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  1. Thanks for writing up (almost) the whole playthrough! Was a fun read.
  2. Congratulations on the new release! It's good to see the sizable progress that's been made.
  3. Just beat it today. Flying through stages is so much fun, the customization is great, the story was really funny and cute. What potion combos did y'all use? I stuck with Drop/Sparkler/Impact, it's great for hovering over enemies and bombing them and it messes up those knight enemies. For flying bosses I'd use Lob/Cluster/Remote, you can take off 3 hitpoints in one bomb if you time it right. By the end of the game though I'd come around to the default combo, it's very fast and versatile.
  4. Congrats! This was an interesting watch from beginning to end. It seems like the power of Warp (and 28 Magic Artur) more than made up for you lack of mounts in the lategame.
  5. The obvious Medeus strat is some combination of Berserker Michalis critting with a max MT SIlver Axe, Katarina critting with Starlight or a Thoron forge, and Auming one of them. Not too many other units that can scratch him on 0% growths. Which reminds me, you may have to redownload the patch, the previous version had Nagi's Spd/Def/Res/Luk zeroed out by accident and I don't remember if you got that one or the current version.
  6. Yo, this is pretty sweet. I'm running it through Lyn Hard mode and having a blast. One little issue I've noticed so far is that Rath's scripted battle hangs the game if he doesn't have a ranged weapon equipped, but fortunately you can skip the whole scene. Erk's battle doesn't have any problems though (I assume because it isn't 'scripted' in the sense that Rath's is). It also seems that the Weighted HP growths option doesn't seem to work? I went into Nightmare to check the growths of randomized characters and saw a few 10% or lower HP growths. This was with Minimum Growths checked also. Third problem: Using Randomized Recruitment and Randomized Classes, Lowen (replacing Matthew) joined as a Thief with D Lances (+D Swords).
  7. The Yumina Res buff was completely unintentional; I mistook her Res base of -3 for a growth rate, so that's fixed now. You can see that I haven't rigorously tested every character to make sure they fit. Early promoted Palla is so OP in these early chapters, my goodness.
  8. For documentation on FE8's event codes, your best bet is probably this resource; it doesn't yet include detailed descriptions of each new/different code but it should suffice to work with.
  9. Cool, didn't know that before.
  10. Update - fixed Athena's HP growth.
  11. Fe8's palette system is pretty simple actually. It's only different so as to accommodate branching promotions. Under "Battle Palette Editors" in the FE8 Nightmare module package, there should be two modules: "FE8 Palette Association Editor" and "FE8 Palette Association Editor Part 2". The first defines which classes the unit should be in for each class position, and the second defines which palettes to use for each class position (Unpromoted 1, Unpromoted 2, Promoted 1, Promoted 2, Promoted 3, etc). If the unit's class doesn't match the class that they should be, the generic palette is used to prevent color vomit from mismatching palettes.
  12. Holy Maiden isn't needed to access the full ending, no. Lalum/Elphin being able to dance each other opens up such crazy strats, I wonder how things would change if they couldn't refresh each other.
  13. No problem! I'd looked into this once before, so it was simply a matter of going through my notes.
  14. Not exactly a flag, but Nils must be in the party; the game goes through your roster looking for Nils, who is (invisibly) part of the roster only if you've gone through Lyn Mode, then checks if he's Level 7 or above. That's in addition to the 'Did you kill Kishuna' check of course. If you want to remove the check for Nils, making it so that just killing Kishuna unlocks 19xx, take a hex editor and write 08 E0 at the offset 0x7D242 in the FE7 ROM.
  15. I'd bet you that it's just the range display that's broken and that the staff still uses the 1 ~ Mag/2 + 5 formula for determining range, the range byte in item data for staves only controls the range display. BTW the Physic staff is probably labeled as "Libro" in the FE6 Nightmare Modules - it should be just after Mend and Recover.
  16. You don't have to restart after modifying the ROM - the changes won't have any impact on your current progress or any such thing. Changing Echidna's promotion route is simple, yes - all you need is the Nightmare program and the modules for FE6 - from there, open up your FE6 ROM, and go to the FE6 Class Editor module; under the entry for Fighter, change the field "This class promotes to" to Hero (F) instead of Warrior. This would also make Bartre promote in Hero (F), but he's even less likely to see promotion than Echidna in your run, so...
  17. Good to have you back! Stopping that is simple; at the end of Chapter 21x (or Chapter 21 if you didn't unlock 21x) the game makes a call to an ASM routine that promotes Roy to the promoted version of his class. The command is ASMC 0x6D0E5 in the event file, but you can undo this in a hex editor as well. To remove it using a hex editor, search for the hex string 17 00 00 00 E5 D0 06 08 in your FE6 ROM; you should find two instances, one at 0x6720B8 and one at 0x675FC4; replace both of these instances with 02 00 00 00 10 00 00 00, and that will remove the autopromotion. Edit: And yeah it's the replacements' levels that determine the Ilia/Sacae route split.
  18. The simplest way to class lock it is to make it share with an existing lock; I'd recommend the Eckesachs/King lock (Class Ability 3 0x8, Item Ability 2 0x20); you'd apply these to Pegs/Falcos and your custom Wing Spear weapon. This does mean that pegs could use it in the Trial maps if you unlock Zephiel, but who cares really. As for the effectiveness pointer, just use the Rapier's. Although since the default Rapier effectiveness pointer misses out on Nomads/Troubs/Valkyries you may want to make a custom one anyway.
  19. Enemies are tougher, and there are some additional reinforcements and new AI patterns for existing enemies, but it's not a huge leap from Hard to Maniac. Definitely not as big as Awakening's Hard ->Lunatic (Or FE12's Hard -> Lunatic for that matter). If you completed Hard, you can complete Maniac too.
  20. Do you want it so that only the first item of any type applies? That would be easy to do, if unintuitive to the player. Making multiple copies of the same item not stack would be a little more tricky, but still doable.
  21. Support points are gained at the start of Player Phase, except on Turn 1. So no, unit's won't accumulate support by being together when the map starts.
  22. Cyclops use the Knight as their unpromoted variant, while Dracozombies use Wyvern Knights. Promoted units in HM do get exactly 19 levels in their corresponding unpromoted class btw.
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