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  1. Thanks for the input I do that rescue and pull back strategy alot with boss fighting as well. Unless my healer can just heal them to full again to face tank.
  2. Because if you have a weapon after getting the kill, an enemy can come up to you on their enemy phase and smack you in the face for double attack since you still have that heavier weapon equipped. I assumed you meant "securing the kill when nobody else is around though"
  3. Good point on the emphasis being less about the unit and more about how the game would be shaped. Would be interesting to see the growth rates changes if this was instituted as well because pre-promoted units can have growth rates that are all over the map but I supposed that sometimes depends on base stats. You could also have a system of where characters that join later are just a different class altogether that was never promoted but designates they are a powerful class with decent base stats so you dont feel like a jerk for leveling up your early units to classes that show up later with no work necessary. I think that would make some people (me included) feel alot better if it was just a simple display change like that as silly as it sounds.
  4. Great point about pre-promotes using having an established history and sometimes a good story behind them. That does add alot to enhance the story of the game and sometimes make the endgame feel surprising and epic if its a surprise character coming to help out a struggling team.
  5. I guess it doesn't just apply to this game but with the CON affecting speed in relation to weight is there ever a time you folks actually use an absurdly heavy weapon at the detriment of even getting doubled sometimes? Is the only case for most part to use a heavy weapon is it if secures a kill? The reason I ask is because if even if you try to abide by the weight system the most efficient weapons for most of the game without losing speed will just end up being iron weapons for alot of characters.
  6. I usually ignore pre-promotes in all my games because I prefer the feeling of starting with a pathetic weak army and training up all my units into Gods if i get lucky. But unfortunately you can get RNG screwed and then be forced to rely on pre-promotes. However since I have never really checked are they unusually good pre-promotes that have existed more because of their growth rates and less because of their base stats(which is usually the reason to use them)?
  7. My unpopular opinion is that pre-promotes should never really be a thing. Maybe in extreme circumstances you can have them for a very short time. But otherwise I would prefer every FE game to have units grow with you and feel like you actually earned it. As a result of this change though there would have to be a system in place in case you got horribly RNG screwed and I guess that would come down to items somehow boosting your stats to pre-promote levels. That is basically the only reason I don't super hate them is because they do have a use.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up just wanted to make sure. If things go terribly wrong I can just rely on pre-promotes or something because most FE games are good about that.
  9. I think I remember vaguely there was one for FE 4 but you had to manually put it in I believe but how about Mystery Emblem and Thracia 776? Is there such a thing for them or is it not like GBA where it applied to all 3 gba games.
  10. Hey just a little suggestion for this great site and it has been bugging me for a while. I have not checked all FE games but for Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for the Wii there doesn't seem to be a page for when "Reinforcements" show up and stop showing up. I wouldn't mind adding this data for Radiant Dawn but I have no idea to edit the pages. Thanks for anybody who can help!
  11. Woah... Your avatar... @[email protected] Moustacheless Mario and Luigi look so... empty...

    1. DoubleSpeedAttack


      Haha thats why I have it. Its amazing how different they look without one minor detail isn't it?

  12. 24 years old and its still my favorite series of all time XD
  13. Hi folks I am trying to build up my 3DS collection as right now I currently just have Fire Emblem Awakening. I decided to get into the SMT series and order Devil Survivor overclocked. I was just wondering if there were any similar sites to Serenes Forest for the SMT series so I can find out some info and not be totally lost? Although to be honest SF is just a one of a kind and is part of the reason I love Fire Emblem so much. But yeah any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks so much Naui and you understood it perfectly. I get so OCD about my RPGs and I really try and make sure I am doing everything right before I move on. Thanks again for the formula and for all the help everyone else provided!
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