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  1. I think it has been said before, but the reason for the rapid dropping is that most folks wait until the very end of the season to burn all their aether. So are you are going to see the competitive types gaining something like 600-700 lift on the last day. So you have to have that much padding to stay in. Sadly there is not a lot of data collection from what I have seen. So it is hard to tell you where the cutoff will be for each season. But reddit does have this as an ongoing thing. Silver throne is top 6k and looking through the comments a lift of 12943 was just within the cutoff at rank 5755 with 20 minutes left. So if you want to avoid dropping out aiming for a final score of at least 12950 lift seems to be a good goal, though it looks like hitting at least Tier 26 would be ideal just to be safe. As for gold throne it is looking like 13400 or so at least gives a chance. Hard to tell due to lack of data and there was no one in that thread that barely squeaked into top 3k. But as you can see the competition is rather fierce for those top 6k ranks. A mere few hundred lift will make or break you. Basically Silver is Tier 26 and Gold is Tier 27 as a kind of a rough estimation. It isn't an easy thing to reach gold and a lot of us just don't bother to try. Silver is a bit more doable, but even there competition is stiff. Hopefully this will give you a target to aim at rather than just kinda aimless and then being disappointed at falling out right at the end. Tier 26 is doable but you can't afford much in the way of mistakes. Particularly if your defense is getting hammered.
  2. Well well well. Speed Tactic and Minierva looks like she could be a neato grail project. Though it wouldn't surprise me if her best A-slot is something other than her personal skill. With no way to counter at a distance and most anti-flyers being ranged. . . well she could probably do better than a non-damaging fury 3 in her A(ok so she doesn't get the RES, but she is likely going to be your typical low res unit I imagine so that doesn't really matter, it is effectively fury 3 + Iotes and for someone who can't counter at range Iotes is bit less valuable than it is for a flying all counter tank).
  3. I ended up going with Miriel and Frederick. Frederick will leave no stone, or pebble as the case may be, unturned and Miriel shall deduce what can be deduced from Frederick's findings.
  4. This was my pick as well.
  5. Well I got all the orbs finally. But this was a completely unfun map for an Armor EP player such as myself. Mostly because of Bramimond. His weapon isn't too bad. Nor is his C-Skill. At least in isolation. His C-Skill though completely neuters stat manipulation attempts to bypass his weapon checks. That and it neuters the attempts to offset all the debuffs you are going to eat. While I haven't watched many videos. My guess is this map falls to typical PP setups no problem. But for enemy phase I had to break up the all armor strat because Null C-Disrupt was absolutely necessary for positioning reasons, and that meant using Brave Ike since he is my only true user of it. I couldn't waste movement player phasing the lance and the staff. They had to be dealt with on EP phase or Bramimond would get to attack and I am not sure if it is even possible to Enemy Phase that guy on Abyssal and possibly not even lunatic for my armors and such. Though maybe if my wary armors weren't all negative speed I could meet the speed check to block him. Good old Brave Hector tanked him on all the lower difficulties. But without drives/goads getting his 19 speed up to the needed levels on Lunatic+ just wasn't happening.
  6. @mcsilas That is a nice circle there! Though . . . the fact that all three are bow units and of different colors and of different move types has me a bit spooked. How the heck did you pull that off?! Who did sacrifice to the Gacha gods? As for me news. I dumped what I have collected since my last attempts at Alm and Celica Duo and it finally paid off. +SPD even. Though -Def isn't great, I consider it a fair enough trade for them. I decided to open the lone colorless in that session afterwords too wondering if another Faye was hiding there(wouldn't surprise me if she was stalking the two of them). But nope it was Maribelle. Why is she stalking Alm and Celica? Anyways I technically already had her and she came with the same +RES boon, but she is dazzling fodder so I can't be unhappy.
  7. @Zeo That is some really great luck that came to you at an excellent time!
