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  1. Crushed the bridge?! Megumi's face went pale, the implications almost freezing her solid. Almost but not quite. Even that wasn't enough to slow her down, though. "Alright, get up and help me get them into the infirmary. We'll have to send the androids back up to rescue any survivors ..." Those instructions had been surprisingly hard to give, especially since Megumi really wasn't sure there were survivors ... maybe Jessica, but the others? ... and holy crap, what if she hadn't been tardy this one time? She could have died ... or maybe just wound up unconscious in a heap with Eric panicking even more since the Doctor herself was out. Either way, Cheryl probably had a new patient on the way after this. With no hope of dragging, much less carrying a fit man like Tristan on her own, she opted for Roxanna. "Bennet, Tambre," she called the infirmary, "The bridge was just destroyed, but we've got survivors. Get the androids and some stretchers ready. We have three incoming for now, but possibly more in the next few minutes." She said nothing of the ship crashing in the absence of the main flight controls since ... well, that should have become evident by now. Jessica was definitely still alive, somehow. Firmia breathed a sigh of relief at the news. There were casualties, but everyone crucial was still alive. Jessica clearly felt guilty about the others, and Firmia couldn't blame her, but she could mourn later. The bastard who killed members of her crew was still right outside. The rest of Jessica's news was decidedly irritating. As if they didn't have enough problems, she was once again in danger of shutting down. "Urgh, can we get through just one battle without you breaking? Anyway, focus on keeping the Riese in the fight. I'll figure something out. No one else is going to die, Jessica." The android's profuse bleeding didn't make a lot of sense, but fluids belonged inside the body, not out. The Riese's captain was rightly concerned about that, even if neither of them knew what was going on. Hannah hadn't reacted to that attack any less severely than Brant had, but Firmia hadn't seen it coming quickly enough. "Hannah, focus on helping the Riese take out Soor'Kan. Jessica's alive, don't worry." ... Firmia 'just so happened' to use the Avalon's main combat channel to send that message, so the other units received the same message. Don't panic, just focus on the enemy like you always do. That and ... make sure Jessica doesn't shut down and crash the ship ... Brant sighed. His instincts hadn't failed him, and now there was the matter of Soor'Kan to deal with ... well, not just him. One of their own machines was overflowing with murderous rage. To say he didn't 'trust' Alriana right now was a bit of an understatement. Worse, attacking Soor'Kan was something of a danger close scenario for the Riese and their close range pilots. If they all dogpiled him at once, there would be some friendly fire incidents. That was absolutely the last thing they needed right now. "We're going to have to hold here and let them handle this. This furball's going to be too hectic."
  2. While Felicity did some 'preliminary scouting' ... a.k.a. being a curious cat, Jack idly listened to the others as their suggestions came. He liked the idea of Ocelotlal ... Jose, being the vanguard, but he made a very good point about a rear guard, as well. Amaterawhatsit also seemed like a good fit for the role. So it looked like they had two good candidates and a few workable alternatives. Definitely enough for a vanguard and a rear guard. "Well we definitely need someone covering our backs. To keep it simple, why not have Jose guard the rear and Amy take the front? Anyone else can do the lantern thing." Jack shrugged. "I'll even do it. This way it won't matter if they try to hit us from behind once we're inside and Amy can use that maul of hers on the first goblins we bump into."
