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  1. Ah, thought you literally meant you can't receive any orbs per mission and there's no quest rewards. My bad then.
  2. Please don't spread false information. Correction: You can earn an orb for completing chapter missions and there are quests rewards for completing a chapter on hard mode/lunatic.
  3. I would rate 9/10. I've been loving this game (since playing from JP launch). It's certainly better and much more generous (mainly the gacha system) than a bunch of other gacha games (both JP and EN) I played. I'm definitely looking forward for more content, updates and events. Also especially the coming rumored multiplayer mode (??? locked icon).
  4. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  5. ...Lucina is forgotten? Anyway, I chose Lucina as my wife. @ Carter: You don't get great deals from Anna shops if you're married to Anna. There are multiple Annas by the way. You will need the card from DLC.
  6. ...I like them all and can't really decide.
  7. It doesn't really have loopholes... Your theory/thoughts doesn't make sense.
  8. So does anyone play or used to play Emblem of Gundam? It's a strategy game somewhat similar to Advance Wars but it's only in Japanese for the Nintendo DS. Here's a trailer.
  9. I didn't "misunderstood" it in the first place. Maybe that's just in your own world/mind set.
  10. Use a dictionary... That argument is a little child's argument. No, your "simple" wording is not the same as your main wording. It's different or is adding to your argument. Also, "be careful about asking questions that you don't really want to know the answer to" is not related to our "debate" whatsoever. It's like saying a random quote/saying from a famous person to a "un-related discussion" which makes yourself sound quite stupid. Now this "quote/saying" is related to this discussion. But you unfortunately went against your own "feet argument" which means you wouldn't complain about the "feet" in the very beginning if you thought highly of that "quote/saying"....
  11. You're oblivious and probably isolated.... I wonder why I know what I'm talking about due to being in Japan, having buddies, and socializing a lot (in Japanese). Also playing lots of Japanese games that's in Japanese. Here's a fact: Check out the otaku/fans that buys a lot. The Japanese anime/manga/culture market itself is "HUGE". Says the guy whining a lot about feet (which is much simpler than "tentacle demons") on FE: Awakening....
  12. Hmm... I wonder why the "style" is "popular" in Japan and other fans. Do note that they don't really care for foreigners or focus on their opinions/views. If you don't like it and it bugs you so much that you gotta mention it, don't bother to play a JRPG game.
  13. Dayshavoo.... I already mentioned this at another thread but you do realize the style is quite similar to the Final Fantasy DS games (but way better graphics/details), right? The developers got their inspiration from somewhere there or another game similar. It's sad that there's people making a big fuss over the feet in FE: Awakening and quite oblivious on other different previous dated games.
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