  8. So another boon/bane question from me: Valentine Faye. Which would go with? Neutral or +RES. Neutral has the advantage that merging would give a point of attack and every point tends to matter; the number of times my Jakob has needed just another point or so is quite high. On the other Hand +RES is a superboon AND 42 would make her quite solid at ploying and boost special damage. But perhaps the best part for me is that I have lost Jakob a number of times because he is just too squishy and can't always be moved out of the way of mages or staffs after nuking someone. When running full armors against Abyssal content having to tank hits even with your offense units isn't uncommon. 10 more res would definitely have changed those situations. There is certainly an argument for a res boon. Build flexibility may not seem huge, but even Jakob has been switched up a couple times for some content. And 42 Res would certainly open some doors for her that Jakob just can't open. Plus she would still have more attack than the poor guy. I am currently leaning towards keeping the neutral as the base. Since she'll likely replace Jakob that means much of the time she will be running a Bold Brave set. And that extra point in attack is just too tempting. But lets see if anyone can/wants to change my mind.
  9. . . . My luck is nuts this past week or so. I keep getting 5*'s left and right. True. Not the ones I want, but 5*stars never the less. Free pulled a Priscilla. Don't recall what I was going for in that banner or even if I just took the free pull at random. But free 5*. Free pulled a Leo on something, and I am pretty sure he wasn't the aim. Part 2 Hero Fest anniversary tickets have given me a Brave Celica and a Brave Veronica so far. I was hoping for special fighter, but no green orbs. And just now when trying to dump my 13 orbs on a the Alm Duo I get no green stones. Just colorless and red. Guess who? Valentine Faye. She really wants to steal Jakob's spot. Now I just have to decide between Neutral or +RES for the base. But seriously, this is an insane number of 5*s for what I have spent orb wise. And 3 of them aren't terrible pulls. Brave Veronica I am always happy to get merges of, and Brave Celica has DB4 or maybe I should just merge her since she keeps showing up, I think this makes three. And of course Faye just straight up powercreeps one of my main armors. Now Leo. . . I guess I have QR3 without having to spend feathers. And Priscilla can give out Panic+ without costing feathers. So not useless. . . but not great either.
  10. Well I wanted to pull the duo and I got a Faye(even at neutral her attack is higher than my +ATK +1 Jakob. . . plus she gets DB4 without me sacking anyone. Jakob's service to me might just be in peril. She is quite literally Jakob with 14 extra stats added to his important stats, jeez) and an Osian instead. Osian is new though(-SPD however). So that is good? Now the question is if I should continue to dump future orbs into greens or just give up on the duo.
  11. Jumping to the other side of the bracket now. Will lend aid to Keaton. And when Selkie likely wins I'll jump to her. A lot easier to spend my flags if I stick with underdogs until the finals.
  12. Like many others I am disappointed at a Three Houses sweep. Even if there were just one person to break in, such as Marth having upset Claude or something I would have been much happier(despite Claude possibly being my favorite 3H lord). Though another funny would have been if it weren't divided into male/female. Then the ranking would have been, which would have been interesting. Though doing it that way may have made it boob fest for the previous CYL's(I don't actually remember what overall rankings looked like on the last 3,). 1 Edelgard 74617 2 Dimitri 69448 3 Claude 59751 4 Marth 44107 So not exciting for me, but I do like Lysithea so I'll hope she gets a neato one. Preferably something she wouldn't get otherwise like a Dancer Alt or something(yes I made her my dancer, just like Bernie will probably become a dancer on my Black Eagles playthrough. That is just the way I roll. Now who of the Blue Lions would be a good pick?).
  13. I think I am going to go Cain. Keaton and Panne are too close given that I tend to miss multipliers when they are too rare. Naesala is another option, but going Cain will give me an excuse to put up my Amelia as my main again. She can march him, even if she isn't great for his weapon condition.
  14. This is such a terrible match up! Given how much work Keaton puts in for me I would love to support him. But he is up against Panne who I adore. I could just go Selkie since I like her but Lethe is also cool. The Left doesn't interest me as much. Tibarn and Naesala I am pretty neutral towards and Cain and Nailah are cool enough but not as cool as the right side. I imagine I'll end up supporting Panne at the start and go from there. I do like me my monster rabbit.
  15. Yeah all the anonymous voting does really make one feel why they are participating. The winners are likely to be who has the fans are most willing to abuse the system rather than the popularity contest folks tend to few it as. Anyways I ended up rallying around Eirika. Probably won't make a difference, but many of my other vote preferences would probably be way down anyways. So my non-Eirika votes were Rapheal and Rinkah. Huh. They are both R names. Fancy that.
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