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  1. @Humanoid Yeah it is rather trivial for an Aether Sustain team right now. But if you run a team that can't heal you are going to have issues. Particularly since Guard has such Stringent HP thresholds so it is rather difficult to use Guard to prevent the special from going off(My current BookLyn is really messing with my armor team thanks to that). I do like that this mode is sustain oriented though. Nice contrast to Grand Conquests where you basically throw folks into the meat grinder and don't worry too much if they survive. I might have to try team with a healer or two and see how viable that is. Probably not as good as self-sustainers due to how score is generated. Staff Eirika with 3 bladers with the same attack stat could be interesting. Don't it would be able to keep up with Aether tanks score wise though. Plus you might need a second healer. Maybe Witchy Mia to reset the Rokkr's special? This would also let you use Tactics to boost speed as well as the ATK/DEF/RES Eirika already does, unless all your blades are flying of course.
  2. Yeah so far all counter armors are doing great for me. But to be fair two of them are dragons. OH and 1 problem with the Aether strat. I ended up reducing Rokkr to 1 hp really early on. And that greatly limited my ability to regen hp. So there is that to watch out for.
  3. I think I am finally ready to bite the bullet and Special Fighter a blue armor. My two Brave Ephraims are +DEF. The first one I got is -ATK and the one that appeared fairly recently is -SPD. At first glance it would seem like switching the base to -SPD and killing my -ATK is the best option. But running the mass duel simulator on the inbuilt lists seems to suggest that the difference is minimal most of the time(and goodness you all should know I am lazy and hate releveling people up by now) and that it can actually swing in -ATK favor by allowing him to break Wary Fighter(so whether -SPD 'hurts' him in the lists results depends on how many times the lists have a slow wary fighter on their list). Plus there is the fact that if I ever get enough special fighter that a spare can be kept then he is effectively the same. And I mostly use him for clearing content rather than pvp and so far I haven't felt the lack of attack since most of his damage comes from Close Defense/ATK/DEF Bond Ignis nuking on EP. Plus breaking Wary is rather more important and doable in PVE content than in PVP. All this seems to indicate I am actually leaning towards the -ATK mostly out of laziness and lack of serious improvement that the -SPD would have over it. Oh as for blue armors. The choice is basically between my +HP/-ATK Legendary Tiki and my +SPD +1 BookLyn. And I am definitely leaning towards Lyn.
  4. Is there a reason you specify dragons? Just for ease of all range countering so that you are hammering the Rokkr on all phases?
  5. @KMT4ever man there are a lot of just 5 short of an extra match this time round isn't there?
  6. Huh. I think I will have to run a Special Fighter Aether squad for this. That special can be rather devastating to your team. Let me see I have Amelia, Brave Ephraim, Fallen Tiki, Valentine Ike, and a Spooky Monster with Special Fighter. No Blues. I do have one spare Special Fighter fodder. And I have a +SPD BookLyn. Wonder if I should bite that bullet. I'll try with a double red squad and see what happens.
  7. I am also 5 Aether away from another match. Though I am 40 lift off my Tier up. I apparently got lucky in my last defense matches and avoided any lost lift. As such I was THIS close to jumping from 20 to 22. But I suppose I'll have to live with 21. Thinking about it, they might actually be able to convince people to burn orbs if there was an option to use orbs to fill the Aether gap for your final match of a season. So you and I could spend 5 orbs for our last attempt to tier up. Of course they would have to have someway to detect whether this was your last match of the week. If it only worked for the final one each week it wouldn't greatly introduce a pay to win situation, and would be a better way to drain orbs from folks than the Aether Resort attempt was. But I probably shouldn't be giving them ideas.
  8. Since we were given 20 orbs I went ahead and opened all orbs that could net me one of them. Nothing. Well I have had decent luck lately so hoping for DD or WS fodder was probably me being overly greedy.
  9. . . . you know given just how close I had been so many times in the past without trying and even taking some full loses, I had figured a week where I was actually trying would have me climb with room to spare. But I am losing a lot more lift this season in defense losses. However, I am 40 over the cutoff with a defense loss gained just a few minutes ago. So I should stay in, but it is a lot closer than I was expecting since I was actively hunting pots and avoiding losing units(on my whatever playthroughs I don't care if I lose a single unit. It happens, meh). But no best case scenario is going to be clearing the line by like 200 lift or so. Probably less since I am likely to eat at least one more -80. Kinda stinks that my defense/offense heroes aren't lined up to min/max loss and gain on both ends.
  10. Yeah I can see Keaton working them well. Sadly I also don't have him. Now I am doubly sad about that. No fun dual phase brave, and no cool glasses dude. Oh well, maybe he'll pity break me someday.
  11. *Checks* Yeah he pulls that off as well as LA!Hector, if not better.
  12. I think LA! Hector looks best with them(particularly the EX variant), but it is true that any Hector can totally pull that look off.
  13. So who is everyone's favorite recipient for the sunglasses? I gotta say Legendary Tiki rocks them pretty well. Sadly you only get to see her jump back and transform once per battle.
  14. I have been thinking about this a bit. People are right that giving defense an extra body is important for balance, at the same time the requirements of having a mythic on a team can leave your team building rather limited. So the compromise my brain comes up with is this. Allow the 'spare' offense building slot we have to hold a mythic hero as a 'support unit'. This hero would be a 'building' and wouldn't be able to participate, but would offer their blessings and their C skill(perhaps only on their season) or an effect based on their C skill. So Eir would heal each turn, Yune would chaos three columns, Duma would catapult and damage units(this would require his C-Skil to be altered since it only destroys stuff when defending in AR during his season), and Naga is the odd one out. As it is her C-Skill wouldn't be super useful if she were fixed in place at the back. Two options. 'grants ally closest to a dragon foe "effective against dragons" for 1 turn' or have her act as a 'Dragon School' that has been fully upgraded(-6 to stats within three columns). Anyways that seems to be a bit of a compromise that would hopefully open up team building a bit. This does have the issue that folks will probably just end up running three Eir's/whatevers. So maybe cap the slot so that it only works if there are 1 or fewer of the mythic in question on the raiding team? That feels clunky to me, but I doubt they would limit it to being usable only if no mythic are on your raiding team.
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