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  1. What is Kagetsu's internal level? Cause even if he is a level 20 that promoted into Swordmaster Lapis stats are all less than his pretty much(she does have slightly more speed if I recall right) even if she gets 10 levels of swordmaster by the point he joins. The only thing of importance she has on him is 5% higher speed growth. And Chloe basically out stats her in every way too. She isn't unusable, but I can understand why folks end up benching her. I am still fielding her occasionally but I haven't promoted her since Swordmaster's growths are basically identical to Sword Fighter as is its use. I am basically cycling everyone to avoid the DLC paralogues from making me level infinite. Stupid maps have way too many enemies/exp. But I don't have the Master Seals to get everyone up.
  2. I thought there was an option in the game iteself. So you would have to get access to the old FEH. Looking at Account management in FEH there is a Delete All Data option. Not sure if that will let you link the newer account to your Nintendo account afterwords. This FAQ seems to indicate that deleting the data would unlink that account. - https://support.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/faq So I guess you would need another device so that you can load that account up onto(there are apps to emulate on PC if you don't have a second phone to use) and then delete the data and then try and link your new one to your account. But I have never done this so I have no idea if that is how it works. Alternatively if you don't want to play risky with deletion and don't care about the FEH side of the rewards you could always use an emulator or second phone and just get use that account to get the rewards and then forget about the old account and continue playing on your new one.
  3. I went Wolf Knight. Daggers are really nice, so getting another early on is bonus. But you do get enough later on that if you don't really need to reclass just for daggers on the field. However, Wolf Knight gets a ponytail hairdo so . . . I went with it even if I should have picked something with good STR growth to try and fix her STR curse, but I just kinda gave up. I have come to the conclusion that she will only ever gain STR from Energy Drops. And maybe 1 every 10 levels. However, I did have several classes I considered. Hero sounds good since Alear just feels poor offensively and throwing out double Chain attacks which don't care if she has poor offense would be nice. I also don't dislike the hero outfit as much as some seem to. It ain't super great, but I think I prefer it to warrior's appearance. Warrior for all the reasons people normally go warrior. You lose sword access though. And Alear's BLD is pitiful so axes are basically out. I considered Berserker for the high strength and bld growth. It is also a ponytail hairdo so that is good, but poor bld and being axe locked I thought would make for some painful play for a while. Plus Berserker this time round. . . I can't really see why you would go it over Warrior or Hero. I even considered General. Doesn't fix STR as well as Berserker but good build and if you tank can't hurt stuff super hard it isn't the biggest of deals. Sword Locked isn't any different than Alear's base and Divine Dragon may as well be sword locked since Arts are just a inferior for a physical unit with lopsided offensive growths. Wyvern Knight is a good solid option for every reason everyone else gave. But no ponytail. Big negative. But anyways I have been greatly enjoying Wolf Knight Alear. Damage is fairly low since I haven't yet used every Energy Drop on her to get her back up to expected average strength at this point, but she can at least do some damage to land poison and with Lucina for Backup attacks and Wolf Knight Range she can spread poison all over the dang place. Poison plus her personal skill bolstering allies damage makes kills easy enough to score for everyone else. Plus she rocks that ponytail.
  4. https://fe17.triangleattack.com/ Is the site I have been using for various info on game stuff. Nice average stat calculator. And pretty easy to find growth rates with any given class.
  5. I know I saw the ponytail in at least one other class. Classes I tried were Wyvern, Hero, Berserker, Great Knight, General, Wolf Knight, and Warrior. Berserker and Wolf Knight are the only ones with a ponytail out of those if I recall right. So it isn't a mounted thing. Let me just go through some others real quick. Those appear to be the only two that I have unlocked that go with a Ponytail. I do not have any tome class unlocked. And at the point of the game I am at I can't get that proficiency so I can't check the Tome Pref classes. I also didn't check the basic classes, just the advance ones.
  6. I think it was Chapter 6 or 7 at the latest. Same time you get Anna's Paralogue The Bandit's Hideout. To start the chain you have to go to the lookout ridge on the Somniel and you'll get a cutscene with the Three House Leaders which will unlock Tiki's Paralogue. Be warned that map can be one long slog. . . . I can't recall there being any particular potty mouths amoung the cast. But that isn't something I was specifically looking for so it they would have to be swearing like a sailor for me to notice. Chapter 11 for the Tempest Trials and . . . after chapter 6 for the Tower itself? I didn't do much with it when it first unlocked, but you should be close. Apples, Oranges, Pears I know he likes and I think Grapes. Basically the fruits.
