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  1. I decided to attempt to make an average stat calculator in excel for FE Fates. Unfortunately it can't account for uses of Heart/Partner/Friendship seal, but probably works for Master Seal. Boxes in Orange can be edited, the rest are locked via Password (password is fates). I'm not 100% certain on how accurate the calculations are, but they seem to match up for the Kamui I have at the moment. Feel free to make modifications to the spreadsheet if needed And apparently I can't attach an excel file.. Put it in dropbox for now https://www.dropbox.com/s/jx6v27ydow2metf/FE%20Fates%20Stat%20Average%20Calculator.xlsx?dl=0
  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  3. 1st Run(Normal)(F): Alitalis (Usual username) 2nd Run(Normal) (F): Elaine (Name of an RP char I have though spelled differently) 3rd(Hard) & 4th Run(Normal) (M): Robin To be 5th run(F): Maybe Elayne (The actual name of an RP char I have)
  4. Alitalis


    Ellos = Hellos minus the H...it's a habit of mine to skip the H in a greeting and tack an "s" onto the ends of sentences. I may or may not get around to finding and playing FE2,4 and 5. That would depend on if I can find it or download it. FE10 I lack the console (technically...my sister jacked it) and the game Yes counter hurts Hi to you too! Thanks for the welcomes!
  5. Really rusty on C and java, but am a bit stronger in visual basic. I don't program often though. Maybe once a year? Also did some HTML in the past
  6. Alitalis


    Well I finally decided to register on this forum but have known about the main site for at least 7 years by now. Some of you may recognize me from FEPlanet and several other fire emblem forums. I've played FE6-9, 11-13.
  7. The Images used belong to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems Ever since I saw the Knights of Iris front cover image, I've been thinking that it would be great for a wallpaper. Got around to making one earlier this week. This one is 1280x1024 pixels. I have several other wallpaper sizes for this same image that I've been working on but need to finish adding a nearly invisible watermark onto them. For those who haven't beaten...Chapter 6? I think, this is a spoiler image..sorta... (1280x1024) Without the transparency (1280x1024) I have also been toggling around with several other versions of the same wallpaper so those may make an appearance later as well Later on I may repost my (ancient) FE related drawings
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