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  1. The combination of Eva and Shiny Amon/Ra explained the rest of the story (more or less) of the emblem magic they wielded. Though initially worried she said something she shouldn't, Jam was feeling pretty proud that she got the ball rolling on that front. Keeping all these secrets was becoming a real pain in the butt. And this wasn't even everything they were keeping secret. Still, now that they were on the same page, they could move ahead with actually saving the world. Malik was giving the silent Rexian expression that said "shut your hole", specifically to Jam. This seemed to be a good time to duck out and cause trouble elsewhere. While Daichi was addressing Angelica and the bird people, Jam got up and left the meeting.
  2. From the look Daichi gave Jam, the dancer was starting to believe she had said something she wasn't supposed to. Whatever anger he had was focused on her. She didn't care much for it. Fortunately, Eva spoke up to get his attention. Jam thought it best to shut up before stoking Daichi's ire once more.
  3. "Sweet, that works out pretty well," Jam commented. This Daichi guy was really helpful. He really needed them to see the emperor. With Amon being all wishy washy on what to do first, it was refreshing to see someone make a decision. As long as no one said anything stupid, this meeting would go off without a hitch. "And if that doesn't work, we can always drop another magic boat on 'em, right?"
  4. Jam reluctantly nodded; she wasn't sure she agreed. She was getting sick of Neviskotia and Ursian forces dogging them the entire journey. The dancer wanted to go on the offensive and get them to back off. But Daichi pointed out that there were more important matters at hand. He decisively made the decision, unlike the wishy-washy "should we, shouldn't we" discussion the group was having. Jam was turned to his line of thinking: meeting with their foes wouldn't matter if they were eaten by bird people. "You know, I agree with...Ka...ze...mi...Da...i...chi," Jam commented, being very careful with the pronunciation of Daichi's name. She winked back at Eva in thanks and continued. "None of this matters if we're all eaten by bird people. If Ursia and Neviskotia know what's going on, and they still want to go after us, that's on them. Now let's go tell that messenger girl to go pound sand and we can be on our way to KaYoMama."
  5. "What? Is it really Day Chi? Die Chi? Eh, you think he's OK with first names? I'm pretty sure I got Kamikaze down." Jam brushed herself off to be more presentable. This meeting was in the bag!
  6. Jam scowled at Malik after the tease. She was never going to live that incident down. Any effort to get back into the fight would be met with a mention of her capture, most of all by her own inner voice. That made her even more mad. "Hey, he had powers and a dragon! He could have captured any one of us! Now shush before you insult Kamikaze Dyed Chi and ruin the whole mission."
  7. While Jam didn't like the idea of going through capture again, she also didn't like being typecast into the role of potential hostage. "Come on, you don't really think they sent the exact same douche down here. There's more than one Skotian soldier."
  8. Back at the Weyland outpost, Jam watched from just outside the meeting room as Amon, Malik, and Eva debated on their next move. One of their pursuers had found their location, but which one? Juggling multiple meetings and their forces already scattered, there was a real danger of endangering their mission to stop the gate. "I'm no tactician," Jam interrupted, "but whoever wants this meeting, if they were looking for a fight, they'd have an army at our doorstep instead of some messenger. I say we play the same game. We send our own messenger to figure out who we're dealing with. The rest of you can go deal with King Kigen or whoever it is you're talking to." "And FYI, Greta's off doing something, so I'm free for such an errand."
  9. Jam was getting cabin fever. She had been stuck indoors since their arrival in Kigen. Between Ursian and Skotian search parties and the differing culture of the natives, the dancer couldn't venture out and perform. She thought about dancing for their demon guest Canaan. Surely he was just as bored, maybe moreso. Her boredom had led her into the meeting room, though she stayed in the back and listened. When talk turned to etiquette lessons, Jam joined the others in support. "I'm in too," Jam announced. "Speaking of culture, do the Kigenese tip. I'm hoping to get some extra coin with a couple street performances."
  10. Jam was sceptical of Canaan at first, but the fact that he spoke their language was enough to humanize him in her eyes. His desire for a monkly lifestyle away from his fellow demons assured her that he probably wouldn't eat them in their sleep. Still, she was concerned with people finding out and turning the entire country against them. "So...what's gonna happen when people do find out? Hate to tell you, but you can't hide forever. I mean, we haven't been here a day and me and Thales found you."
  11. "Yeah Eva! Hold him there so I can kick him some more! Gotta kick that eavesdropping habit outta him!" Jam's flurry of shin-splitting kicks stopped before it started. She had just noticed the other guests in the room. Most notable was Canaan, who was instantly recognizable as not human at all. In fact, he looked more related to the things they fought at Weyland's than anyone in Kigen. She stood there, shocked that such a being was in Eva's room of all places. "WHAT. THE."
  12. I'm a sucky person who sucks. I finally posted though. Thanks :).
  13. The moment Jam was told there were rooms, she disappeared to go claim her spot. She went down a hallway to go find a room. What she found instead was Thales listening through a closed door. How rude! The dancer walked quickly towards him and began to hear muffled female voices. Naturally, she began to draw conclusions. "The nerve!" Jam called out to Thales. "No listening on girls! That's so rude! Back, back!" She proceeded to start kicking at Thales' shins to get him to back away from the door.
  14. If it hasn't become obvious by now, I'm going to be pretty busy for the next two months and two weeks as I try to wrap up school once and for all. If a battle happens between now and then, I probably won't be able to participate, but we'll see. I'll try and get a post out sometime today.
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