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  1. Not gonna respond to the Lorenz bit of my post? Am I to assume we've closed the book on that? If so, good. On Annette: You're overstating the heck out of hit rates. I saw another thread where you were complaining about Raging Storm's hit issues, and any arguments I have to say on that would amount to what Silly and Dark Holy Elf said to you there. Just like the Charm thing you keep bringing up, you have many ways of mitigating hit issues. I thought it was implied that you'd be going Pegasus when I said "get her on wings ASAP", sorry for not making it crystal clear, but yeah. Wyvern would just be the end class, since why would you just stay as a Peg for the rest of your life after hitting Lv.20+. How do we get her there? Uhh put her goals on Lance/Flying, then switch to Axe/Flying after she gets to Peg. Not that hard. You'd much rather make her a mage, but you also said her 4 move is an issue. Well, my post about Wyver- ahem, any Flier class for Annette is a response for that. And from the looks of it, nothing you just said is a rebuttal for the utility that flier Annette provides.
  2. You have many options of fixing a unit's charm by that point, at least enough for the rather modest charm req. that the class requires. But I don't want to keep repeating myself on that, as I already said all that on my page 1 post. As for the riding thing: Step 1. Put his focus on Riding early on. Step 2. Profit. Really, movement +1 is more of a bonus than anything. But if you're arguing that Lorenz will only see the skill lategame, then that means that riding neutral or weak characters probably won't see the skill at all. Aka a point still in Lorenz' favour, as even having it for one or two maps is still good to have. If you just have a hateboner for the purple Noble and can't stand the idea of him breaking it down, then just make Ignatz a dancer, I guess. He joins in chapter 13 at the exact same time as Lorenz so you're not losing (too much) utility by making him one over Lorenz. I will say that if you go that route, Lorenz will be useless and probably die on chapter 13, and you also lose rally speed on Ignatz in place of dancing. If you make Lorenz a dancer, that useless unit pulls his weight, AND you have Ignatz to supply Rally Speed (which could save your life on Maddening) and chip. I'm suprised you're still having this back and forth about not wanting a dancer that only dances and nothing else. I feel like you didn't even clarify what exactly you want your dancer to do aside from dancing, but if it's >any player phase action other than dance, well... This guy more or less sums up the long & short of it. With all do respect, you haven't brought up a convincing argument as to why we shouldn't use Lorenz. The Charm thing was debunked on page 1 (I really don't know why you're trying to bring that back), and now your argument amounts to "well he's a mediocre unit so why should I use him at all?". We also explained why him being a mediocre unit doesn't hurt him or your team as a dancer. A bit late of a response, innit? Eh, whatever. You didn't even give a counterargument for this either? You just said "it sounds bad" and expect me to sell you on something you close your ears off to? You say it's impractical, but Annette has an axe proficiency and no weakness in Lance or flying. I'm not going into the Wyvern Lord circlejerk, but with that proficiency, just by default it's one of her best classes. She also has the strongest claim to the Bolt Axe (and if you're playing BL, Crusher). Once DLC pack 4 drops though, I think her best class will be Dark Flier however, since it's easier to go into and will give her Thoron, if the datamine is to be believed. Really though, the point is getting her on wings ASAP so she can reach more people with her rally. Regardless, its a direct answer to your criticism of Rallybot Annette and her 4 move. If you want to drag this on as well, please respond by telling me HOW WL Annette isn't worth raising her axe/flying rank and why I should use X instead/not use your girl. That way we're having a proper discussion/debate/what have you. Responding "that doesn't seem like it's worth it/why would I use that?" isn't a counterargument and only makes me feel like I wasted my breath trying to reply to you.
  3. Literally no reason why Judy isn't playable on VW. She's around for almost the entirety of part 2. With Jeritza, I always assumed that he was off on his own missions in CF, so them making him playable there was a pleasant surprise for me. Judy doesn't even have that excuse since she's in pre-chapter cutscenes discussing plans with Claude and the class. Plus she's a Lord...for some reason, so she kind of a novelty, unit-wise.
  4. Ingrid (as well as any physical leaning girl you recruit) should go into Pegasus instead, as Darting Blow can be considered just as good if not better than Death Blow, especially with how important speed is on Maddening. Ingrid's relic also gives her extra damage based on her speed so Darting Blow is doubly useful for her. Dimitri is so swole that he doesn't even need death blow to do what he does. Actually, there's an enemy phase build with his battalion skills that more or less OHKO's everything. He probably wants to go Cav at Lv. 10. Just level Riding and Authority on him and he should be very self-sufficient. Dedue and Felix should go Brigand, though Felix also makes a decent archer if you want to go that route. Sylvain can go with Brigand or Cav.
  5. I thought the rest of your post was in response to Shadow Mir, so I cut it off in the quote. Looks like I cut off to much though, but my initial response I believe still applies. Regardless, my b. I mean if you want to split hairs, Gremory has 2x uses so you could use Meteor and still have one left for linked attacks. Yes, having 1 more move as a dancer is notable for the extra linked attack range, but a dancer getting left behind is more negatively impactful I'd say than a Gremory getting left behind. In both cases, they'll most likely still be able to chip with meteor or heal with physic, but as a dancer, that's still a turn where you're...not dancing. On the first page, I made a point that having a dancer with riding proficiency (like Lorenz on VW) would be ideal if possible. This isn't something I think you need to go out of your way for, but if you can get to A+ riding on your dancer, that'll go along way to help them keep up, along with strategic use of canto on your mounted units, as well as the always broken warp. Dorothea in particular has a weakness in Riding so this option is considerably harder for her to achieve, if at all. You have quite a few options at your disposal to keep your dancers able to do their main function every turn, I'd say. I do put a lot of stock into making chapter 13 easier, yes. It's one of the hardest maps in the game and I think having good dancer utility there would go a long way. I think you put too much stock in linked attacks, our priorities are just different in what we want from a dancer. To me, it sounds better to have someone like Caspar (or Bernie, if you like Movement +1 and Pass) be the dancer, while Gremory Dorothea can actually use her good spell list and linked attack utility. I don't have any experience with LTC whatsoever. I would like to do one someday, but I can only speak on what I think to be the best role for a character.
