterwards since he runs TA and has two Eir's blessing him.
  6. @Vicious Sal Good post. But I think I kinda disagree on the Tank being easier than Vantage. If you have the resources to pull the vantage strat off it gets pretty darn easy. The problem is that the window of units who can pull it off is far narrower than who can pull of omega tanking, which I suspect is why you rate it as being not quite as easy as omega tanking. But that might change once we get a Light or Astra Mythic that grants atk. A big part of Omega tanking is the blessings after all. It lets a lot of people who normally wouldn't have shot at doing so do so. Res. Res. and more Res. Or defense for the oddball that puts it on a non-mage. Basically AoE ignores the weapon triangle and in battle buffs. So the only thing that matters are blue numbers, like from tactics. Elsewise it is a simple their atk vs you defense or res stat(depending on what the foe normally targets). Most folks use the 1.5 ones so when battling an Ophelia you simply compare your res to 1.5x Ophelia's ATK(probably around 55-60 at least , so 82-90 atk as her final number is fair to assume). So as you can imagine most folks are going to. . . wait. . . @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi how did you get Fjorm's visible res up to at least 76? Lets see. +RES is 37. 4 from being +10 is 41. Double light blessing is 51. 2 from Summoner support is 53. 2 from dragon flowers is 55. Fortress DEF/RES is another 6 for 61. A boost from Tactics is 67 or if you use a method for +7 you have 68. Fortress RES in the seal is another 5. 73. . . I don't know where the other at least 3 points come from. And of course I completely forgot that you can debuff. A Chill Attack would cover that gap nicely as would the Shrine, Not hard for Ophelia to have the highest ATK+SPD. She is also vulnerable to panic if the enemy uses visible buffs on her. Still though that is actually a bit more RES than I thought Fjorm could get. Yeah that would do it. Part of the reason I ended up being a hoarder for skills like DC was purely because I got burned like that once. Though holding onto two 'fodderable' copies may not count as hoarding per se. Particularly since both have an addition skill slated for inheritance at the same time. Ruptured Sky for my spare M!Byleth and Null C-Disrupt for my spare Nailah. I feel ya there. My Keaton team is Triple Red. And with threats like Ophelia running around you can imagine how that can take some work to get around at times. It is even worse if the bonus unit is red. Then it is a FOUR red team, with only my TA Kaden to offer anti-blue support. Seth may not be an A-Tier unit, but for any team that wants Tactics he can be a good slot in. SPD is one of the more important stats to pop up and ATK tactic isn't too hard to get as a C Skill. Res or Def in the seal as your needs need. Sadly since you are looking at an Astra team right now you can't do the fun Seth shenanigans. Foe have an L!Azura that you don't want to dance someone? Did the foe put fortress skills on her to try and prevent her from attacking? Well she really has the hots for Seth. Just won't leave him alone. If he is in range she will go and say hi. And with Kaden support he can have enough speed to block the double. Add in Eir Support and he can survive and drain not only her action but an action of one of the other foes(and if they are a green unit he can survive that too sometimes, either way he eats up 2 actions which can really change the tide of battle). But even if he won't survive it can still be a good choice to sacrifice him to eat L!Azura's action. Thanks to Kaden's B skill he can still provide spd and res to himself and Fjorm even if Seth is taken out. Miss out on attack though. If you goal is sustaining tier rather than climbing, perfect matches are not needed. You can afford to drop 1 or sometimes 2 units each battle as long as you win in the end. And that brings me back to the 'this team sucks at climbing' mantra. Maybe a better player can climb with it, but this type of setup for me is pure sustain. Pretty sure the part about Corrin's stats was addressed to Rinco and his video.
