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  1. Oops, I've been neglecting this. I just finished my FE4 stream! My last stream is still on the archive so you can watch it if you like. there's some highlights too. Lots of wacky vantage/wrath fun. Most likely my next stream will be Der Langrisser's Imperial route. So, tune in on Saturday at 1 PM CST/CDT if that sounds interesting, mayhap.
  2. I don't recall such a script existing for any SNES game. FE3 has such a different engine from the other two games that I'm certain a script written for FE4 wouldn't work for it. Not sure about FE5, but I'm pretty sure it's in a similar boat.
  3. Also I think this is the first time in a playthrough I've gotten 100 stars on a weapon.
  4. If anyone here remembers, I started a series of streams for FE4 with (debatably) meme pairings. I just finished it, and here's how all the kids turned out in the end, for those interested.
  5. From the translation of Treasure: "In this world, those called heroes are frequently elevated to the level of lower class deities after their deaths; the high-ranking gods are eternal, the ones indicated by the primal religions as the world builders." So someone like Ethnia would be a "higher" or "greater" god than someone like the crusader's, since they're a god of a primordial/fundamental force or element. On either option is maybe they confused Yudu/Gran having alternate names with being two separate beings...but given the person who made the chart is pretty invested in Jugdral lore I doubt it. He's only worshiped in Archanaea, so that can't be it.
  6. I saw an iceberg meme recently about FE (which I won't be linking because some entries are NSFW), and one of the entries struck my attention. The entry in question was "Jugdral's Three Greater Gods." For those who weren't aware beforehand, there's apparently a pantheon of gods outside of the Crusaders and Naga/Loptyr/Forseti which are worshiped in Jugdral. They don't come up often in game, though. The two I'm aware of are: Yudu/Gran - mentioned in the designer notes for Fire Emblem Treasure. Apparently some kind of sky god. Ethnia - Mentioned in Thracia Chapter 22's opening. Apparently an earth goddess, and significant enough to be the namesake for 2 off-screen characters (Linda and Miranda's mothers). But I don't know the third. I'm assuming it's some kind of ocean god based on the pattern of the first two, but I can't recall who it is or if they were mentioned anywhere in FE4 or 5. They don't seem to be in any designer notes or interviews, at least.
  7. I've literally never done that. You'll be fine.
  8. Good on you! Patches for disc-based consoles seem to be more complicated for some reason. The only PSP patch I recall using is the old leaked Zero no Kiseki translation. The <walls>... patch. But that didn't seem that hard. Anyway, I hadn't heard of this, surprisingly. I thought I was aware of most of VW's games. I see their design sensibilities showing themselves with the witch lady. 😛
  9. I watched that video but forgot that part Classic Shaun It's a good video either way. The two hour runtime makes the title even more appropriate.
  10. Maybe have an alt account set up so it doesn't affect your recommendations Or open in a private tab. Idk what browser you use, but Firefox supports "container" tabs that are like isolated browser sessions. That could also be a solution.
  11. > Awakening 10th anniversary Old_snake.gif Feels like it was only yesterday...
  12. That's literally the explicit point of the meme :v
  13. Another bugfix! This is a bit bigger, though. Turns out the text that's supposed to show when a vendor or secret shop sells to the supply was borked because of a missing 0 byte. Pretty sure this isn't my fault, but I still didn't catch it in the initial updates, so...I guess it still is my fault. :v It's on Github and should be on RHDN soon.
  14. Anyway, I'm not sure if I promoted this here or not, but I am streaming FE4 on a weekly basis (usually) right now. Gonna stream the last bit of chapter 8 in about an hour or so
  15. Fuck, I can't remember how I cropped my avatar here before. Can't get it to look right somehow...
  16. I had some Berwick names, just not ones i ended up using on my main team. There weren't that many Pokemon I caught that fit with Berwick characters. I had a Pikachu from the Power Plant named Percy, and a second Meowth named Ruby...that was it, I think.
  17. Incidentally, for those interested, here is an unwanted image dump a retroactive update on my Blue Nuzlocke. (this is prompted by me finally getting a save/cartridge dumper for all my gameboy carts) My trainer name was Kaga and my rival name was IS, which should help to explain some things. Prepare to press F for all my major deaths: Team members who I used frequently but didn't make it to the league: And the league team: Hopefully at least some of that was interesting.
  18. Hm, I guess sacrifices have to be made. Incidentally, I did a Nuzlocke (my first ever, in fact) using my childhood Pokemon blue cart and my original GBA. (I no longer have my childhood GBC, unfortunately). I had the sam eissue with not being able to get screengrabs, so I just did text updates on a discord server and never posted about it elsewhere.
  19. *high fives fellow original hardware appreciator* Do you have a way to get screengrabs from it?
  20. Some people have signatures off, it seems. I don't know of this Dante. I only know of my leader Camus, and my good friend Leiden. ...and someone else whose name escapes me. Dunno about "finally" agreeing, but Chris and Kris are indeed cool.
  21. Hello, friends. It is I, Vergil, from the hit game Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo for the Nintendo DS. Here to say you should all play Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo for the Nintendo DS, which is a perfect remake with no issues whatsoever, and totally obsoletes Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo for the Super Famicom. Which is an obsolete old game which you shouldn't play.
  22. Imortality may only work for enemies. Or maybe it only works in certain chapters. Hard to say. FE3 has a lot of code with conditions that make assumptions that fall apart if you go off of the base game experience. Try making Xane a different class, making a female unit a mercenary and try to use the lady sword, or making someone besides tiki a divine dragon, just for a few examples.
  23. I posted the code to enable siege weapons and add a range check to a gist a while ago. https://gist.github.com/RobertTheSable/448d6537acf2a2279d26c79e9cf042e4 Since I don't think there's any value on enabling the patch on its own, I didn't create an IPS or similar patch for it. You need to apply it with asar: https://github.com/RPGHacker/asar/releases/tag/v1.81
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