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  1. In GameData.bin, item data starts at ~ $3A350; that's about the start of the data for the Bronze Sword anyway. Each entry is 0x38 bytes long. $3A366 has the Bronze Sword's value per use; 3A36C looks like the weapon rank. $3A36F has its number of uses. $3A370-74 has the Bronze Sword's Mt, Hit and Crit, Min range and Max range.
  2. For #3, 172EA-172EB. Found this location in 10 minutes with a debugger.
  3. Nah, it's these commands: _SETVAL 0x1 HP _0x3425 CharacterID
  4. I've done a little bit of research on Fe12, mostly on item flags/locks (can't forge, Imhullu/nosferatu effects,etc...) and editing units in chapters. I recall you posted an explanation on character/class growth ciphers in Fe12, but I can only find your growth table. Do you happen to have that explanation saved anywhere?
  5. Okay so here's the deal with _SAVEFORBATTLE; normally when you define the parameters for a command outside of the command itself, you just use _SETVAL. Like for the universal reinforcement events, you just use _SETVAL 0x1 (pointer to unit list) and then CALL the reinforcement event. However, for events that want a whole bunch of parameters - such as a large, branching conversation tree, or a scripted battle, or a series of CHAI commands - that's not practical. What _SAVEFORBATTLE does is let you store an arbitrary number of parameters, four bytes each, to a single location, where the game can process each of them sequentially. Here's an example from Chapter 17: [spoiler=Scripted battle] _SETVAL 0xD 0x0 _SETVAL 0x1 0x1701 _SAVEFORBATTLE _SETVAL 0x1 0x10F00 _SAVEFORBATTLE _SETVAL 0x1 0x6401 _SAVEFORBATTLE _SETVAL 0x1 0xFFFFFFFF _SAVEFORBATTLE FIG2 0xC0 0x8D 0x0 Each _SETVAL 0x1 / _SAVEFORBATTLE duo represents one attack in the battle; the FIG2 command processes each one in the order they were entered in. The FIG2 command will automatically wipe each value stored after it's done with it, but for some commands you'll have to do that yourself. That command is _0x0722 0xYY (_SAVEFORBATTLE's code is _0x0721); it moves the value stored in the second position to the first, the one in the third to the second, etc, and moves the value that was stored in the first position to 0x030004B8 + (0xYY*4). Some commands that can make use of the values stored by _SAVEFORBATTLE are TEXTSHOW 0xFFFF, _03921 0xFFFF (a CHAI command for a unit on given coordinates). Technical details on _SAVEFORBATTLE and its relatives:
  6. Your first question: The event is not quite complete; you need to load the character ID of the character triggering the AREA event so you can check it vs. Eirika's ID. The command _0x2E21 will do this; the event will then look like this: _SETVAL 0x2 0x1//0x2 is memory slot to use; 0x1 is character ID we check against _0x2E21//Loads the character ID of the unit triggering the event to memory slot 0xC _SETCONDITION 0x0 0xC 0x2//Checks if the values are not equal //Event that occur if they are not equal ELSE 0x1 ENIF 0x0 //Events that occur if the unit triggering the AREA event is Eirika ENIF 0x1 ENDA _SAVEFORBATTLE is a little more complicated, I will get back to you on that. Also, in the future you should use the "Event Assembler Questions" thread for event questions.
  7. Modifying the 19xx unlock is surprisingly simple actually! In fact if you want to remove the Nils/Kishuna check entirely, find this line in 19x's event data: IFAF 0x5 0x7D241 And comment it out; that's the check for Nils' level and for killing Kishuna (ie triggering Event ID 0x0A). If you want to remove only the Nils check, you can just write 08 E0 at the offset 0x7D242.
  8. I liked your FE7 0% growths run, the commentary really helps to understand why certain people were deployed, why some seemingly strange opening moves were made. It's also kinda funny to see the game broken over one's knee. What about characters with over 100% in a growth? Is there a particular reason for taking it to 0%, or is it just for consistency? Not that Barth, Fae and Karel will really appreciate it but I'm curious.
  9. i think the mug looks nice some of the people in this thread should consider the difference between this: and this: The shading in the bottom-left of igrene's face looks square, which looks a little strange imo.
  10. Vennobennu

    FE Recolor

    Very nice! This will surely make it more convenient to modify class palettes.
  11. Vennobennu

    FE8 Promotions

    Oh, it looks like the standard download doesn't include the spell association table, that's dumb. Here's mine.
  12. Vennobennu

