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  1. I always forget about Tantivity :P As for Gregor!Yarne, it's a solid option if you're going for a niche 100% DS team setup, but Virion!Yarne achieves the same SKL, has access to Bowfaire, & improves Morgan's SPD. Obviously Virion is in higher demand as well, but he's better if he's available.
  2. Gregor's unfortunately kind of limited as a father. No procs (so not Owain, Inigo, Nah) or +Hit skills (not Yarne). So his ideal children already have a proc and are not hard supports. Gregor!Brady is also a solid option if you REALLY want a physical Brady. Gregor!Noire or Gregor!Kjelle are also fine as options for non-GF females. Kjelle has better Speed (45 as a Hero for example) while Noire has a niche Double Bow Sniper thing if you want to do that (though her SPD kinda sucks). Gregor!Gerome was a popular one for Berserker & Armsthrift, but he lacks any +Hit Skills that Gerome wants so badly, forcing you to run Dual Support+ & breakers.
  3. He means the Support character of the Pair Up. As in, the one that's in the back (i.e. the doing the Dual Strikes & Dual Guards). I forget if Underdog works on characters as the Support, but it's just +15 Hit that doesn't help your partner (unlike Hex or Anathema), and is more conditional and less beneficial than Hit+20.
  4. The main appeal of Lon'qu!Severa over Virion!Severa is that the 1 extra speed allows you to hit 50 SPD as a Hero with AS+2, and grants Swordfaire to use as Hero. That's pretty much it; by comparison Virion also grants Archer (for a Sniper build, or potential BK) & Tomefaire. In the end though, Virion's just generally more coveted as a father compared to Lon'qu. Lon'qu doesn't give a proc (so not good for Owain or Inigo) and doesn't give +Hit skills (so not good for Gerome or Yarne), which heavily limits his options.
  5. It's a good list, but Stahl is listed twice, married to both Olivia & Nowi. Honestly, assuming Stahl goes to Inigo, it might be better off to ditch Nah since pretty much all of her preferred fathers are gone (Vaike, Stahl, Henry, etc.). A potential option would be to move Libra off Miriel --> Olivia to free up Stahl for Nowi, since Laurent can really take any father and still be good; Gregor is a popular one for flexibility, while Kellam will just preserve his Mag mod better. In any case, 1 Gale + 1 hard Support is preferred. There's a lot more flexibility in having 2 actions per pair. So something like Owain x Nah & Noire x Laurent would probably be preferable in this scenario.
  6. Yeah, that's true, but for people who don't want to run maximum number of combat pairs, or for people who've already given away all of Gerome's good fathers, it's certainly an option to simply ditch him to improve the overall quality of your other pairings. And Libra!Gerome @Sage is usable, but he's pretty much a flat out worst Laurent :| I'm no Yoshi, but MU x Chrom is still great. MU's class will depend on her mods (listing them would help with builds :P), while Chrom will run a cookie cutter Support build as Bow Knight or Sniper (Dual Strike+ | Aggressor | Bowfaire | Hit+20). Sumia will likely want to marry Henry, making Cynthia magically-inclined for a Dark Flier or Valkyrie build. Frederick is another option, but he's generally considered inferior due to his massive mod clash with Sumia, which kind of kills Cynthia's SPD mod. From there, it's really up to you, Czar's listed pairings are all solid.
  7. There's basically no reason to run him, Stahl!Owain and even Fred!Owain do it much better. I just did it for the hell of it since I've never run Vaike!Owain before, and it's not like I need to optimize him at all since he's on the bench most of the time.
  8. Yep, though it's definitely possible that you just don't use Gerome, in which case Henry could be used elsewhere. If you're running 6 combat pairs (including Chrom), or 7 with another 1st gen pair, then you have 3 children not being used, in which case it's definitely possible for Gerome to just be ignored. My current run is only 6 combat pairs, so Gerome (Kellam!Gerome), Owain (Vaike!Owain), and Nah (Libra!Nah) are not being fielded, which really let me optimize my other pairs. So it's really dependent on your team composition, and any biases you may have for particular children :P
  9. Team-wise, it really depends on the team composition, and it's pretty hard to judge objectively. Gaius!Kjelle is probably better, since +5 SPD hits more thresholds in various classes & Kjelle makes better use of the various new physical classes than Noire. +4 SPD is also unfortunate for Noire, since it means she just misses out on 45 SPD Sniper, amongst other things. However, you have to factor in Donnel's usage. Donnel!Kjelle > Donnel!Noire as well, so a lot of the time it'll boil down to team composition and personal preference. For example, my current run didn't have a Sniper, so on a whim I decided to run Gaius!Noire @Sniper w/AS+2 & Berserker support. This meant the less optimal Donnel!Kjelle, who I settled for @Paladin with AS+2 & Assassin support.