  7. Him starting as a mage is actually kinda funny given his growths. He has 35 STR and 10 MAG. So as a Mage his final Growths are 35 STR and 35 MAG. So its like he was designed to go Mage Knight as his promote.
  8. Wow, that was even more convoluted than I was expecting.
  9. For Emblems it doesn't matter as far as I can tell. Other than unlocking achievements anyways. The only character that gains experience is the one you selected. And winning does matter here. I am not sure the exact different but it feels like you get twice as much xp from a win than from a loss. Regarding the village question you had, I can't answer since I am not that far in the game yet, but you are making me think that the game went and pulled a you need a warp staff trick on us. If you have two staff users you could warp one 5 spaces ahead, move their full movement and then use rewarp to get another 5 spaces. So if the second staff unit was a Royal Knight or Griffin Knight you could move 5+6+5 or 16 spaces in 1 turn. That can get you quite a distance but without knowing the map I don't know if that would just be plain suicide or not.
  10. High Priest is only 1 point of speed slower than Sage in base stats(and actually has 2 higher cap on speed if that matters). I think this has more to do with Vidame having a high base speed stat(3 higher than High Priest, 2 higher than Sage). So more Vidame very good than it is High Priest bad.
  11. I think the low weapon mt is the brave compensation not the formula. The problem with class/wielders being suited is any growth dedicated to pushing up both stats is growths not going elsewhere so unless a class or character is getting 'free' growths in the other stat you would just be better off dumping all growth in just one and using other weapons. Like if a class had 20/20 STR/MAG and a character 30/30 they would likely be better off using axes with 40/0 STR/MAG and 60/0 growths respectively. This isn't to say they are unusable. They give you an early game brave weapon. And once you got silver tier arts they outstrip a typical brave weapon in mt. Kinda like if typical braves were steel weapons and arts gets to go up to silver tier. I still think if the weapon averaged out the enemies DEF/RES like it does the unit's STR/MAG that they would be a lot more useful in more hands, since it isn't uncommon for units to also have lopsided defenses. Given that arts are basically always given to magic oriented classes/characters(divine dragon being the exception, but Alear is probably the worst user of Arts you could get since swords also hit defense and will almost always do more damage) it seems like devs see this as a way to let them punch through high resistance enemy mages/etc, but not completely for free since they can't fully make use of their cracked mag stat to hit defense instead of res. Just makes me kinda sad because I like fisticuffs in games, but these are just so narrowly useful and locked to so few classes that . . . they just don't see much use if going for optimal damage output.
  12. Actually speaking of the Martial Master class it really feels like it has some lackluster bases. And given how its growth rates are arguably worse, I think I am just gonna leave Framme in Martial Monk until I get stuff that needs her to go up or I have more seals than I know what to do with. The power bump just looks much smaller than some other base to advance changes. Combine that with the low caps on some stats(28 speed. . . really? On a class that has an extremely low mt weapon and low offense growth class?) and I just wonder what they were going for with this class.
  13. Arts/Fisticuffs are sadly bleh this time around. Maybe if they did damage based on enemy's DEF+RES/2 as part of their damage calculation they might work out. At least then the enemy's defenses would suffer in the same way your offenses do. Or have it target DEF or RES whichever is lower(this would likely be WAY too much however). But Something. As it is they are a weapon that is auto-brave so low base MT AND they basically are going to have lower calculated offense then a character dedicated to one offense or another which sounds to me like a recipe for 0x4 damage scenes. Which I find sad because I just love uppercutting a dragon.
