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  1. if you have a problem with me, send me a Pm and lets chat. Otherwise you can leave me alone, k thanks

  2. I'm not supporting this game at all (not a fan of SMT) but I'd say they were on drugs.
  3. The DLC does not impress me at all, especially the character models... UGH. I have started as the opposite gender but I got bored fast.
  4. Honestly I'm done with the game, I love how innovative and awesome it is, but I cant play it a million times like Shadowofchaos or anyone else... It was fun and all but I have no desire to play it again for some reason... Help?
  5. I got a bit mad at the gullible thing. Other than that she's still mai waifu of the series.
  6. noooo "have some fun with Miku" XDDD I will I will
  7. I love your signature! You like mine? You must be an umineko fan!

    1. Space Flower

      Space Flower

      Umineko is fantastic, but I think your signature expired. Maybe for hotlinking? You may want to host your signature on a photo-hosting site like imageshack or photobucket.

  8. Cordelia was my waifu! I didnt like Cynthia so hah! I hated Cynthia... Her personality was annoying and stupid. Other than that no one really, though I dislike how Libra is the stereotypical "trap" character that they added in for the bishonen fangirls who don't know what a real guy is like.... sorry. Also enough with the Cordelia and Severa hate! I love them both!
  9. I second this, plus it says the same things over and over again sometimes.
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