  10. ... ? You should definitely have at least 1 more dad than mom, even if you're a Female Avatar marrying a 1st gen father. Unless one of them died ... Anyways, for me personally, disregarding your other pairings I'd run: Cherche x Ricken = you get Archer + Mage access & balanced mods so you can run Support Sage, Sniper, BK, etc. Panne x Libra = pretty mediocre mod clash, but gains Dark Mage auras for Support Berserker Miriel x Lon'qu = basically only gives Vantage, but he'll run Support Sage well enough regardless Tharja x Gregor = very good non-GF physical Noire If you need magical Noire, exchanging Libra & Gregor is an option, though Yarne loses out on consistent Hit
  11. Who are your leftover fathers then? Hopefully there's someone better left for Gerome, but if not then you might just have to settle for Lon'qu!Gerome (assuming you don't want to rerun the same pairings).
  12. Lon'qu is less desirable in general (no proc, no Archer, no Dark Mage), so he's probably more likely to end up with Cordelia since Severa needs none of these. He only really works with Severa & Brady, potentially Laurent if you want to VV. Virion has Archer access, so Yarne & Gerome both want him, in addition to Brady & Severa.
  13. Hey there, recognize your username from GFaqs. Welcome to SF! +MAG / -DEF is great. You get +2 SPD and +4 MAG out of the deal to set up for a great magical Morgan, and defensive mods are pretty much worthless in Apotheosis assuming you're running Limit Breaker. +SPD / -DEF is also very popular, but Sumia!Lucina's SPD mod is so high that it's mostly unnecessary unless you want Morgan to run a niche low-SPD class. 2nd gen marriages are great, and a lot more popular nowadays. Way back when, 1st gen marriages were all the rage since you get 2 Morgans and whatnot. But it often doesn't make as good use of Avatar as a combat unit unless you marry Cordelia or Sumia, and you lose out on a super Morgan. In the end, Henry!Gerome @Berserker will be marginally better than Avatar @Berserker due to having slightly higher STR. However, Avatar has more flexibility (can run Sage, etc. depending on his mods) and of course, you get Aether!Morgan.
  14. He's kinda crappy aside from his mods, unfortunately :\ Gerome wants a +Hit skill preferably, which Lon'qu doesn't give him, and he doesn't make use of Lon'qu's excellent SPD modifier either. As Czar said, Henry, Virion, or Stahl would all be preferable, even Libra if he's available simply for Dark Mage auras.
  15. Ah, OK, thanks! I'll theorycraft the rest of my team first before deciding then. Anyways, my current team is only running 6 combat pairs (I traditionally ran 7 just so I could have more characters to grind :P), so I have room for 5 staffbots + Olivia. My current staffbots are: Nanna & Raquesis, both @Falcon Knight wielding Shocksticks (managed to find 2 of them luckily :D) Limit Breaker, Lancefaire, Anathema, Hex, Charm Micaiah & Celica, both @Valkyrie wielding Valflame (need to grind DLC for the 2nd one :() Limit Breaker, Tomefaire, Acrobat, Mag+2, AS+2 <-- should I just run auras instead ? I don't know what to do for the last one. Was thinking just a Falcon Knight (reclassed Ursula) with all +Hit stuff since I don't have another Shockstick (Anathema, Hex, Dual Support+, ?). I don't know what to run for the last slot, since I originally ran Demoiselle before realising it only increases Avo / Crit Avo.
  16. Yeah, I was thinking of changing my mind and running Paladin instead. It's going to either be that or Falco with AS+2. Would Swords or Lances be better to run actually? I've always instinctively run Lancefaire on Female Paladins since they have it exclusively over Males, but would Swords actually be better? IIRC (I actually counted a long time ago) weapon frequency in S.Apo comes down to Axes being #1, Lances being #2, and I forget the rest. EDIT: Recounted real quick, here's the breakdown (hopefully there's no mistakes, though counting by hand does tend to do that): Wave 1 Axe: 18 Wave 2 Sword: 5 Lance: 3 Axe: 2 Bow: 5 Wave 3 Sword: 4 Lance: 6 Tome: 3 Wave 4 Sword: 2 Lance: 6 Axe: 3 Bow: 2 Tome: 10 Wave 5 Lance: 1 Axe: 2 Bow: 5 Tome: 6 TOTAL Sword: 11 Lance: 16 Axe: 25 Bow: 12 Tome: 19
  17. Alright, so I'm planning out my next run (even though I still haven't completed my current Avatar x Chrom run :P), and I'm planning on going Avatar(+SPD/-DEF) x Stahl!Gerome, since I've barely done any of the Female Avatar pairings outside of Chrom. Avatar @Falcon Knight (GF | AS+2 | Ignis | Lancefaire / Luna / Astra ?) OR @Assassin (GF | Ignis | Luna / Astra ? | ?) x Stahl!Gerome @Warrior (Agg | Bowfaire | Hit+20 | AS+2) Assassin doesn't need AS+2 to hit 75 Speed, unlike Falcon Knight. However, I'm unsure what to do about the weapon types (should I run a -faire, just proc stack?), since going Bowfaire means I don't have a way to deal with Nightmare Sniper. I also obviously lose out on 2 Mov, flight, and staff utility, so I'm leaning towards Falcon Knight.
