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  1. going to echo what I say about the Byleths’ voices in Reddit: I always imagined that despite being the same character, each gender would have their own perks(M!Byleth being calmer and more serious while F!Byleth being more expressive and approachable) and the differences shown in cutscenes seem to support them being different in a way. Since they’re not a silent protagonists anymore in Heroes, it’d be nice to see some more characterization on them. Their EN voices, while not bad in quality, makes them a bit too similar to each other for my liking. It makes sense in a way, but I feel the tone differences between both genders in JP just wins it for me.
  2. back from the dead it would be nice if it got resurrected, though I'm unsure if there's still people who are interested with it. Also technically I didn't win #106; Pichu did from last announcement.
  3. 7-8/10, I suppose(8 on the polls). people have mentioned the flaws of this game(personally I think there's too many gacha characters at once), but I'm pretty sure this game would develop. It's still the early weeks of the game after all.
  4. told myself this would be last reroll, got 5* Lilina. Thanks to her, I decided to try my luck for rerolling again, thinking the same thing as before, and got Elise. Both are solo, but to think the chances I managed to pull Elise is quite the feat so I'm locking her(and hope for next rolls). also technically I got all Nohrian siblings except Xander now. must be my avi pic
  5. seems most people have at least 2 5*, with 3 5* average. I could roll for my mains but I don't really feel like wasting orbs on my accounts(especially the main ones), so I'm rerolling instead to see if I have the luck for 2 5*, but the best I got so far is solo 5* Lyn. Seems I've gotten everyone in the rateup except for Takumi.
  6. I think someone might have done this earlier, but I'm curious and trying to gauge the players.
  7. power of rerolling need me a 5* to accompany Cordelia, or her in one of my separate accounts.
  8. made a reroll account just because, got 2 Cordelias...but it's all 4*. Also got 4* Roy too. this is some false hope level of luck. Least I didn't get all 3*. also how do you get so many orbs, clearing story?
  9. tried rolling gacha in Cordelia acc, got 3/5 greys. why this. and got nothing rly worthy so far, the best was 4* Jeorge pulled yesterday. I might need a green right now.
  10. Eliwood by far. poor Eliwood, getting shafted in almost everything. not exactly impressed with Chrom either, and I think Cordelia could use a better artist, much as I like her.
  11. recently pulled Lucina in one of my accs which has Leo in it. Sadly Cordelia is at the separate acc, otherwise it'd be a keeper. edit: and I just got 5* Catria and 4* Nowi in Lyn acc.
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