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  1. So my freepull didn't get me a Virion, but it did get me a 4* Brady whom I didn't have yet. So I consider that a win.
  2. Didn't they add a condition that boosts fortress level for newer players on offense some time ago? Ah, only works Tier 12 and below, for some reason I thought it worked up to Tier 17. Only up to 12 though isn't nearly enough time to get offense fortress parity even with perfect play. Actually I wonder if it ends up acting as a trap. Tricking new players into thinking that the fortress levels aren't super important?
  3. Well I got a great perfect win with my Keaton team, got all the pots and everything. A great start, right? But somehow I nevertheless screwed up. I forgot to give New Year Anna a blessing before doing the battle. So I only got 130x2 lift instead of the 140x2 lift I should have gotten. Darn. I manage to screw up even when I play perfectly.
  4. @Anacybele Congrats! Maintaining 21 shouldn't be too hard. I don't recall the maps being that much worse up here on average unless you are trying to climb all the way up to the top. But getting enough lift to maintain is pretty easy, though it does help if you have defense teams set up to reduce average lift loss either through winning more often than not or just through blessings and mythics. If you can keep your average weekly lost lift below your teams score then you just need to win one match each week. Which is pretty easy. But yeah if you know how much lift you usually lose each week you know roughly how many matches you need to win. That said sometimes you can have really rough weeks. At this point my recommendation is to find as many ways to reduce defense losses as much as possible. Makes maintaining MUCH easier. Kinda of annoying to make, but you can actually get away with copying the team of a high level player. My Cav Line isn't one I thought up. I basically just copied the layout of the one posted in this thread(I do believe) back when they were becoming popular. OF course I have different units and tend to use fewer staff cavs, but it still works pretty well. I only lost 34 lift this week, though a bit of that was luck with the Lift Loss Control grabbing the two complete failures the team had. 4 Successes 2 Failures where 2 foes were defeated 1 Failure with 1 foe defeated(the 34 lost lift) 2 Complete Failures. Even in a worst case scenario this week where all failures landed outside my protected window, I would only have lost 170(54+54+34+14+14). Which isn't too hard to gain back, though not ideal. Not sure what I can do to reduce it more since it is the well thought out super tank teams that bring it down. Brave Ike and the Askr Duo were the main problems wiping my team this week(2 Brave Ikes and 1 Askr Duo are the source of the 2 complete failures and the 1 foe lost failure, that last one didn't leave enough back room space and had to leave Duo Hector out. Poor guy thought Hector could tank Brave Lyn, didn't work out for him). Casa Blanca Valentine Eliwood and Great Flame Myrrh were the 2 failures with 2 foes defeated. And 2 of the 4 successes were against Dragon Tanks. Nowi was felled and a Fallen Corrin(who I thought was usually a problem for this team) got nuked as well. The other two were bouts where the person clearly had no idea how to deal with a cav line. But anyways the point of a cav line is to get those 1+foes killed(more is better obviously) each and every bout to reduce your lift loss. A good one will even have plenty of successes. Mine is not so good since usually half my successes are from folks just surrendering once one unit drops. This week was just better than average. Still I need to go in and shuffle things a bit. It gets wrecked by Brave Ike too easily and that is a threat I really should be prepared for(even if it was originally built before he was an AR threat).
  5. Askr Duo made this season an absolute cakewalk.
  6. Good Luck! Hopefully you make it to the promised land!
  7. @TEKWRX I'll give a slightly different answer on the pot question. It depends on your goals. Once you are in the promised land of T21 the pots only really matter if you are going for ranking or trying to hit T25+. I tend to land in the T23-25 range with only grabbing the easy pots. To go from T21 to T23 you only need to gain 800 lift. Assuming you have 140 lift team(that is a blessed team with no bonus unit but two of the mythics or 1 mythic with the bonus unit, so I think that is a reasonable assumption for lift gain per match) that is 6 matches or 300 Aether. You start with 250 and get 70 each day. Grabbing T23 is so easy I often do it even when I forgot to play each day and end up playing 2 days or so, and playing poorly on top of everything(*cough* this week *cough*). T21-T24 requires you to gain 1200 lift, or win 9 matches(450 Aether worth). You can do that with no pot smashing. To go from T21-T25 requires 1600 lift. For reference that is the same amount needed to climb from T20 to T21. And that is where it gets tough and pots start to matter. With a 140 lift team that is 12 matches you need to win, or 600 Aether minimum. This is doable without pots if you don't suffer significant defense losses or play poorly. But that is basically where you will cap out at without hunting pots. T26 and T27 are pot territory. You want those tiers. You need to learn to get the pots. And grabbing the easy ones is quite helpful even for those who don't care about anything above 25. The second time you need to know pots is the climb from T20 to T21. Getting even just 10 pots throughout the season can help so much for that climb. Particularly if you can't win flawlessly. In general though I still recommend going for flawless wins over pots. About the only time that would be worth it is if you know the pot will let you get an extra match in. I will let a unit die on the last day if getting those pots will give me just enough Aether for one more match. You basically sacrifice 20 lift to potentially gain 140 from the extra match, a net gain of 120 if you play the cards right. Also if you already lost someone due to a misplay but know you can get the pots without losing anyone else that can help make up for that misplay. If I remember right you actually come out ahead even if you are always losing a single unit for the pots. But not by much. And most people won't be losing 1 unit every match so I can see why folks will recommend going for pots even if it might cost you a unit fairly regularly. Not only do you come out ahead but you will learn important details about how to acquire pots, which is needed if you want to try for ranking or T26-27. As for the panic manor, I think they usually cycle pretty predictably down the list? So it should go Tactics Room next week, then Healing Tower, and then Panic Manor? I could be wrong, I haven't watched that closely, it just seems like it has been going in order as a general impression I had.