  6. I would argue the opposite, tbh. Yes, you can use Meteor for Linked bonuses, but she can do that in any class. And if you're a dancer, you're more or less halving that spell's utility since you're never actually gonna use it for damage. Physic may as well not even be there as well, since you'd always want to be dancing, unless she's getting left behind, in which you're probably doing something wrong. Imo she's much better off as a Gremory. Her best draw as a Dancer would be to make chapter 13 SS easier since she's one of the first spawns, but as was discussed earlier, Caspar spawns at the same time and is considerably worse as a unit, aka a prime dancer candidate. tl;dr: Linked attacks are cool but actually using Meteor is cooler. Physic on a dancer is a waste.
  7. He gets Desperation and Wrath. A shame, he's missing the most important one :<
  8. Yes, mages only have 4 move. But who said Annette has to be a mage? Wyvern Lord Annette has 8 move and flying, and can still rally, ensuring that she'll be able to reach who she needs to. I'd go so far as to say it's her best class, and that she shouldn't bother with mage classes (unless you want to pick up Fiendish Blow).
  9. I see. That's actually a pretty big boon in Caspar's favor since he's one of the first spawns on the map. Bernie could potentially be salvaged as a Falco/Bow Knight anyways so Dancer Caspar has quite a bit going for him.
  10. Where does Caspar spawn on SS chapter 13? I forget lol. I think Bernie may be the best candidate for that route though, having a dancer with Pass and Movement +1 sounds like some really nice utility to have.
  11. A good dancer only needs to dance, and preferably have high movement to get where they need to be. Ashe and Lorenz underperforming as units is exactly why I think they make good dancers, their player phase offensive contributions won't be missed and you're salvaging them into something immediately usable. I even listed reasons in my last post why I don't want good units to be my dancer; they already have valuable player phase roles that dancing would clash with by it's very nature. I say this specifically with chapter 13 in mind. Unless you killed them off which most players don't, Lorenz and Ashe are gonna be on those maps in their respective route's version of chapter 13, and they're probably just gonna take up space if they're not a dancer. Why not put them to work as opposed to doing nothing? Addressing your spiel about the Charm requirement: I don't think Charm is nearly as much of an issue as you're making it out to be, and Claude has a point recommending Lorenz to be the class dancer. Lorenz has a 40% charm growth which is serviceable assuming you didn't just bench him at the start of the game, and you get like +5 charm from dance practice, as well as +1 from tea parties. Aforementioned dance practice doesn't even use up activity points so you don't have any reason not to do it. Ashe's crappy 25% charm you can make a case for, but as you said he has 5 base charm instead and you can use the same tools to get him where he needs to be. Also, this is more of a bonus but Byleth gets an accessory for their birthday that increases the wearer's charm by 2. Provided your birthday is before the contest, you can just slap this on your candidate if you're that concerned about the req.
  12. My criteria for dancing prioritizes a couple of things 1. Is that unit a native member of the house I chose? I want my dancer to be available on as many maps as possible. Specifically, Chapter 13 is a concern outside of CF. 2. Will the loss of that unit's player phase contributions in exchange for dancing be felt? 3. Does that unit have a strength in Riding? More of a bonus really but Movement +1 is something very much worth considering for the long run. For Azure Moon, I think Ashe is the best fit. >Annie is the best rallybot in the game. Rallies compete with dancing for your player phase action. >Mercie is your main healer. She'd rather use her player phase for Physic. >Dimitri, Felix, Sylvain and Ingrid are really good combat units. >Dedue isn't available for quite a few chapters. He's also weak in Riding if you care about Movement +1. >Flayn has Rescue utility and isn't available on the dreaded chapter 13. She's also weak in Riding if you care about Movement +1. Ashe strikes me as the odd man out, when it comes to combat he's just alright, and someone like Cyril can do what he does, maybe even better. His unique player-phase trait is locktouch, but keys are so inexpensive he may as well not have a personal skill. I don't think you lose much by making him a dancer, since the rest of your class wants to be doing other stuff. He's just neutral in riding though, but it's better than being weak in it! As a bonus, my dancer picks for other routes are Bernie (CF/SS) and Lorenz (VW).
  13. Between this and his support with Hilda, I'm thinking that Caspar is actually the biggest Chad in Garreg Mach lmao
  14. Nope, her only canon class (going by her timeskip appearance) is Warrior. We as the playerbase heavily associate her with being a Wyvern Rider because of how easy of a fit she is in the class, and probably also because War Master isn't available to girls for some stupid reason. Yeah...it doesn't make any sense to me either. Judging from his character and supports with characters like Shamir, I would've assumed that Cyril's canon class is supposed to be Bow Knight, whereas Wyvern is an option for him because of his Almyran roots. Turns out it's the opposite if what the game is telling me makes any sense. He wants to be a Wyvern Rider that dabbles in bows, whereas Bow Knight is just there for flavor it seems.
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