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  1. Didn't catch the streams? It's all good. I spent multiple days editing it down to be more digestible and hopefully informative! Enjoy!
  2. Yune is pretty cool, most recent update it actually generates palettes based on classes it seems so it isn't as much of a jumbled mess. There's a lot more customization options too. Only downside is you can't see growths in-game (but you can generate a changelog for runs) and you can't use skills alongside it. It ain't bad though.
  3. ayy it's the homie doin' the randomizer. Yeah, Amelia isn't great, but I think having her be available from the start and being the only unit I have access to is making her kinda nuts in this solo run. Hope to see you stop by! I'm actually about to go live with part 2. Part 2 time fellas. Went Eirika route for sake of convenience(since Amelia was just edited over Eirika). Going to try to wrap the whole game up today if I can. edit: we did it boys
  4. Yep. I’ve decided that this would be a “fun” idea. FE8 is easy so this should be fine, right? Rules: - playing on hardest difficulty (difficult) - Amelia only. I’ve replaced her w/ Eirika. I will be doing the Eirika route for the sake of simplicity. - I’ve hacked in a “Trainee Seal” in case the promotion event doesn’t work. - forced deployed units can be used as meat shields, but can’t counterattack. I must deselect all possible units in battle preps otherwise. - no supports. Update: This run has been streamed to it's completion. HOWEVER, Even if you missed the stream, I've taken some time to condense the footage into a digestible 20 minute YouTube video. Come watch it! or if you want to watch the stream VODs, I have those too! Click here!
  5. Hello! Kinda forgot I posted this project on SF until now, oops. Recently I've revived this project, although I've posted the new stuff on FEU, which I will be putting on here soon. The main way to support me is honestly to just give me some advice on where to go from here. I'm not much of a writer, and this is my first time ever creating a full-fledged hack, so it's easy to say I'm pretty new to this. Going to be updating the thread with all the new information as well as credits. Also there is a patch that will be posted, but it only goes up to the first chapter (prologue and chapter 1 are the only ones currently done). I'm working on making a Discord for the hack where you can support it there, as well. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.
  6. Howdy there, I've been around the romhacking scene (mostly in the shadows) for about 6+ years now. Every time FEE3 comes and goes, I think "wow! maybe I should try to do this" then I don't, because I get confused/break something and lose motivation. But I've actually been really enjoying working on this hack since picking up FEBuilder, and since the hacking community has made massive strides since then that makes things easier for my non-talented self lmao. Gilded Tales is a coming-of-age story revolving around a young mercenary named Rana. She has some large shoes to fill, as she is the daughter of the previous leader of the Gilded Mercenaries, Alessia, who has mysteriously disappeared. You follow Rana in her adventure, with multiple twists in the story as the mercenary crew gets wrapped into some unpredictable situations around the land of Grania. Please do keep in mind I am making the story as I go along -- so it might not 100% turn out the way you, nor I expect. But we're having fun with babby's first hack, here. Right now, the game only goes from the prologue to the first chapter. I am trying to polish non-chapter specific things, such as adding all of the new animations, music, weapons, stat changes, etc. that I'd like to use, before diving deep into mapping, eventing, and whatnot. I could use all the feedback I can get on this because I'm coming into this 100% fresh for the most part. A few planned Features: Characters(portraits are placeholder for now): Screenshots: Credits Gilded Tales v0.0.1 (up to chapter 2)
  7. ah, okay. The version I played (posted on April 8th iirc) was fine until my game crashed using Moulder to kill a mercenary in chapter 3, so I thought I'd ask lol. I'll try it again and hope for the best though.
  8. Quick question, is the most up-to-date patch the same one displayed on the FEE3 video, or should I wait for a new one? This hack has me quite intrigued and I'd like to play the best/newest version, haha.
  9. Hey! I got a video for you. Is it episode 6? ...Well, probably. I'm just not very creative when it comes to titles.
  10. I felt like I needed both Josie and Rayden for it. Seriously, if you lose either of them, I just don't see a way to win that :P
  11. Sorry for the short episode, I was just too salty to continue recording! #13 is live.
  12. #5 has us defeating the enemy team of this region, and checking out some art!
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