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  1. Is certification rng locked by day or is it random when you click take exam/is there a way to reroll it
  2. Is there a way to soft reset/reload without doing Home Button->close software?
  3. I'm a massive defender of Edelgard. It's just a minor nitpick that she seems to come off as fundamentally the same as she does in BE even when you're against her. Black Eagles just has Dimitri as squeaky clean boring good guy who's listening to Rhea because thats just what you do. I wish you got to see more of murder hobo Dimitri that cares as much about taking out Edelgard to settle a grudge as he does because its "The right thing to do" from other peoples perspective. BE!Dimitri has some moments where he feels almost like he doesn't think the revolution is entirely wrong, so much as its just dirty enough that he won't break rank. BL route makes it clear that he actually has a personal stake in things and part of him views this as more of an excuse to do what he wanted to do anyway, and kill her.
  4. Having just got to the Blue Lion time skip on NG+, I'll always be a Black Eagle purist. But Edel's route definitely just shafted dimitri and made him a bland pawn for Rhea. Blue Lions route time skip makes him a proper crazy murder hobo
  5. Not 12 activity points. Three, assuming you go into it with a full morale bar.
  6. Some of this might have an ounce of merit if you just stepped out of a time machine and haven't played since path of radiance release when you were a kid. It felt pretty standard to me for a normal/"hard" run through. A few solid challenges here and there. Also if you have all master classes at 75% you're way optimized on top of the fact that mid to late game is where you're always peak overpowered on your main units
  7. I don't like him because compared to everyone he seems to be the most bland. Edelgard at least goes full on "morally grey" supervillian edgelord. Dimitri is just "I'm throwing 100% in with the church and I'm going to fall in line and do what I'm told". At times it seems like he only half believes what he's saying but he's resolved himself to his role.
  8. Seems to be alot of small changes based how you do things, at least post-skip. Like the Dedue / Dimitri dialogue if you manage to pick him off before he turns
  9. I forget who got the kill, but there was 100% post-chapter dialogue with an option to either kill or leave him alive. Quite a few units have the option. Some even have an option to turn them. Only the most militant inner circle to the leaders (Dedue, Dimitri, Cyril, Catherine etc) force you to put them down
  10. Black Eagles as the base. Swap Hubert for Felix. Felix is the better Edgelord. Swap Bernie for Marianne. Marianne is the better recluse by way of access to Ice magic. Swap Ferdinand for Shamir. Swap Caspar for [Catherine or Hilda] BORDERLINE MAYBE swap Petra for Lyisthea
  11. I just did Felix's pre skip paralogue on my NG+ Nah his dad probably had it coming.
  12. So yes, you can control the endings if you don't turn it into a convoluted web of tiebreakers. Use a dummy file to fill the book (or to get your endings). Theres 4 playthroughs anyway. So use the files you're gonna burn on a new game+ to fill your log.
  13. If you only do one A support does that not lock it in?
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