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  1. I'm burning a lot more weapon uses than expected, now I'm kinda anxious about underrating how much I should fill my convoy (in 17x). I tend to play conservatively, plus early funds in HHM are tight, and I don't wanna get caught in Chapter 20 or something with my pants down. However, I don't wanna fill it to the brim with iron weapons either since I'll have the Silver card by the Ch21 shops. Is there a rule of thumb or guestimate process to determine how many weapons I'll burn through? Something like "20 weapon uses per character every chapter" or whatever?
  2. I'm trying to distribute the Taker skills from the children DLCs, but I'm getting choice paralysis. Keep in mind this is for Conquest HM, and I'm currently in Chapter 22. My units are: SM!Corrin, Azura, MK!Camilla, GK!Silas, Camilla!Velouria (absurd tank), Gen!Effie, Xander, FK/Laslow (rally bot), Elise, Sniper!Mozu, Laslow!Shigure, Zerk!Beruka, Kaze, Elise!Ophelia, Azura!Soleil, Niles. Speedtaker: this is obviously Xander's, he's actually pretty SPD blessed, didn't miss a SPD level up once since I got him I think, He's sitting at 20 SPD, Taker + Speedwing should make him a reliable doubler for the whole game Skilltaker: this is almost surely going to my Berserker!Beruka, who already has crazy amounts of skills, Gamble, Beruka's Axe and Sol Magictaker: I'll keep it on hold until I get Mozu!Nina, she will probably like the boost for the Shining Bow as her mother isn't good for MAG. Otherwise, it's going to Camilla for even better Bolt Axe performance These 3 I'm pretty sure about, but I'm getting doubts over the rest. Defensetaker: thing is, in Conquest, a lot of enemies can bypass physical bulk anyway thanks to Seal Defense, hidden weapons, poison strike etc, so I dunno if it makes sense to give it to an already bulked unit that will get worn down by ninjas and lancers anyway. Does this make sense? If yes, I'm thinking about going with Soleil due to being my squishiest unit but with great Player Phase, she can stack it up quickly. Shigure (Kinshi) is an all arounder and would benefit from this or anything, really Strengthtaker: really no idea, no one in my team seems to have any real deficits in offense, nor need for further pwnage power. Shigure, again, could be a good recipient, or I can make Effie even more LOLtier (even though she's starting to lose steam and I doubt will have a slot for the final maps) Resistencetaker: no idea. I noticed resistance bulk doesn't suffer the same problems of defence, opponents rarely lower it or bypass it, so I might just slap it on Niles along with Point Blank for the definitive anti-mage unit Lucktaker: no idea, didn't even think about it, I might take a luck for units who have good Luck% procs, probably some Mercenary. I'm using Midori either.
  3. Got it, thanks! Thanks for having at least two 1-rng only characters for support grinding too.
  4. That would be great, thanks! Can I visit your castle already or do you have to put him in the team first?
  5. @Shion @Benishigure thank you both! @Benishigure, unfortunately I already visited your castle yesterday when screwing around, would you mind keeping that Laslow there for another day?
  6. does anyone have a Laslow with Rally skills that aren't Skill and Speed?
  7. Am I dumb or I can't find the US request thread? Anyway, since I see some people here have both EU and US castles, does anyone have a Laslow with Rally skills that aren't Skill and Speed?
  8. Would you suggest making Niles a Bow Knight or Adventurer on Conquest? HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES 28 15 8 16 24 11 11 22 I heard BK is generally considered better, but Adventurer means saving a spot that would otherwise go to a healerbot. Plus, I could wreck stuff with Shining Bow. But I'm worried his low SKL might suffer in the long run. EDIT keep in mind he marries Mozu so he can also reclass to Sniper later down the road. I don't know if her daughter's mag will be good enough to make her an Adventurer
  9. When I reclass do I learn the skills of the unpromoted version of the class I switched too? For example, I'm a level 15 Nohr Noble and switch to Hero. Levelling up, will I only get Sol and Axebreaker or the Mercenary skills Good Fortune and Strong Ripose as well?
  10. Yes, I just want to beat the game without grinding EXP on Boo Camp, I don't really wanna focus on doing skills wombo combo on Conquest. So I'd rather use HS to improve mid-tier units or to make low-tiers usable (like I did with Odin). Oh I forgot about Felicia, that's great, I'll just wait for her and then reclass Jakob and I can save the other one. Good thinking.
  11. As long as it has staves I'm good for. Also, I already have Elise as a Strategist (double the strategist bonuses is nice though). Do you guys think it's better to reclass Jakob and Leo now or does Keaton take precedence?
  12. This is my first playthrough of Conquest, Hard Classic. I spent my first two heart seals on Odin and Mozu and I just upgraded my staff shop to get another two. I'm considering giving one to Jakob (starting butler), grew up beatifully and as a Paladin he would kick even more ass. However, that would leave me with only one staff user for the Nohr side, that's bad. I can technically reclass Elfie or Charlotte to troubadors but fuck that for obvious reasons. Then I realized I'm on chapter 14 and I'm getting Leo, so I can turn him into a Strategist. However, there is also Keaton which I heard is best reclassed into a Hero to salvage the bad SKL, so maybe he has more priority over the seal than the others? Jakob is still great as it is, while Keaton may need the reclassing to even be useful (you tell me, this is my first PT). I considered promoting Niles into an Adventurer for staff use, but that seems a waste compared to Bow Knight. I also thought about making Silas a mercenary but, again, that's just for fun and to make an already strong unit even stronger, so he has the lowest priority over a seal. Suggestions?
  13. How many Parallel Seals do you get on Conquest? I got one dropped and one from the shop, and I heard these are the only ones up until chapter 20. Does the shop ever restock them?
  14. He keeps his high cap WHILE he's a paladin? That's great, I would've never thought the high cap was character locked instead of the class's. Thanks!
  15. Thanks a lot! I don't understand very well how reclassing works for classes with no promotions, and I don't have a Second Seal to experiment with. My Jakob is a level 14 Butler and I want to reclass him to Cavalier at level 15, when I use the seal what class and level is he going to be at? Level 15 Cavalier? Level 15 Paladin? What will the new cap be considering Butler doesn't cap at 20? What I'm trying to do is to reclass Jakob as a mounted-unit, get all the skills and class back to Butler, and I'm afraid that if it turns out reclassing as a lv 15 Butler means becoming a lv 15 Paladin I'll only have 5 levels to learn all the skills, which would mean stop using Jakob altogether until I can reclass him.
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