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  1. Heavy Jugral bias with this list, but I hope some other underutilized titles get some love over the next few months. 1. Emperor Arvis (Red Tome Armor) 2. Lex (Axe Calvary) 3. Azel (Red Tome Calvary) 4. Tine (Blue Tome Infantry) 5. Brigid (Colorless Bow Infantry) 6. Langobalt (Axe Armor) 7. Erinys (Sword Flyer) 8. Fee (Lance Flyer) 9. Artur (Green Tome Calvary) 10. Farina (Lance Flyer) 11. Nyx (Red Tome Infantry) 12. Pent (Green Tome Infantry) 13. Louise (Blue Bow Infantry) 14. Patty (Blue Daggar Infantry) 15. Scáthach (Red Sword Infantry) 16. Touma Akagi w/Cain (Lance Calvary) 17. Ayaha Oribe w/Aversa (Blue Tome Flyer) 18. Yashiro Tsurugi w/Navarre (Sword Infantry) 19. Shade (Red Tome Infantry) 20. Bryce (Lance Armor)
  2. Sure I'll give this a go. Did try to make sure at least one of the most wanted units from their games is in each banner. Bold = Star Unit Italics + Underline = Demote Edit: I know Fernand doesn't rock swords in SoV but there's already two lance users here and I wasn't feeding the Brigand Boss meme this time.
  3. BTB Reinheardt and Ishtar have brave weapons so... prepare to be terrorized.
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