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  1. This is pretty much me in a nutshell. My personal preference would be to make relics work like high tier spells. They have VERY limited durability allowing only 1 or 2 uses of combat arts before running out of power, but they recharge between battles just like spells. This would make me much more likely to use them. If such a complex system could be implemented it would even be nifty if the weapons had more durability when equipped to someone with the right crest, so say 4 durability for the incorrect crest and 8 durability for the right crest or something. As for the topic. I actually have the opposite problem. The lack of might/magic combined classes bums me out. That said with the way the magic system works and doesn't take up equipment slots it isn't surprising that we don't get a lot of combined classes. When magic competes for equipment slots it is a lot more balanced to implement into dual focus classes. But when you get a bunch of free casts of all your spells just by having access to spell casting that very quickly can become unbalanced. But still the biggest reason I don't go mage Byleth isn't the spell list, but rather that you have to pick between dedicated fighter or dedicated caster. Beyond commoner you just don't get any mixed class until much later. And between those two choices the optimal choice is rather obvious. Plus this system means that the magic unlock unlocks all magic so there is a strong incentive to run down both the reason and faith paths rather than just one. So it would be nice if the physical classes each unlocked magic up to a certian point. So something like Mercenary may unlock Reason and Faith up to D rank. Where as if a class just unlocks just one path it may unlock D+ or even C rank at intermediate(obviously the training would still let you go above those limits, the class just wouldn't be able to equip the spells, it may not make a lot of sense, but if you think about it from a component perspective in many types of fiction more powerful spells require more powerful components and someone who focuses their funds and supplies in one direction just may not have the needed supplies on hand for the higher level spells even if they technically know how to cast them).
  2. @mcsilas It is good to get the king. Congrats! Well I got nothing from the new banners, but another couple opened orbs on the Soiree banner to try and get an Ishtar got me a dupe Keaton. Sure now all of a sudden he is best buds with me. Well a merge is still quite solid and should help him out in AR. So a good day all in all.
  3. So I went through and did it three times just changing my preferred house at the end. I don't really have a favorite yet. My copy arrived so late after getting lost in the mail that I have only recently started my first play through and am not yet through part 1. Black Eagles as favorite house gets - Hubert. Blue Lions as favorite house gets - Hubert. Golden Deer as favorite house gets - Raphael. So apparently Hubert and Raphael should be best pals. Do they get any supports together? I am on GD this first time so haven't checked for that combination(picked GD because of what month the game arrived it, I went ahead and set Byleth's birthday to arrival date).
  4. Well my Soiree quest has netted me two of them. Pretty good. But the one I wanted most Ishtar has been shy. I mean seriously she matches Reinhardt's atk and really outspeeds him. That said I can't complain. The two I wanted most behind her were Reinhardt(boy does he look dapper) and Nephenee. And those are the two I got. Both are +SPD. Which doesn't help Reinhardt at all, but -DEF isn't the worst he could have gotten. Not like he was going to be doing much with his defenses when everything and it's grandmother would double him anyways. Nephenee though I am upset about. -ATK. Of course. At least she has a base 35. 32 is still usable so it isn't like my last colorless dancer of Olivia where -ATK made her unable to damage a single thing on this planet. And I suppose this sets me up to try a Guard Bow build?
  5. Congrats @Nym and @Jave. My Cav line again managed to score at least 1 kill on every challenger. Actually this week I didn't see any below 2 kills this week when I had last checked. Total lost lift was 45. This is working better than I expected since it isn't 'finished' yet due to my leaving at least one glaring weakness on it.
  6. Well my copy finally arrived after being lost in the mail, found, and finally delivered. So far I am not liking Byleth so much. I was hoping this would be like the Super Robot Wars Protagonists. But Byleth so far feels more like a blank avatar character to me, not completely I suppose, but awfully close. And if that is the case I want customization. Seriously though I hope as I progress Byleth gets a bit more character, I don't mind the SRW method at all, but it does require your main character male and female to be well done and fun. Actually this game has a lot to learn from SRW in general. Having the definitions like SRW has would be nice. For those who haven't played SRW they have all keywords underlined in blue and by pushing Square it'll pop up the lore related to that keyword. Thus if you ever forget anything it is easy to refresh yourself. The characters names are the same way and you can always look up whomever is currently talking. After playing so much SRW recently I am really missing that feature.
  7. Well at least it wasn't only me that got hit with the stingy blue orbs deal. Though I am rather jealous of your haul.
  8. [long series of bleeps] My run up to 13% pity ended with a single Duma. Whom I already had. Seriously that last session was all reds and 1 colorless. True I didn't really want anything from red, but I was missing 2 of the 3 from my collection so one of those along with Duma may not have been so bad. But no Duma was surrounded by a bunch of 3 star reds. So this was beyond disappointing.
  9. Congrats on your Naga Zeo! My quest for Naga hasn't gone quite so well. I am up to 12.5 pity and I have no idea how many pulls to 13. I have stopped keeping count. And I am not sure if I can get he orbs to get anything out of this. I'll have enough for a 2 pull tomorrow, but at this point my hope is low. I might be ending this with a unbroken 13 percent pity rate if those two pulls are enough to push it up :(.
  10. Well I am up to 12 percent pity and two pulls until 12.5 on the Legendary banner. Worse it is bleeding me out 1 blue or colorless orb at a time. Seriously. I don't want green this time. Please stop giving me circles and circles of green and red. It isn't Christmas. Seems like I am paying for that run of good luck I had a while back.
  11. Welp, I am jumping over to Berkut I guess. I don't have any of the others. Though technically I haven't used my free pick yet. But I was planning to pick Micaiah if I didn't get anything from the banner, and that appears to be what will be the case. So if I help Berkut win I may also help him stab me in the foot at the same time. But he'll enjoy that I am sure.
  12. So I see free summon I make a free summon. Pulled blue because Hardin is both neat and good fodder. Huh. He looks a lot different without his mustache(I got a Lute).
  13. I always forget these things end before the day switch. I thought I had a couple more hours to build up the flag quests. Well I got all but 100 and dumped the 700 flags this last hour. I feel like I did my part for Ike. At least I put in more effort for him than I have the last several gauntlets. Edit- @Humanoid Been there. Done that. Also facepalmed.
  14. I am currently Team Ike. Of the underdogs he is my favorite I think. Him or Hector anyways. Though I don't know why I bother trying to feather merc anymore. I have hit a level of activity where I don't score well one way or the other. Anyways I have my standard Myrrh up for grabs. @Tybrosion Your Haar paid me several visits on my run for the orbs. Sadly he did so when the enemy had a large number of reds. Lots of Tibarns actually. I thought he was a Hawk not a rabbit.
  15. So I figured I would pull blue. I like Tiki. I could really use a Naga. And of course I don't have Julia, though I she is my least desired. If no blue then red and colorless are acceptable alternatives. Green I don't want. And of course green pops up most often. What do I get? A nearly 11.5% pity rate(if my count is right I only need to open 1 more orb to go from 11 to 11.5). Yup this banner is a bummer.
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