  18. Whoops, you're right, terrible memory on my part. For some reason I thought Wyvern Lord had around the same Str as Berserkers, and forgot about Astra in damage calculations entirely. And LOL, for some reason I completely forgot it was Vaike!Gerome. Just replace Hex & Anathema with Dual Support+ & Swordbreaker, you'll be less consistent but it's still perfectly fine. The main reason Yarne & Laurent are optimal in the Support role is because of how well Braves & Aggressor + faire stack together. The Support is going to attack 8 times (if your Lead doubles) compared to the Lead's 4 times. Aggressor & faire adds 15 damage per attack. 15 x 8 = 120 damage, JUST off of Aggressor + faire. Of course, enemies in Apotheosis have Dragonskin, but you can see that the extra damage you get out of it is just absurd. Also, Dual Strikes ignore Pavise/Aegis, which is even more reason to keep your harder hitting character (the Male) in the Support role as often as possible. So you'll want your Males to be Leading as little as possible, outside of activating your Males' Galeforce or to hit certain Speed thresholds that the Female misses. Sorry if you already know all this, but just wanted to make sure :P Anyways, Lucina is going to have 75 Speed in the front as a Sniper, so she already doubles everything in Apotheosis anyways; having Yarne in the front just reduces your damage output, especially when you add the loss of Lucina's procs. If you wanted to run VV with Laurent, he'd have been better off with Lucina. Without Dual Strike+, his partner might not Dual Strike for him resulting in his death if you're getting him down to low enough HP to abuse VV on Enemy Phase. As well, you'll have to run the necessary calcs to see which enemy you can get your VV activated on, amongst other things. I didn't ask about Morgan & Severa's mods, but if they're +Spd / -Def, then they hit 75 Speed as Valkyries with their partners as well.
  19. Honestly you COULD just run that team, and you'd be perfectly fine for Apotheosis. It's a solid shell, a lot of magical pairs make it very easy. That being said, I'll give my personal advice here for Apotheosis: Lancebreaker is mostly unnecessary on Morgan. You have guaranteed kill on Anna, and it's impossible for you to die to her as long as you're fighting her from full HP, so I'd run Tomefaire to increase her damage when she's in the Support role. Ignis > Luna in general as well, though you can run whatever you want (it's a slight advantage for Ignis). Brady would probably run Tomefaire in place of Anathema for higher damage as well. If you really want to run Anathema, I'd recommend replacing Deliverer on Morgan; she's already an 8 Move unit and will have 10 Move after Rallies. Lucina looks great! Luna is mostly useless on Yarne for Apotheosis purposes. He's not going to be in the Lead role at all to use it, so run either Swordbreaker (basically to counteract WTD) or AS+2 (filler, slightly more damage, Hit, etc.). For double Galeforce pairs (Galepairs), you generally run a proc on each pair because most of the time you won't have 100% DS (a Sniper-Berserker pair will likely have around ~94%). A proc activation (i.e. Luna) will help make up for a missed DS and help secure kills more consistently. Basically, I'm recommending Inigo replace Deliverer with Luna :P Like Morgan, Severa would likely want to run Tomefaire in place of Lancebreaker. Deliverer is fine, while Ignis is another option if you want to procstack excessively. Tomebreaker & Luna are both pretty much useless on Laurent; he's not going to be the Lead to use Luna, and none of the Tome-wielding enemies have enough Avoid for it to be worth it. I'd just run Tomefaire & Dual Support+ / AS+2. Cynthia is great. Like Inigo, Owain's going to want to run a proc (Luna) in place of Hit+20. Of course, with Vaike!Gerome & Donnel!Kjelle, a physical option is going to be preferable. I'd personally run something like: Donnel!Kjelle @Falcon Knight [Galeforce | Luna | Astra | Lancefaire] Henry!Gerome @Berserker [Aggressor | Axefaire | Hex | Anathema] Hits 75 Speed (doubles everything), Another option for Kjelle is Swordfaire Assassin with AS+2 (replacing Astra & Lancefaire), and running Henry!Gerome as Wyvern Lord with the same skill setup. This also hits 75 Speed, with Kjelle losing mobility as an Assassin but damage output increasing.
