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  1. Unrelated to anything, this was a good video. ...I would say more, but, that's it. That's the tweet post.
  2. My spiciest music take is that most Gaiden songs are better than their Echoes counterparts. Or at least the chapter 4 theme and the final map theme are.
  3. Bumping this because there is a new version out! Don't get your hopes up for any script changes or new translations, though. I'm just fixing bugs. Specifically, fighting Gazzack with animations off would break all subsequent sound. Goes to show how may people play with animations on or with the sound muted. Do that less often so bugs like this get noticed! The update is on Github and should be on RHDN.
  4. Stream is live! Sorry for not posting ahead of time. Hopefully we can clear the next chapter without too much rule breaking.
  5. Fe3 2-2 has forts though. They're in different locations. Your units start together instead of being separated like in FE1. And the forest is in your way in FE3, instead of being on the sides like in FE1.
  6. It's the same region but the map is definitely not the same. Not like the bridge map.
  7. Doesn't seem like much of value was lost. One of the more forgettable FE1 maps.
  8. Well, that was unfortunate. I may have a way to save Elrean, but it involves more rule-breaking. And It will have to wait for the next stream :v
  9. Live now! Edit: Thanks to everyone who tuned in! 49 turns is an efficient turncount for chapter 3, right?
  10. Gonna do the FE3 B1 Finale stream in about 1 hr :v
  11. TFW Sedgar meaningfully contributes to my playthrough :v
  12. That might have been what happened. I don't remember the details. :v
  13. It is, but the same group that made it got hired to do the official localization Bruh moment indeed
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