  7. Lack of DC fodder really limits some of the best options. DC in particular since omega tank and Vantage are some of the easier ones to run(for me anyways). It is unfortunate you merged your Male Byleths. I see you have Swordhardt. A DC/Ruptured Sky inheritance could have made him a good option to abuse for Vantage play as long as he isn't -ATK. And he makes a good support for himself since his normal form has Goad Cav and can crash through many a defense wall that might slow swordhardt down. But that isn't an option due to lack of DC. Unfortunately I am an EP player so I fear most of my tactics revolve around all counter prospects. And looking at your barracks it almost looks like Fjorm is one of your better options for my playstyle. But she makes a rather difficult to use tank at times. Still it is water season right now so she can benefit from Naga. So Fjorm, Naga, Kaden, Seth, [Wildcard] would probably be my pick from your barracks. Seth with his refine can cover green physical units which she can struggle with as well as provide the team with 3 out of 4 tactics. Kaden(I run budget TA on mine) can cover bulky blues that try to cause trouble and runs double drive defense support on top of his weapon support(though I use this in Light so in Astra you might want drive res, or just a mix of drives). So Seth and Kaden play pinch hitter roles and Fjorm just tries to live. I throw the Tactics Defense Seal on Eir(you would put it on Naga) that way Seth can get his defense bolstered along with the rest of the team. As for your wildcard, since bulky greens can be your biggest threat I would probably try to use your TIbarn or maybe Sothis. They and Seth can double team the likes of Sutr. A bonus unit or L!Azura could also be quite helpful. L!Azura can help with Sutr since my Seth usually takes two actions to kill a Wary Sutr. If you go with L!Azura I would probably water bless Seth. Elsewise an Astra blessing for scoring should be obvious. Kaden is already water blessed so this route may give your team a fair bit of stat boosts while giving at least a bit of lift boost due to two water legendaries getting the mythic boost. Plus this way ensures you have some ranged damage which can be helpful in whittling away some HP from non-DC threats and Azura can of course dance whomever is best off eliminating a threat making it easier to go on the offense after the tanking start. The way this team plays is obvious. Buff the crap out of Fjorm and Kaden, keep Kaden with one open space between them, and if possible keep Seth and Naga(or whoever has defense tactics) offset to the sides with that space between them all empty. Actually since this is talking about Naga if possible you may want Naga to sit in that space. But you do often want an empty space so unsure how often you would pull that off. If unable to keep everyone buffed, keep Kaden at least buffed since he can easily spread it around as needed. This team obviously stinks for climbing, but if your only go is to maintain it can work. But you'll really feel defense losses since you lack a full set of Mythic blessings and the lack of using a bonus unit(unless you use your wildcard slot for that). You really have to watch out for panic though. And probably green mages too. I also am unsure of how well she will work in Astra season. I use this basic set up for Light season with a second Eir as my wildcard, so all that extra Res and HP from the second Eir may actually be critical for Fjorm to work when not a bonus unit. In addition this team just simply loses to some setups. So it can be frustrating. Plus it functions far worse off season since you can't keep Fjorm in season all the time. But as XRay says it is still early. Sometimes the first couple days can just really suck. So I don't worry too much about failing to maintain until closer to the weekend.
  8. Glad at least someone can save! Meanwhile I went and Yolo'ed even with an SS banner coming up. But hey it payed off. Managed to net a Catria just before the Zofia's Call banner ended. +HP/-DEF so close enough to neutral. At least now I have a bonus unit for next AR season. Though I will have to make up a flier ball for her. I should have a meh flier ball as a team option anyways cause I tried that a while back(but couldn't win consistently with), so it should mostly be tweaking.
