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  1. Weird. Especially since it looks like they're already wearing bathing suits in the hot springs. Oh well, thanks.
  2. I'm playing the Fanslation and recently got enough emeralds and peaches to buy bathing suits and bath towels. However, unlike the other accessories, when equipped the unit doesn't seem to wear them. Is this correct? If so, what's the purpose of buying these accessories?
  3. Ah! All the other times I've done this chapter I never needed anyone to recruit Kieran, it all makes sense now. Thank you both so much!
  4. Awesome! It worked great for Brom and Nephenee, however, Kieran is an other unit and I can't direct him. None of my units can rescue him and he doesn't move on his own, any ideas?
  5. How do you get them to do that? Direct them with Ike? If so how do you get Kieran to escape since he remains an other unit?
  6. So I decided to try Maniac Mode of this game and just finished Chapter 10, Prisoner Release, last night. I made sure to unlock everyone's cell and talk to Sephiran, Brom, and Nephenee with Ike, but after beating the chapter, instead of normally showing the scene with Ike talking to Kieran and the other playable units, it cuts straight to Ike talking with Sephiran. The problem with this is, neither Brom, Nephenee nor Kieran joined my party in Chapter 11. I tried not talking to Sephiran, only talking to a few prisoners, and not talking to any prisoners at all, I still get the same outcome. What's really weird though, is if I try the same thing on Normal or Hard difficulty, the chapter plays through just fine and everyone Ike talks to joins my party in Chapter 11. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is this just an extra feature of Maniac Mode made to make the game harder, because I definitely wanted to use Kieran AND Nephenee for this run and am not sure what I'd do if I couldn't. Thanks!
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