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  1. BTB Reinheardt and Ishtar have brave weapons so... prepare to be terrorized.
  2. Not sure where to put this so.... here: I do enjoy how much fun Joe seems to be having with this.
  3. From the depths of Reddit.... Wouldn't be upset if it's Luthier as it'd make it an easier skip for me. That said if it is it's interesting/worrying that IS would sprinkle the rest of the Gaiden/SoV cast as alts.
  4. Reddit has come up with this. I do enjoy how these silhouettes bring out the creativity in people. Wouldn't even be that mad if it was Tharja since at least it's almost been a year since her last alt.
  5. I'm gonna go a little off-board and say Vaida. Preferably as a sword flyer.
  6. Apparently, we are getting in-game Asset/Flaw (boon/bane) displays. From reddit. RIP IV spreadsheets.
  7. Best: Combat Manuals, Mass Demotes, Myrrh, More Juggral characters, Aether Raids, Grails Worst: Aether Raid Blessings, Relay Defense, Duel Skills, Arena Bonus Unit Killpoints
  8. I picked up an Adrift!F! Corrin while hunting down Mikotos and was wondering what a good budget build for her would be. She's neutral btb.
  9. So a quick question, I pulled 3 Laegjarns on todays banner. 2 are +SPD/-ATK and one is +DEF/-RES. I foddered one of the +SPD ones off to YT! Olivia so which one of the two should I keep for the merge?
  10. I don't normally do this but I wanna share this monstrosity I got this morning. I've been running her through TT all day after pulling her this morning. She is so much fun to play with. Also managed to pull a Silas and two Floras trying to get her. Silas is +HP/-SPD and the Floras are +SPD/-ATK and Neutral. Thinking of foddering off the Floras to Brave Veronica and L!Ephraim after I max out her HM.
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