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  1. Griffon Rider with Swordfaire, because the Faergus flag gas a sword wielding Griffon Rider on it yet the class has been MIA since Awakening. And uh, some kinda brawling class for girls to go into, makes no sense that Catherine has all that rank in Brawling but no class to use it in. Edit: Crap, I read the title as DLC classes. My bad. I guess I want Jeritza to keep Mastermind (why does DK have that skill as an enemy anyways), and if that most likely fake leak is anything to go by, Balthazar having Warp, Rescue, Luna, Thoron and Bolting is absurd. I think the real Balthazar should tone that kit down a bit, but having another mage to give Lysithea a run for her money would be nice.
  2. Byleth x Hilda: I'm fond of the soft-spoken/stoic guy x talkative/cheery girl (or vice-versa) kinda pairing, and Hilda's kinda my favorite female character so yeah. Claude x Petra: International relations! It's fitting for his character and plans, plus the idea of her literally dragging Claude to Brigid with her is hilarious. Sylvain x Dorothea: I like how they both easily see through eachother's BS and fully understand why they hustle the way they do. I have a friend who really likes Sylvain x Mercedes and I'd probably put that as my second pick for Sylvain. Felix x Lysithea: I was expecting their support to just be angstfest 20XX Anniversary edition, but instead I got that one episode from Spongebob where Squidward doesn't want to admit he likes Krabby Patties...except it's cakes. 10/10 godlike support. Cyril x Lysithea: B A P P Y
  3. Huh, I wasn't expecting that. I'm far too lazy to be Annette, I was expecting Hilda or Linhardt. But Annette's a cute kid, so I don't mind. :}
  4. Part 1 prep theme beats out Conquest for best prep theme for me. Part 2 prep theme is alright. I like that song that plays when you fight a former classmate in part 2, as well as the new song that was added in the recent patch. Dubstep Emblem is alright. The battle versions of these themes aren't nearly as good though. I think Fates did the in-battle variation of songs better, but even there I usually listen to the map versions of those songs anyways. I think the biggest sin with this game's music is that some songs are just awkwardly placed. Fodlan Winds is a little too cheery/heroic when you're trying to kill Lonato, a situation that's painted in a morally questionable light, for example.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I understand in-lore why the characters wouldn't call them Agarthans since they don't know where they come from until the very end of the game, but there's no reason for us to call them by that overly long name when "Agarthans" fits their entire group and sounds a lot less wordy.
  6. Catherine: Falco, you can just focus completely on Lance/flying as soon as you get her and never have to worry about sword rank for Falco reqs. The A rank in swords isn't wasted since you can give her some really good swords early like the one you get from Felix and Dimitri's support, and you can just give Thunderbrand to someone who needs it more. Seteth: He already starts in the best class in the game, so obviously you should make him a Fortress Knight. You'd be foolish to do anything else with the guy, frankly. Manuela: Gremory, but you're most likely gonna keep her as a Bishop because she's a rare character who is good at one magic but bad at the other... Honestly her proficiencies are all over the place. She's also good at swords and flying? I guess you could try making her a Falco but no, just turn Catherine or Shamir into one, or recruit Ingrid.
  7. 1. Remove lance requirement for Dark/Holy Knight. If i'm making a unit one of these classes, i'm using them as a mounted mage and never actually using lances on them (unless their name is Sylvain). Why should Lysithea and Mercedes have to waste time in a weapon that they suck at and get nothing out of just to get this class? I'd say the same for Bow Knights, but at least that's a physical class and transitions relatively cleanly from Paladin. 2. Make Stride only buff unmounted units. Won't stop Wyvern Emblem from being as stupid as it is, but it would lessen the gap between them and Assassins/War Masters at the very least. 3. Give Edelgard's personal class Reason magic for the love of Sothis. Claude gets a custom tailored version of the best class in the game. Dimitri gets the closest thing we have to a Halberdier/Sentinel. Edelgard gets...Fortress Knight but with a buttload of charm. ok. The class even has a +10% Magic growth but they do nothing with it. Wyvern would still be better for her, but having an Armored mage with Luna and Bolganone would be pretty damn cool. Or better yet just add the Baron from FE4 already you cowards.
  8. Sounds like chip damage is gonna be more of a prominent thing in madden mode, in which case I think that's another point for Hilda since she gets like 3 different forms of seal debuffs in her combat art lineup as well as her hidden talent in armor. That is assuming she's not able to ORKO everything once she does get access to that stuff. I wonder how much of a necessity going Brigand at 10 will be, considering some characters like Hilda and Leonie would preferably want mounts at that point. That 6-12 damage from Death Blow suddenly means a lot more when its not hard mode anymore with its tinfoil paper enemies.
  9. Alert Stance requires you to sacrifice your player phase, that alone drops it a fair bit for me. Its a strong skill and makes some characters like Petra completely untouchable, but i'd much rather grab Movement +1 that's just more universally useful. Even with that aside, Close Counter is definitely better than Alert Stance+, and you get that at C Bows.
  10. Yeah from what that sounds like, he's gonna be integral for at least the early game. My next concern is if he'd be able to keep tanking like a champ in the long term in War Master. My fear with him is that the enemies could get so swole later on that he loses his tank niche. Of course, only time will tell on that front. If War Master Dedue ends up being viable on Maddening, I wonder if he'll have enough time to get Quick Riposte, since that would also go along way in making him tank like a champ.
  11. With all these gorilla level stats, will my boy Dedue finally have a niche? Sounds like that overkill defense will actually come in clutch here...
  12. If we're talking about purely gauntlets, I'd still rather stick in War Master since Fistfaire + Death Blow means that you're gonna kill in those 2 hits regardless, they can even quad against some of the slower beasts that would warrant more than two hits. Plus WM has innate Crit +20 which is stupid with the Killer Knuckles and makes up for the lack of a third hit.
  13. Big Raph: Oh no its another episode of the War Master vs Wyvern Lord debacle. Both classes help out his speed in different ways. WM lets him stick with gauntlets, which despite what anyone says, is a godsend for a slow slugger like Raph. Wyvern Lord forces Raph to catch up in actual speed and admittedly is probably a better long term investment for the guy. Despite all of that, i'm gonna vote War Master because its cooler. James Moriarty: Just like fellow crest scholar Linhardt, Hanneman is a mage that really wishes Gremory wasn't genderlocked. Mr. Peanut's niche is being a Meteor on a stick, but 4 move and the existence of Dorothea kind of invalidate this to a degree. If you're content with one meteor drop per map, Dark Knight is his best class since he actually has Riding proficiency unlike 90% of the mages in this game thank god. Claude Jr. : Cyril is a blessed boy who has a free pass into the two best classes in the game. Wyvern is Wyvern, and the fact that you can use Bows in the class makes it even stupider. Bow Knight's extra attack range is also somewhat dulled by horses being screwed by all types of terrain in this game. However with all this said, I think both of his options are rather even, as just having 4 attack range gives him a lot more safety for his frail arse. I'm torn between the two but i'm gonna go with BK for now.
  14. I don't know what the best battalion is outside of anything that has Stride on it, but Claude's battalion is pretty strong. Has great stats on it, and its AoE is absurd on Ashes and Dust. Its also C rank, so even Authoritylets like Hilda and Felix can use it. Edit: It's also a flier battalion, which is even better since fliers don't have many options.
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