  20. I haven't bothered doing calcs for non-DLC stuff, so you could very well be right. I'm just basing this off my knowledge that most of the non-DLC challenge runs I've seen have involved VVDS+ in some way. Out of curiosity, how do you survive Anna Aether & Helswath Berserker? Dodgetanking is possible (?) against Anna I presume, but Hawkeye enemies will be a pain. They do hefty damage even with Limit Breaker involved, but I haven't run the calcs so I don't know how close you get to dying.
  21. No, it's definitely not a must if you're going in with Limit Breaker & Rallies (and potentially Braves). VVDS+ is mostly prominent in challenge runs (i.e. no Limit Breaker, no DLC, etc.) where there's simply no other way to achieve the damage output to kill the tougher enemies in a reasonable amount of time (since there is a time limit in Apotheosis Secret Path Wave 5).
  22. "Fun builds" is subjective, but based on who's been taken already: Lissa - Ricken is popular with her. Lon'qu & Henry can also work here if you prefer Vengeance. Olivia - Libra, Ricken, and Henry all work here (though Henry has quite a bit of class overlap). All Inigo really wants is a proc. Miriel - Virion works best here for Archer access, but any of the magical fathers work (at the cost of class overlap, particularly with Libra). Lon'qu is an option if you want to go Vantage-Vengeance Maribelle - Lon'qu is the obvious choice here, but Virion or any of the 3 magical fathers (Ricken, Libra, Henry) work here as well. Tharja - Both Galeforce options are gone, as are her best non-Galeforce physical options (Vaike, Gregor). All she'll really want is a magical male (Ricken, Libra, Henry) for Tomefaire access as a Sage pseudo-support. Really? I know you do challenge runs, is this without LB & Rallies and whatnot? Just curious, since I assumed that VVDS+ was pretty much the only way to consistently nab consistent kills on the tougher enemies (i.e. Aegis+). And I'm assuming you had to run a lot of calcs to see what you could and could not kill, which I'm wayyyy too lazy to do :P
  23. Yes, if you're packing forged Braves, Limit Breaker, Rallies, and Staffbots, then you should be able to complete it no problem barring some horrendous misplays (i.e. attacking Helswath Berserker while you're below ~70 HP, attacking Nightmare Sniper from 2-range, etc.). There's tons of videos online of people completing it, even with pretty crappy skill setups / class selection / pairings. For Apotheosis, VV without Dual Strike+ is inconsistent. Magic classes don't have the highest Skill, so you'll be hovering around 93-95% DS chance, depending on your mods and whatnot. If you're going to low HP for maximum Vengeance damage output, missing one DS could spell death, which there is a significant chance of. So generally for consistency purposes, it's not advised unless you're paired with Chrom / Lucina since you have a pretty real chance of just dying. Vengeance by itself is perfectly fine as an offensive proc, but staying in range for Enemy Phase is risky.
  24. Kellam!Nah's pretty bad due to the crappy Speed mod, which is insufficient to run General very well (not to mention a lack of either -faire). Libra!Nah would be better, but still pretty meh (run as a Sage I guess with Vengeance & Dark Mage auras?). I'd consider just ditching her if she doesn't have any other quality father options available, but she's certainly still usable. Well in that case run whatever you want. If you're not doing Apotheosis challenge runs then you can run whatever you want, though "speedrunning" (LTC is probably what you mean) will generally involve Galeforce and access to high-mobility classes & skills.
  25. Are these for Apotheosis? I'm assuming they are, but if not then these are fine. For Apotheosis though: FeMU x Priam isn't optimal of course, but it's fine. Priam doesn't grant any Speed, so I'd really recommend a +Spd/-Def MU so that Morgan can run more classes flexibly. Vaike!Kjelle isn't too popular anymore due to lack of Galeforce. She was hyped up for Armsthrift & PavGis, neither of which is very good for Apotheosis. Her best bet is probably Axefaire Hero paired up with a Galeboy, similarly to Vaike!Nah. Fred!Yarne is a waste unfortunately. Yarne is optimally going to be a dedicated Support unit, so stuff like PavGis is useless on him. All he wants is a father that gives him +Hit, which Virion gladly gives him. Donnel!Nah is pretty much the worst Galeforce unit in the game due to Donnel & Nowi's terrible modifiers & class selection. She lacks a good offensive proc & Manakete is just not a good class for Apotheosis due to lack of Braves and low class caps. As Levant stated, Dragonstones are buyable and non-forgeable, so the convenience of Armsthrift is of little relevance. Again, this is all assuming Apotheosis, otherwise you can really run whatever you want :P
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