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  1. Live now! Sorry for the small delay. Edit: Thanks to everyone who tuned in!
  2. Stream will begin today at the usual time. (1 PM CST, in about 3 hours).
  3. Boooooooo The best part of cold steel was clowning on enemies with busted mechanics Next thing you know they'll stop Fie from having 100% evade and go back to not letting her counter at range like in CS1 😔
  4. No that's Super Thracia fans AKA just me
  5. Ah, so Silken Knight was one of those certified "what the fuck, kaga" moments. Wouldn't be a Saga game without one, sadly.
  6. The scene in Der Langrisser of Vargas seeing his daughter born is pretty touching. But then the chapter ending drops this. What.
  7. Seems justified as the Silken Knight bonuses didn't seem to make up for the lack of Dandelion and late joining.
  8. Live now! Edit: That was fun! Would've been more fun if I wasn't sick, probably. Thanks to those who tuned in.
  9. According to the main site, yes. https://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/miscellaneous/hints-and-secrets/ "Whenever a unit is forced to make a movement, hold A, B, start, select, and any direction on the D pad to break free from having to follow the move. To avoid resetting the game, I recommend holding three of the buttons and a D pad direction before pressing the fourth. A major use for this is to skip Wallace’s promotion in Lyn’s Story (Normal Mode). When you select Wallace, break free from the forced movement and make him (or another character) visit the nearby village. This will make his promotion event end without him promoting. A side effect is that you cannot press the B button before the promotion event ends."
  10. Taking the leaks down would also tacitly confirm they were real.
  11. Live now! Edit: that was a fun stream! Map 8 was tougher than I expected. And the secret map was pretty odd.
  12. Reminder that the stream will be at 1 PM CST today. So in ~2 hours or so. Excited to finally see some different content from my light path playthrough.
  13. Leon: Hey Erwin, wanna betray all your friends and potential love interest to side with us over some ideals that haven't really been explored up to thiss point? Erwin on 3/4 of Der Langrisser's stories: lmao sure.
  14. The Der Langrisser stream ended up taking 6 hours because I really wanted to get to the imperial path.
  15. Live now! Edit: Thanks to everyone who tuned in! it ran longer than I usually stream for, but I wanted to finish the "prologue" and get to the actual imperial maps.
  16. Doing this again this week! Hopefully we will get to the actual Imperial part of the game this time.
  17. Played most all of them to some extent, with the exception of conquest and Revelation. Also 3/4 routes of 3H. And technically I haven't finished Radiant Dawn. I have ones I preferred of that bunch but I liked pretty much all of them. Including the NES games that I've heard are supposedly "unplayable" due to age. 😛
  18. Oops, I've been neglecting this. I just finished my FE4 stream! My last stream is still on the archive so you can watch it if you like. there's some highlights too. Lots of wacky vantage/wrath fun. Most likely my next stream will be Der Langrisser's Imperial route. So, tune in on Saturday at 1 PM CST/CDT if that sounds interesting, mayhap.
  19. I don't recall such a script existing for any SNES game. FE3 has such a different engine from the other two games that I'm certain a script written for FE4 wouldn't work for it. Not sure about FE5, but I'm pretty sure it's in a similar boat.
  20. Also I think this is the first time in a playthrough I've gotten 100 stars on a weapon.
  21. If anyone here remembers, I started a series of streams for FE4 with (debatably) meme pairings. I just finished it, and here's how all the kids turned out in the end, for those interested.
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