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  1. Hello, I wanted to see if I could either get certain pages translated or get access to certain pages to get them translated. I posted this same question on a older post but since im new to the site wasn't sure if you would have seen it.

    Specifically all support conversations for Ikexranulf ikexSoren and ikexelincia and ikexlethe. I want to verify information about the changes the localization team decided to make.

    Also Vol. 1 p. 192 and Vol. 2 p.102 if possible so I can verify information on that regard as well. Wouldn't mind seeing the support conversations for jillxmist and ziharkxmaurim as well. I would prefer to be able to see them in Japanese even if you wish to translate them just cause I'm going to have a someone go over all the possible ways it can be translated for certain conversations.

    1. Kirokan


      So sorry about this super late reply. It's a lot easier to reach me on my blog or twitter these days : )

      Sure I understand if you want someone else reliable to look into this for you. Please find links for the conversations below:






      For those pages you requested, I'll have to look into them when I get home.

      Let me know if anything interesting comes about~

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