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  1. This is great news! If they release FE4 outside of Japan that would be great too because it will become more accessible for people to play.
  2. Kiragi is adorable and he knows no mercy when it comes to hunting. I think we underestimated him.
  3. This page is a huge improvement from yesterday. Poor Mozu and her vegetables though. Looks like we're back to the niichan teasing again. Thank Naga. Before I forget I want to mention that I really appreciate the translating work that you have been doing Kirokan. Thank you.
  4. How is Mozu with the MOA class? Can see make some good use of it or is it better to just promote her to a Merchant/reclass her to an Archer?
  5. I wish. I liked the older brother teasing a 100 times better than what we got on this page. It was actually funny.
  6. Between Forrest, Kiragi, Ophelia, Shigure, Siegbert, Shiro, and Mitama I don't know who to vote as my favorite. I'll just pick. Nina, Midori, Ignatius, Sophie, Percy, and Selkie, and Velouria are runner ups. Even though I hate the babyrealm I actually like some of these kids. When it comes to my least favorites Asugi, Soleil, Caeldori, and Rhajat are at the bottom. Asugi is a more gimmicky version of Gaius, Soleil for reasons I already mentioned, Caeldori for being boring as heck, and Rhajat for being Tharja 2.0 (she's not abusive, but she stalks Corrin and it's mentioned even in a good amount of her dlc conversations. I don't dislike Nina, but some of her supports irk me especially her gimmicky supports and her support with Dwyer.
  7. You're not wrong it really is conflicting. Even the artwork is conflicting. It looks like "girl power" means boob and butt jokes according to this artist. The Rinkah and Kagero comic is pretty gross too with the butt joke. Just why? I seriously hope the rest of the chapter isn't like this page.
  8. Jakob and Dwyer's support bother me too and I wish I didn't read it. I know that Dwyer is not a cinnamon roll either, but still.
  9. I always liked Takumi, but this conversation is really good and makes me like him even more. With my anxiety and insecurity issues I can relate to Takumi some and I really liked how Subaki handled it here. Sakura and Elise's conversation is adorable and nicely written. These two are so good and understanding to each other. What happened to the Hana/Kagero support?
  10. I agree with this. That is what bothered me about the A support. I like their c-b support quite a bit, but the A support is iffy. It was really out of character for Beruka to offer her life and once again Oboro has to point out that she still hates Nohrians including her. At least she points out that Beruka had nothing to do with the incident. I love Oboro, but that part of her character bothers me because how poorly it is handled most of the time. The only support that actually seems to handle this pretty well is her support with Silas. In that support you can see her making some actual progress and Silas is nice to her throughout the entire thing. That is exactly what bothers me about Oboro's supports with the Nohrians she can support. I know that she has a good reason for her feelings towards everything Nohr, but it's still not okay to paint everyone there with the same brush. Racism takes a long time to unlearn and is something that is not going to just go away overnight, but I would have liked to see Oboro's supports with the Nohrians handle that part of her character better.
  11. The Yukimura/Sakura conversation is cute and the Saizo/Ryoma conversation is more amazing than I thought it would be.
  12. The jpn and eng version of that A support bothered me quite a bit. Almost all of Oboro's supports with the Nohrians she can support with bother me. They should have been handled better. The only one that I like all the way through is her support with Silas. The Oboro/Beruka support is great until the A support. With the Benny/Oboro support I have mixed feelings.
  13. I love how this comic keep taking jabs at Corrin, the other characters, and many of the other silly stuff in this game. I'm not surprised in the least that Corrin used their dragonstone like that tbh. Also the chopstick joke in the other page is gold.
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