  9. @ZeoCongrats on your T25! And yeah your Matthew being +SPD was the big thing I was thinking of. I have been actually wondering if I need to switch my Veronica over to the Speed+ skills and seal. I run those normally, but since she is one of my Vantage busters on this team and she is dealing with Eir boosting res I focused her attack in the hopes that someone can't quite push their res high enough to completely block her damage. It has the disadvantage of letting folks like your Matthew being able to easily eliminate her before she can fulfill her role though. That and she seems to prioritize healing a lot. I keep thinking I need to take her heal away from her. BAD Veronica! Healers aren't supposed to heal! You are supposed to people kill instead. Blargh. My defense got hammered before I got home to change my bonus building. My math says that fortress parity would have netted me at least 1 more kill. I may just have to get used to changing out my defense the day before and risk the loss, unless I am really close on a Tier threshold. Offense wise hasn't gone much better. Seems like the game wants to hand me units that counter whatever my team of that season is using. Light season is my tank season. And Astra season is my DC-Vantage Keaton season. I already mentioned in other posts that I was running into a lot of teams my tank just couldn't handle last season, and can you guess what I get to face when I run DC-Vantage? Staffs. Staffs. Staffs. AND MORE STAFFS! ENTIRE TEAMS OF STAFFS. Seriously. If I had multiple teams and one was a Null C-Disrupt Raven these would be the easiest matchups ever. There is nothing but Staffs! Did Staffs come back in season? It is has been a while since I have seen entire teams comprised of Staffs with a dancer or two in the wings.
  10. As stoked as I am to see Ewan and Ross I am a bit disappointed in how they are being put in. Well if their statlines are solid they still have a chance to be neat I suppose. Ross has the 3*/4* advantage and I really wish if they were going to make Ewan as uninteresting as he is that he would be the demote, since that would make +10'ing him easier. But he almost certainly won't. So instead he ends up being a bland 5*. Not happy to see that the duo's are limited and also this duo skill is going to be VERY annoying to deal with. Plus unlike Hector this one doesn't really do anything exciting in art design or such.
  11. Vicious Sal posted a little bit, but the post didn't tag you properly. Here is the part that was addressed to you.
  12. Well I jumped to Mia since she is all I have. Should probably change my lead from Amelia. Hm. . . but to whom. I'll choose Freddy. I recently invested in him a bit for Arena so may as well use him elsewhere as well.
  13. Putting list of images in spoilers so as not to take up space for folk who may not care. Well my last 2 bouts went horribly. Basically had matchups that my team couldn't handle. One would have been doable if I had bothered to level up ally support levels before fighting. But I was just shy a key ko. But I use Kaden for both offense teams right now and he can only support 1 person(I am NOT changing ally supports every week. No. Way.) So no T24, I have to settle for being just a bit short. Edit- Took another full loss so T24 may have been out of reach even if I won today's matches on offense(assuming no perfect scoring). People are just hammering this cav line this week. Anyways grats on XRay for T24, and Zeo are you still hanging in on that tier as well? Or did your doubts of dipping back out come true? Edit- Realized I can see your lift via the friend screen. So grats on T25, though it looks like your just are barely there! Hopefully you don't lose any lift. Almost forgot to reply here, but we are friended I am pretty sure(Your Matthew is part of my infantry brigade I am pretty sure) so you should be able to mock battle it if you like. Though from what I know of your Matthew he shouldn't have much of an issue with them. But I have underestimated my defenses before so who knows.
  14. @Zeo For a second there I thought you had visited my cav line. But it was some other Matthew user. Sadly for them their Matthew was 3 shy from plus +10, which meant my Lilina survived his vantage with 1 hp and nuked the daylights out of him. They promptly surrendered. But that close call does make me wonder if my Lilina should have HP/Res seal instead of Spd Ploy. Then again they choose to eliminate Yune instead of Veronica so he probably would have been staff nuked anyways.
  15. Good to hear the defense successes! That should help with maintaining current position at the least(not much, but still something). Does that mean some of the suggestions others brought up helped or is it just a luck of the draw thing with whom happens to be hitting your team? Speaking of luck of draw, my Cav Line just got demolished. Pretty dang rare for it to not get at least two kills, but this guy had quite the empty backline to safely hide in. They still managed to lose thier Papa Hector though. The Gravity trap ate one of his attacks which meant that he didn't eliminate enough folks to be safe. Veronica slapped him around(debuffed him) dropping him to 35 HP and buffed Lilina who proceeded to hammer him for 36 HP. I wonder if they had calculated that Hector would survive and were off by just a touch? Or if they were willing to sacrifice Hector to get the win(and both pots, wish I could tell my guys to be careful not to get stuck with no attack or move option. That is annoying and sad).
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