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  1. Black Eagles already has Edelgard, and now I see I quite like Bernadetta both for her cute appearance and introvert personality and Petra seems interesting too. I'm definitely going to steal Lysithea from the Golden Deers.
  2. Fates: Arthur (unique Axe), Setsuna (another archer...but I love Setsuna) Shadow Dragon: I dunno this game well..the remakes art & sprite style turned me off..but I do like Athena from MotE..though I guess for straight SD, I like Catria. Awakening: Adult Tiki. New moveset, new dragonstone user...and a potential for Tiki x Tiki support and A. Tiki to see her MarMar again.
  3. And sometimes those people are just purists. For example, changing Soliel's supports was definitely for the best..it reeked far too much of gay conversion therapy...I'm still sad Soliel wasn't a lesbian option.. Because they are too same-y between fathers..like Henry would probably LOVE being hexed and cursed..so he's out of character and it contradicts the English support, which is the only one I actively care about. I think this video explains Tharja pretty well. I'll also add that you can like a character without liking everything about them, or even outright hating some parts (Tharja's & Camilla's obsessions are part of what I don't like despite my liking the characters). Since I mentioned Camilla, Ghast's video on her and why she's likely got an actual mental disorder is a good watch too, in my opinion.
  4. I actually completely ignore the father supports for anyone but Chrom/Lucina for obvious reasons. They are all the exact same and some don't fit the characters at all. In Noire's father supports they also contradict with the Noire/Tharja supports where Tharja doesn't abuse Noire and finds it distasteful that her future self did. Basically I'm saying the father supports in Awakening are essentially garbage.
  5. Is that so? I hadn't actually noticed. I guess they were at least used in the History Maps.
  6. It only seems that way because of the amount of Fates characters in the game. They make up the bulk of the roster due to each version seemingly counted as it's own game, which makes sense considering both games have a full roster of characters on their own.
  7. It was the newest thing when it began development, hence being 'front and center'.
  8. Yeah, Iago would have fit as the theatrical Gangrel alot more. Well, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro weren't part of Hyrule Warriors Season Pass, so there's still hope.
  9. Newest to Oldest is still a logical enough order. Anna's placement could possibly indicate that she was originally meant to be Awakening's Anna since that is the Anna with the largest role outside of Heroes.
  10. They could always fix the UI in an update to add sorting functions or show only usable units in such situations. The ordering isn't too difficult to remember since it's OCs, Fates, Awakening, Shadow Dragon, Extra, & DLC in that order. As for the History Maps, I'm fine with so many.
  11. I sent a tweet to the FE Musuo Twitter..let's see if they reply. https://mobile.twitter.com/Deva_Ashera/status/976668694578368512
  12. Hmm..maybe its releasing later to give time for gamers to purchase the magazine and have a 'the heck?' reaction to finding out it releases today.
  13. Yeah, it's only 10:46 AM in Japan right now, they may just be getting it out later. I've seen Nintendo and other companies be very inconsistent with release times. If they got it wrong, they'll notice and issue a correction.
  14. Not if they are going with a Norse way of spelling, Js can be pronounced like Ys in that regard. Tharja is likely a different way of translating Sallya similar to other things such as Caeda (See-da) from Shiida, Aeris from Aerith, and other cases since the same Japanese characters can be used to mimic different English sounds, such as Su (like in Aerisu for Aerith/Aeris) could be an S or a Th sound. Similarly, as most are aware, an R sound could substitute an L sound, same for B & V. So you see how Sallya (Sariya) could become Tharja (Tharya) if they took the S sound for meaning a Th and the R sound for being an R sound rather then the L sound it was meant to be. On an interesting note, Navarre could totally have been taken as Nabarl due to the same case.
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