    FE8 Promotions

    You'll want the "FE8 Spell Association Editor" module for nightmare, under Item Editors in the usual downloads; the data there defines what animations, if any, the item uses. The normal module has a lot of stuff unlabeled iirc but it's basically the same as FE7, just at a different offset.
  13. Oh yeah, I'm not saying "You MUST make this hardcore" or whatever, Normal mode is pretty good where it is. Mostly I was posting my impressions of the chapters as I played them. June has solid bases at a low level and very good growths all around, plus two weapon types so she's usually on the good side of the weapon triangle. Niccolo's great in Normal even without good levels, but on Hard I'd imagine he'll be reliant on Speed procs to stay competitive. Recently, there's been an effort to document what all the AI codes actually mean; there's a lot of neat stuff you can do with AI that we didn't know about before. Oh and I typoed about the village-looting behaviour; you'd want to change AI byte 2 to 0x04 if it was 0x05 (if it's already 0x04, then, well, all I can suggest would be a CHAI off of an AFEV of the event ID of the village).
  14. I played through the demo on Normal mode and it's pretty great! Maps are nice, the script is concise and reads well, I had a lot of fun with it it general. More specific thoughts under the spoiler for length and also for being spoilers: [spoiler=Thoughts]-Prologue is pretty simple even on Hard Mode; the generics enjoy suiciding on Niccolo, probably because they have WTD against Judith. Not much to it, but it's very short anyway so w/e. I let Niccolo take the bosskill since he gets 40 XP from it. Chapter 1: -The eastern brigand arrives hilariously late on Normal; only reaching the village on turn 5 enemy phase is pretty bad when there's like one Soldier between you and the village. He could stand to be on the map from the start. Played through the chapter on Hard mode later, and it's a lot tougher on that mode, so props to whoever designed that. -The other reinforcements (on both modes) are pretty inconsequential and basically free experience; on Normal it's easy to have almost routed the map by the time the Fighter appears, and on Hard you're obliged to rush to save the village, so they're also not a big factor when they arrive. -The last group of enemies+boss are a simple bait and switch job - making them all aggro together could be cool. -The nighttime palette with rain looks very nice. Chapter 2 and 3: -Nice, fun chapters. The enemy units are a little weak offensively considering how many units are at your disposal, but nothing big. The first few turns of chapter 3 are the most intense; I had June/Martin/Clover/Rowan managing the middle, and Rose/Ferris dealing with the east. After you clear out the initial glut of enemies, it's pretty easy to head on over and kill the boss - the reinforcements there were pretty much dropping on my head. My units weren't blessed in anything at this point either; I think the chapter could use a slightly stricter time limit, or have the reinforcements arrive earlier. -The Myrm/Archer take a while to break their wall; by the time they're finished you should have cleared out the rest of the enemies so they aren't a real threat. -Giving out a Rescue staff is neat; most FEs don't let you have one until really late, so being able to play around with one early on is fun for making your options more open, and gives Niccolo another cool thing to do. Chapter 4: -The Fighter/Merc in the north just stop when you save the village; if I had to guess I'd say that they're using 0x04 as their second AI byte, which tells them to flee the map when there's nothing left to loot. Since they aren't Thieves nor Brigands and the map has no escape points defined, they sit still when you save the village. AI byte 2 0x05 tells them to not bother fleeing after the map's over, which should work out better for them. -The reinforcements arrive way late in this map; the southeast guys arrived when I was almost finished up with the boss's group, and when I had almost dealt with them some guys started spawning from the forts. They just extend the length of the chapter if you don't rout super fast the way it is now. I liked how the chapter played otherwise though. Chapter 5: -The northwest Archer is aggressive from the start, so it's pretty easy for Victoria to rescue-drop Judith over the mountains, and pick off the village on Turn 3. Not a bad thing per se, but it does mean that the reinforcements in the northwest don't matter much. I managed to clear the chapter in seven turns for reference; could have done better if I was willing to take more risks. Chapter 6: -Lots of "Attack in Range" enemies here, and they aren't much on offense, so advancing quickly here isn't very hard imo. It is Normal mode though, so it's not an OUTRAGE or anything. I sent everybody (except Ferris - and thank you for giving armors 5 Move) to the right throne door, and it was pretty easy to clear out the throne room. -Perhaps for Hard mode you could make all of the enemies in there start chasing you when one of the doors open - it would make splitting your forces between the east and west paths to break up the enemies a good idea. -Cedric's avoid was high enough to be annoying, but you have the Sagaris, Halberd and Horseslayer which can all get WTA on him, so it shouldn't take too long to bring him down with a bit of luck. Chapter 7: -Not a whole lot of enemies here, and they tend to go after the green units too, so it's a pretty leisurely chapter. Longsword Cavalier prioritizes the NPC Fighter, but even if he doesn't the Longsword is only 10 effective MT against a lance and he weighs himself down with it, so he's not a big deal. My