  3. Brant smiled, glad Chris was ready to truly dive into things. No Tonyas, Rosas, Jessicas, or hypotheticals would get in the way going forward. All that was standing between them and their life together was a detachment of Apotheosis and the Sacarians' finest. "Let's do this. Regalia, launching!" Oh the timing ... as soon as the Regalia cleared the catapult, Soor'Kan materialized out of thin air. Brant didn't even have time to transform or aim his rifle before the Heion Riese's bridge was crushed by the Praxis Alpha's massive claw. "Oh no! Hey-" "Don't even think about it!" Firmia radioed the Regalia directly, Brant's transmission being rerouted, "Focus on fighting and keep comm chatter to a minimum. Let me worry about the Riese." The Alkaev didn't wait for Brant's okay, since she had full control of her mobile suits' comms anyway and could simply keep them quiet the hard way if need be. "You've got to be kidding me ..." Brant hissed. The damage to the bridge looked ... complete. Was Jessica alive? There were no energy weapons involved, so the odds weren't trivial ... still, that looked terrible, and even if Jessica survived, anyone on the bridge with her likely hadn't ... ... or maybe they had? Brant could definitely sense more than just Soor'Kan's anger and confusion from that direction. Even more good news to go along with the Riese's deploying mobile suits, the ship's weapons started moving again in short order. "She's still alive ... she has to be." Firmia sat uneasily in her captain's chair, her thoughts racing as she tried to keep herself composed and get a hold of the situation. Having a number of her own androids to look after, Firmia had been immunized from the fear of Jessica dying to a cheap maneuver like the one Soor'Kan had just pulled. She was far more concerned with the chain of command, and whether or not Roxanna had survived. The defense drones hadn't had enough time to act, unfortunately, and so Jessica wound up using the ship's main weapons to damage Soor'Kan's Praxis. The trouble now was deciding whether or not to stick to the original plan, or try and take command temporarily. "Jessica! Jessica, respond! I know you're still alive, so plug into a radio or something and tell me what's going on!" If she couldn't get a hold of her in the next ... three and a half seconds, give or take, she'd make the call, take command until further notice, and have them blow the hell out of Soor'Kan before his friends showed up. Megumi had been lagging behind, but only because she thought she had enough time to reach the bridge without running before the opening salvos were fired. She was ten feet from the lift up to the bridge when the ship got shaken violently, and the doctor nearly lost her footing. "That's not good ..." Suddenly her comm lit up. "Megumi! Megumi, doctor! Doctor please!" That was Eric's voice, wasn't it? She'd never heard him that scared before ... ... and then the lift came down ... "What happened?!" All she could do was rush over and start checking Roxanna and Tristan for any obvious injuries, but chances were the bridge was where that attack had landed, and she likely had a lot more patients to deal with ... or maybe not ... worst case scenario.
  4. Jack didn't want to load his stomach up too much before their first quest, so he only had what he'd consider a drink and a snack ... it felt real, alright. Even by the time they arrived at the cave, Jack still felt like he'd 'put something on his stomach,' and that was a good thing. The last thing he wanted was to be distracted in a place like this. They could be facing enough issues in the dark. "We definitely need a vanguard. I can hold a shield and a lantern at the same time but that's going to make it harder to fight. You feylines can see better in the dark, right?"