  14. As of Chapter 7 on Hard/Classic getting ready for Anna's Paralogue. Don't Leave Home without Louis -More because he is your only armor at this point than anything else. Effectively the only one who can soak more than a single hit. -Currently level 10 and has gained 4HP, 2STR, 1DEX, 1SPD, 4DEF, 2LUK, and 1BLD(assuming I counted right). So I don't think he is super blessed, but definitely not cursed either. He has gained 3.75 stats per level. But his growths combined with the armor's growth leaves me with thinking that he is just a bit above expected. So I am confident that at this point in the game he is a must sortie for basically everybody. -Armor combined with Sigurd can be quite handy, though I currently have Edelgard on him at the moment since Sigurd and Canto are too important for squishies to back out of range after contributing. Blessed Beyond Reason, but math says you'll become average eventually Framme -So much pain during those first couple levels, but once she got a couple points each into str/mag/spd she took off. And her early levels were all basically +1 STR/MAG/SPD. -Along with Louis she Hard Carried me through Tiki's map. She could nearly 1 round the dragons. She gained a lot of levels on that map and. . . not a lot of stats. Tiki cursed her I guess. -Currently level 10 and has gained 7HP, 4STR, 6MAG, 2DEX, 8SPD, 2DEF, 4RES, and 3LUK. That is 4 stats per level. She is blessed with roughly 2 more HP, is about on Par for STR, is blessed with about 2 more MAG, is down a point of DEX, blessed with 3 extra SPD, is down a point of DEF, is about on par for RES, and is down a point of luck. So it doesn't look that huge at a glance, but 2 more magic and 3 extra spd really does wonders for a person's offense. -That said she is falling off, nearly all those STR/MAG gains were early on as I said, I have barely seen any lately so is going from extremely blessed to getting closer to average. Divinity doesn't render you immune to being cursed, I pray that math will come to your aid Alear -Is level 9 currently and has gained 1 whole point of strength. Do I need to say anything else? -If you insist. She has gained 5HP, 1STR, 4DEX, 7SPD, 5DEF, 4RES, and 2LUK for roughly 3.5 stats per level. She is down 1 point of HP, down almost 3 points of STR, down almost 2 points of MAG, pretty close on dex, is blessed with nearly 2SPD greater than expected, has an extra point of DEF and RES, and is pretty close on luck. -I think I know who needs the stat boost items. Silly Categories aside. Best- Yunaka -Regularly doubles, hits hard, poisons, and can actually take a hit better than more than half the army at least. Runner Up- Clanne -Doesn't double as much as Yunaka but often manages where it matters most, hits hard, is magic, and can't take any kind of physical hit. He has gained 2HP and 1DEF in 7 levels. Most Disappointing- Boucheron -Has gained as much strength as Alear. Can't hit the broad side of an enemy if his allies' lives depended on it. But not worst since I could patch him up with Sigurd's +Hit stuff and he has been DEF blessed beyond reason. DEF and HP every level and he has even gained RES every other level so far. If he were an armor class and he keeps this up until level 10 he would be taking hits better than Louis. I've got my fingers crossed. I like the guy. Runner Up- Etie -I really wanted to like her. And as your only bow at this point in the story she is set up for success. But. . . she has been performing rather lackluster. She has gained as much strength as Alear. She isn't as badly strength cursed as Alear(YET), but her extreme frailty isn't doing her any favors. I think even Clanne is taking hits better than her. And he at least has decent RES to fight mages. Worst- Alfred -I don't think he is stat cursed, though I haven't done the math, but he is just feeling terribly lackluster even right from the start. I have ended up benching him, though I am thinking of taking him in for Anna's battle. Give him a few more levels and run him with an Emblem Ring and see what happens. Runner Up- Vander -Not many runner up options at his point and as the base stat cursed prepromote he is bad even if he looks cool. However, unlike Alfred his performance is expected to be this way, so I think Alfred is worse to me since Vander at least has an excuse of being an dapper old man filling a Jagen role. Ouch. Laying that out. . . I really went hard on Alfred and his followers didn't I?
  15. Well Finished Zero over the weekend and jumped into Engage. And I did Hard/Classic as planned. For the most part it had been fine up until now. Bosses kinda annoying since they can one shot any non-frontliners and that double health bar with no stun after being depleted once can be rather rough. But the other day I had unlocked Tiki's Paralogue and figured I would do it today after work. I don't know who designed that map but they are an absolute freaking sadist. 47 TURNS and even with only the occasional restart due to undo a positioning mistake because I dumbed and forgot my plan(I did have to make my supper/etc while trying to play) it still kept me up way too late. I should have been to bed over an hour ago but I just wanted to finish 1 map! I burned through 2 heal staves, most of the Mend Staff, and a couple full vulnerary items. I am not sure how many enemies there were total, but the whole freaking team that went in went from level 6/7 to lvl 8/9/10. Except Jean he went from like lvl 2/3 to just under level 8. Final couple turns took a lot of careful thought and I wouldn't have minded if that was the map. It was the dang near endless reinforcements that just dragged the map on and on and on and on and on and I think you get the idea. Anyways hopefully the absolutely dumb amount of enemies it threw at me doesn't bork the balance of the regular maps. I guess after work tomorrow I'll go collect Anna and then start on my way back into the story.
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