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  1. Chrom x Sumia is the worst pairing in the history of forever and it's stupid and gay and I will never forgive Nintendo or IS for making it canon and this pairing deserves to die in a slow painful fiery inferno like the stupid scummy meat sack of a pairing it is. Yes. Maribelle x Chrom actually makes way more sense to me than all of Chrom's other pairings. First of all, they've known each other for years and are already rather close at the beginning. Second, Maribelle is best friends with Chrom's sister. Third, their supports are actually really good, and they have actual chemistry and build-up (unlike all of Chrom's other potential wife supports.)
  2. Blue/Red/Blonde for Gerome Black/Red for Severa Bright red/Blonde for Owain.
  3. I made Maribelle a bride in my second playthrough, and I love it. Since she married Chrom, it makes sense, and she looks gorgeous in it.
  4. It's funny, because censoring Tharja's ass actually makes it look more suggestive. Smooth.
  5. I'm sure it happens off-screen, but in-game...no. There is no actual "thing" doing.
  6. Yes. It's also possible that magic played a part in it. If you can use magic for everything, than why do you need to explain anything? Also, who says technology needs to evolve with the times at the same exact rate as in the real world? It'd be odder if it did. The worlds are very different, and there are too many variables.
  7. I really like what did with Tiki's, uh...hair...
  8. So, If two MUs got married... ...would that give you 1 or 2 Morgans?
  9. To which side? Severa complimented Kjelle's body, and Kjelle pretty much admitted she had a crush on Severa in Harvest of Bonds.
  10. Sorry if this topic has already been made. Anyways, all pairings work, even if they don't make sense. Chrom x Cordelia Maribelle x Lissa Severa x Kjelle
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIBELLE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 I got +4 Magic and Luck, 26 Experience, and Finn's Lance.
  12. After listening to Aversa's supports with both male and female avatars, I LOVE her. During the main storyline, I never really liked her, but she started growing on me really fast.
  13. I brought in all my maxed out best units and whipped them all like a real man.
  14. Severa is both hated and loved at the same time. Seems like a 50/50 split to me. And Laurent just isn't noticed, but I did really like Laurent (much better than his mother), and Brady.
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