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  1. Hi, It only have simple map animations...
  2. Hi Guys, I released a new TBS game. It similar to Fire Emblem with skill system. Skill is strong, but monster must stay at the same position for using it. So: - You can go attack first, try to finish off the enemy. - You can hide your AOE damage dealers and take advantage of their skill later - You can go full damage dealer team. - You can use tank + debuff team. .. Hope you can try it and give me some feedback... Currently I don't know if the current game is too easy or not. DOWNLOAD IT HERE
  3. Thank for your answer, Hardin. I have another question. I can found fe 6 images and animations easily on the interner. Can I reuse them in my mobile game , not named "Fire Emblem"
  4. Hi every one. I have a question. Is it legal if I write a mobile game and use the name "Fire emblem"? Hope someone help me to answer it. Thanks.
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