Victoria was able to double the Peg Knights and handle them by herself too. I will admit that I had this...thing on my team: Which might have skewed my views on later chapters' pacing. -The Mage/Shaman reinforcement from the fort is not a problem; they spawned right in the middle of my units so they were free XP pretty much. The Peg reinforcements were rather better timed, I had to take them into account when I was going after the boss. -Malorie is legitimately threatening, but Ferris can safely lure out the Short Spear, and from there it's not too difficult to bring her down on the next turn. It's a bit strange the Javelin Cavs don't seem to move - I thought they'd charge with the boss, but thankfully they don't. Chapter 8: -Pretty tough chapter actually, even with God June around. There's a lot to do if you want to push up quickly, and the big groups of reinforcements encourage you to do so. I ended up killing Strickland the turn after I lured him out (turn 8 maybe?), because a whole bunch of reinforcements had just appeared all around my units. Very fun and well-designed map I think. Chapter 9: -Pretty short, and not as hard as Chapter 8 really. Decently large groups of enemies in the west, but nothing too difficult; the reinforcements are notable but not too much to handle. No idea what's up with the Myrmidon in the northwest corner, she never budged from her spot. -Between Martin and June, it's probably possible to kill Jake before he escapes. Not sure what would happen if you did. -Cassandra was pretty tough to beat; she's tanky and quite dodgy on the throne which makes outpacing her healing a little dicey, although she isn't a big threat to your units if you know what you're doing. The Axereaver and Fia's magic put up good numbers against her though. It wouldn't hurt to make her a little less tanky and a little more powerful, I'd say. The Team: [spoiler=Units] Her first few levels were horrendous (Hp,Skl/Luck,Skl/Luck) but she picked up after that and stayed useful the whole time. Her high Skill came in handy for blicking Cavaliers, and I believe she was my only physical unit who could one-round Knights, which was cool. Niccolo starts great and kept on being great the whole time. Getting some of the early boss kills netted him a Speed proc, which let him double several enemies he wouldn't have otherwise. Most of his other levels came from staff usage, and I think he did pretty well off of that. Enemies had a bad habit of suiciding onto him early on, but later he was good for weakening enemies for others to take the kill. Invaluable as an early healer, and the Rescue staff let him pull off some other neat tricks (bringing Kate to the throne room in C6 fast, letting Judith recruit Paula quickly in Chapter 8, etc. He could probably stand to have his Def/Res bases toned down and his HP growth buffed - he doesn't have to be very tanky early on to play his role. I feel like I got unlucky with her levels, but she was still useful for Longbow chip and killing Mages. Very good unit. She's pretty fragile, but her avoid and great offense make up for that. There were some enemies only she could double, which was good for her. He didn't get a lot of stats, but he did get lots of Speed, so he was useful for tanking hits and hitting back hard. And then, there's June: Absolutely crazy level ups, she was great at just rushing forward and mauling 3-4 guys on enemy phase. When I recruited Martin I just benched him immediately, as there was no way he could hope to match her. Almost ever level of hers looked like this: Geez that's some essay I've just written. Anyway this was a pretty cool hack, I'm looking forward to more as you may be able to discern.
  15. These are the contents of the download: I think it's just a false positive. Maybe Chrome doesn't like Dropbox links?
  16. I need to get around to posting this stuff on SF, now that you mention it.
  17. Just a note, it is possible to get Bolting in HHM; there's one in Jerme's C27 in a chest (Kenneth's version can give you his Purge) and one as a drop from a Sage in Linus's C24. Plus Limstella drops one. They probably won't be of any use to you in this run though.
  18. In FE3, you could recruit Roshea in the next chapter's village. The other Wolfguard members didn't show up at all.
  19. Vennobennu

    FE8 Promotions

    Trainees having three promotions / autopromoting at level 10 is hardcoded, yeah. You'll need to rewrite the promotion routine to add more trainee classes.
  20. Fe8 has an enemy counter built in; the command _0x1924 will count the number of enemies alive and store that number to Memory Slot 0xC. You can then check it however you want with one of the conditional commands. There's also _0x1925, which counts the number of NPC's alive.
  21. I think I might see the issue here...swap MUSI and MUNO's positions (they're mixed up in the FE8 definitions), remove the FADI 16 from the top of you event, and see what happens. The events at 0x591F40 handle FADI for you, so there's no need to write out your own FADI.
  22. I'd be up for beta testing. Would there be anything in particular you'd want us to be on the lookout for?
  23. Vennobennu

    FEE3 2014

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one! Is there any place for general info on your project - or are you waiting until FEE3 itself for that?
  24. Looks good, but I'd suggest something like 'Falcoknight' and 'Wyvern Knt.' (Or Wyv. Rider?) in place of what you have for those classes, since using camel case for the class names would look strange in my opinion.
  25. I would be quite interested to hear about class name animation and how you managed to fix it, if it's not too much trouble.
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