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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. If you mean "Don't you dare mock my sister's words", it seems someone has . But even if they didn't, this would be crazy difficult to figure out. Serious props to the person that did it.
  3. I wasn't sure if there was a subforum I'm supposed to be posting this in (written works? but.. I mean, y'know..) but I've been working on transcripting some sheet music for the last little while. I think I've got it fairly accurate by now, but I can't be too sure, I've been adjusting it a lot the past few days. Since I'm in love with Awakening's music, and I'm also really fond of "Marth?" as a character, and I didn't see any sheet music around of this particular song yet. I mostly made it because I wanted to learn how to play it myself, but no reason sense in keeping it to myself. As a side note, this isn't an arrangement or anything, just transcription My Name is Marth.pdf
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