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  1. Like most people say here, I think 6 is hardest and 8 easiest People had horrible growths, especially roy, so I had to force him into the Arena There wasn't an Assassin class in there and some other ones 8, however, introduced a a lot, if not a crapload, of stuff There wasn't ranking, class choice, and replayable maps; practically making it Arena Abuse outside Arena
  2. The glitchy, psychopathic Link farted gracefully over the anorexic hobo, ZMesu
  3. The poster replaces one word from the sentence above Like this: Something like that I'll start The quick brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog.
  4. Just post whatever word comes to mind when you see the word posted above you I'll start: Nuggets
  5. Screw the Rules I have money I'm used to V-bulletin forums, so it might take me a awhile to get used to this place So where were the Rules? Or was it the FAQ?
  6. Yeah, I've been trying to find a way to introduce myself without exactly saying hello or hi Anyways, I'm pretty much a gamer My first game system was a GBA, first game I played was either Metroid or Pokemon Blue I got myself a 3DS, a few games BUT I WAS NOT ABLE TO GET MY HANDS ON FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING (Seriously, I need to get that game) I've played all the GBA FE games, got hooked into it because of the gameplay and started playing TRPGs like Advanced Wars I'm also into Pokemon, but I gave up competitive battling for while due to repetitive sights of Tyranitar, Politoed, Ninetales and so on If you don't want Pokemon here, then I'll shut up about it I consider myself an artist, in both music and drawing/computer art I play the piano, I make my own sigs and avatars, Graphite/Pencil art (I'm also into Anime and Manga and stuff, If I don't mind) I've been to other forums so I pretty much know how to handle things, I think And well...yeah... That's pretty all I have to say right now
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