  8. Yay Veronica! I only put in rank 19,000 worth of effort, but I still like to think I contributed!
  9. I do indeed have a spare Sothis I have been sitting on. I had originally thought to give Larum Quickened Pulse since Jakob isn't using it in this setup, but discarded the idea since she doesn't usually handle a counter attack too well. But I did this set up back when I didn't have a spare Sothis sitting around. Though not sure if she would be worth it since I only use Larum in AR defense and it isn't like the current defense losses to the point where I have to worry about rewards from defense or dropping.
  10. @[email protected] Thanks for the insights and in LordFrigid's case the tests. I guess what I had been wondering was if the savage blow counted for the must attack 5 damage. LordFrigid shows that isn't the case. In fact I think this from LordFrigid explains why Larum didn't dance in this case. While I know she didn't have enough attack to KO Altina, she probably had enough to do 5 damage. And obviously Larum doesn't have the defense to take a brave attack. Had she suicided into Altina doing 5 or so damage in the process I would have understood why, it was the going after Libra that confused me. I think I didn't realize that they could choose to attack the person they couldn't damage over attacking the one that triggered that clause and thus was thinking Savage Blow damage must have counted. The unfortunate thing is that Larum's whole point of being this team's refresher is in being a back up Hardy Bearing hammer for people like Altina or the bulky dragons that try it. The dragons are usually the most problematic ones. Both Amelia and Myrrh can soak hits from Altina, and even Jakob doesn't fair too badly since she is too slow to quad and hit him with her special. So Larum is my dragon killer. And those things get rather bulky at times. Anyways looks like my real problem her is that I thought Larum could get a high enough attack to take out Vantage users when she doesn't have the stat total to pull that off. I was willing to deal with her attacking and suiciding some of the time if it meant having a backup for eliminating vantage users, but apparently she can't do that.
  11. Amelia doesn't have Hardy Bearing, but that doesn't affect whether she survives. Altina can only deal 16x2(32) damage to Amelia. Amelia is the one who brought her down to 9 HP in the first place. So a second round of combat would be a certain KO. So yes Amelia would survive and kill Altina if danced. In fact the player had to retreat on their turn to get away from Amelia. They moved Libra just below the wall so that Amelia and Larum could both suicide into him. That Libra has 63 visible attack and was right beside his buddy Corrin for another chunk of stats. Still barely survived my Amelia, but he did manage the counter KO so bravo to him. I have to take a new look at the positionals. Duma got positioned too far back to rally her and all the armors ended up one space away so she didnt' get her weapon refine that turn which put her just within counter killing range of that Libra. I am not seeing one of the suicide examples from this week(though I didn't comb through all of them, I need to get to sleep and I think most of my suicide memories are from the anima season prior to this one). Though truthfully barely surviving is the more common trend and those do fall into the more typical lure the dancer trick. Though I do wish in situations like this they would dance the attacker so you could at least get a kill that turn. Seriously Peony is very vulnerable to Thrasir right then(due to panic smoke Peony is down to 33 speed so would be easily doubled). But nah, lets trade blows with Aversa instead.
  12. Alright. I am confused. My Larum on my defense team REALLY does not like dancing. She would rather attack Libra for zero damage than to dance Amelia or in this case attack the Altina. Part of the reason I am using her is because her weapon is a Hardy Bearing weapon to get around Vantage. Even if she couldn't quite get the kill on Altina(looks like she misses it by 1hp), I don't get why she went after the Libra. Particularly since Amelia would have killed Altina if danced. Does the AI prioritize the Savage Blow + Dagger Debuff to Corrin that much? Screenshots in spoiler The only thing I can think of is the savage blow. That is a leftover from using her elsewhere that I just never bothered to take off since I figured the chip might help Thrasir in some rare instances and I didn't really have anything else for her C that I thought would make a bigger difference. But she will do this routinely. Suiciding into things rather than dancing(she actually survived this time which is kinda surprising). Does Savage blow really break the dancer AI or is something else afoot that I am missing? BTW, I still won that defense. They couldn't cut through my armors in the time limit. However, Larum preferring to attack vs dancing even when she can't do damage has worked against me many times. So if that is Savage Blow's fault, then savage blow must go.
  13. Wow, Edelgard has a pretty big lead. I do hope Ver manages to pull a win. Looks like the lead isn't surmountable and besides 1st hour numbers aren't set in stone when it comes to indicating support. Not everyone is on during these hours.
  14. So it is the battle of the white haired ladies. As initially planned I'll be jumping ship to Veronica. As much as I like Dear Edel, Veronica popped up as a freebie summon, so she clearly cares more than Edel and thus I'll support her. That and she keeps appearing so I actually have her at +6. I think I'll put up Alfonse and Sharena as my lead so that anyone on my list(and team) who didn't get them has a chance to play with them.
  15. Dang, congrats on those Idunn pulls guys! Free ticket and Orbs today netted me an Askran Duo(+DEF/-HP). Which was one of the two most wanted of that banner. I then dumped nearly everything else I had in a last ditch attempt at Celica or some Claude fodder. No Celica or Claude, but got me a F!Grima(+SPD/-HP). Since the Legendary Banner really doesn't like me(not only would it not give green or colorless orbs to open, it was regularly giving me my least wanted of each color), I went back and tried to get an Anna or Lethe for collection purposes. None of those, but got a Yarne(+ATK/-SPD) whom I didn't have yet. So Legendary hates me and requires a minimum of 10 percent to get a hero and the New years is just throwing units at me(first free ticket was a Karla(+RES/-SPD)). Also got my first 4* Norne and Echidna. So I am catching up on the 4star available units.
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