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  1. On the detailed classes page for Three Houses, it says Dark Fliers learn Fistfaire. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/classes/detailed-view/
  2. Promoting Olivia gives about as much benefit as promoting a healer. Which is nothing. She's only used for her twerking skills, the 4 extra might from Silver Sword+ isn't remotely worth 20000 feathers. She doesn't even get any new ranks of any of her other skills.
  3. I finally beat this. Some notes from my personal experience: This is definitely difficult if you don't have the ideal units (ranged units who can kill the ninjas make this much simpler) but it's certainly doable without spending any orbs. I did it with 4* Olivia, 4* F-Robin, 4* Fredrick, and 5* Catria (Subaki should work even better). I think an equally effective team would be Olivia, F-Robin, Stahl, and Lissa but I didn't try it. Related to the above, I found that when using Frederick as a tank, you can't use a healer; you'll need a blue unit to kill the sword cavalier. Frederick's Hammer is nice for the knight, though he doesn't one-round him. I boosted F-Robin to 4* level 34 just for this. At that level she needed Olivia's Hone Attack to one-round Ursula. I would not recommend trying this without F-Robin. Right after she killed Ursula, I found that moving F-Robin left & up to attack the knight through the wall was a safe move because the ninja would heal the knight instead of killing F-Robin. This map gave me quite a hard time and took 5 stamina potions.. I am already leveling Ursula in case Xander's map is also cancer.
  4. As one of many who hasn't pulled an armor unit since launch, I think it might be helpful if people who keep armor heroes set as their commander (leftmost hero on first team) could their post friend codes. This would allow us plebs to complete the March quest of 5 kills with armor units during voting gauntlet battles. If you want to help, please include which hero you have since some heroes like Effie are more useful on eg. Team Elise.
  5. Actually, it looks like being a loser really does have an upside. Five flags = 10000 feathers. Not really, but doing well on Team Loser will probably award more feathers. Here's some pictures of how stacked things are. Edit: Never mind, just noticed winning gives 500 feathers. Everyone should just join Team Ephraim. Also, can we get some screenshots of the other matchups?
  6. I accidentally picked Leo when I meant to pick Ephraim (who I actually have). My day is ruined.
  7. Found an easy way to beat hard if you have Camilla. Use a dancer to have her kill the sword guy right away. I also used Cecilia for rally resist but I doubt it matters.
  8. I've spent only 100 orbs so far (so 5 summoning "sessions") and I have three 5* units: Camilla, Catria, and now Ephraim. I didn't reroll at all when I started, and I didn't spend my feathers yet. Is this a common experience? Or are there people here who have no 5* units despite playing since day one?
  9. Name: Narcian HP: 17 Atk: 14 Spd: 6 Def: 7 Res: 6 Weapon Skill: Steel Axe Assist Skill: Special Skill:
  10. Edit: Okay, I beat it. I end up sending Camilla over the mountain, killing the archer immediately, while simultaneously sending a unit up the left path. The enemy split their forces in half and I somehow Camilla lived long enough to be healed up.
  11. New boss battle is up under Special Maps. Clear the map on normal (level 25 enemies) to unlock 2* Narcian and on hard (level 35) for 3*. Costs 10 or 15 stamina respectively per attempt. So... this is actually astonishingly difficult. I'm currently leveling some new guys just for this map since what I had couldn't even get me past a few turns. This would be tough even if allied deaths were allowed, which they aren't.
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