  5. Allied Battle Phase May13 Engages Soldaat Leader 3! Attacks with Long Range Missile and crits! (Full roll 2,2,6) Leader 3 blocks with the Defense Plate May13 attacks with LRM again and Leader 3 blocks again, but the Defense Plate is destroyed! May13 attacks with another LRM for 135 damage! (Leader 3 HP 765/900) May13->LRM->Leader 3->135 damage! (Leader 3 HP 630/900) May13 fires another LRM for another 135 damage! (Leader 3 HP 495/900) May13 switches things up with a Large Missile for 225 damage! (Leader 3 HP 270/900) May13 fires another LRM for 135 damage! (Leader 3 HP 135/900) May13 finishes with ... you guessed it, another LRM! Leader 3 crumbles! May13: Eliminated enemy support unit, these small fry are all yours, Majestic. Crimson Meteor out! SleepyBot: Nice fireworks! May13 ends the Engagement! [May13 + 450 XP] Keizerin Engages Gunner 3! Opens with the Moonlight! The Gunner blocks with their Defense Plate and it promptly melts ... Keizerin activates Flurry and attacks with the Moonlight 3 times ... second kills, third destroys. Keizerin cloaks and ends the Engagement! [Keizering + 300 XP] Black Knight takes activates Flight! Mewlanie Engages Trooper 25! Attacks with the Karasawa and crits for 360 damage! (Full roll 3,3,5) (Trooper HP 240/600) Mewlanie follows up with a Heavy MAC for another 360 damage and a KO! Mewlanie attacks one more time with the Sniper Rifle and lands a crit! Trooper 25 explodes! (Full roll 6,6,2) Mewlanie: Like shooting feesh een ze barrel~ Mewlanie ends the Engagement! [Mewlanie + 300 XP] Aska Engages Trooper 35! Attacks with the Moonlight for 243 damage! Trooper 35 desperately wants to counter but doesn't have enough ATK yet! Aska activates Flurry and strikes with the Moonlight 2 more times for a KO! Finishes Trooper 35 off with the Vulcans! Aska moves down 1 (Vernier B) Aska ends the Engagement! [Aska + 300 XP] Doctor Flambre activates Add. Boosters and moves right 3! Fire Miko Engages Soldaat Trooper 35! Attacks with the Firespray for 153 damage! (Trooper 35 HP 357/600) Trooper 35 counters with the Beam Axe and scores a critical hit! (Full roll 1,1,1) (Dilitant Barrier takes the hit) Mewlanie: Pfft... Are you sure you did not cheat een our duel? Fire Miko: Shush! This was only my barrier, I'm ready. >.> Mewlanie: Hah, needing a barrier~ Fire Miko: Ok, you're becoming charcoal today. Attacks with the Firespray again for 153 damage! Trooper 35 counters again with the Beam Axe for 180 damage! (Miko HP 420/600) Fire Miko: I'LL TOAST YOU! Fire Miko attacks with the Firespray but misses! Trooper 35 counters with its Beam Axe for 180 damage! (Miko HP 340/600) Fire Miko attacks with the Firespray and hits for 153 damage! Trooper 35 counters again with the Beam Axe and hits for 180 damage! (Miko HP 60/600) Fire Miko: G-GET OUT OF HERE! Fire Miko attacks with Dual Vulcans but the bullets go wide! Trooper 35 counters with the Beam Axe and scores a critical hit! (Full roll 4,4,5) Fire Miko is defeated! Fire Miko: curls up in cockpit Engagement ended [Fire Miko + 270 XP] Reinstall Engages Trooper 35! Attacks with the Battle Rifle and crits for 135 damage! Trooper 35 is KO'd (Full roll 2,2,1) Reinstall ends the Engagement! GramSlam Engages Trooper 29! Attacks with HF Buster Sword! Trooper 29 blocks it with his Defense Plate! DF takes 8 damage! Trooper 29 counters with the Beam Axe for 106 damage! GramSlam attacks with Oculus Beam! Trooper 29 blocks with Defense Plate! DF takes 108 damage! Trooper 29 counters with the Beam Axe for 106 damage! GramSlam ends the Engagement! Flake Engages Trooper 29! Attacks with the Heavy MAC! Trooper 29 blocks with the Defense Plate and it's shot to pieces! Flake ends the Engagement! Serval Sage Engages Trooper 11! Attacks with the Beam Launcher! Trooper 11 blocks with their Defense Plate ... and it melts. Serval Sage ends the Engagement! SleepyBot Engages Trooper 11! Attacks with the HEAT Stake for 270 damage! Trooper 11 counters with the Beam Axe for 88 damage! Trooper 11 counters again with the Beam Axe for another 88 damage! SleepyBot attacks with the HEAT Stake for 270 damage! Trooper 11 counters with the Beam Axe again for another 88 damage! SleepyBot attacks with the Plasma Burst and crits for the KO! (Full roll 5,5,2) SleepyBot ends the Engagement! (Further Moves Pending)
  6. Firmia doubted they could take out any battleships before they launched all of their units, at least not without a bit of luck. Then again, deploying all of their machines wasn't necessarily an Apotheosis tactic, to begin with. These people generally kept a lot in reserve, so maybe Jessica's strategy had merit beyond taking out the biggest guns early on. As for Firmia, she still preferred to take out the grunts first. Thinking back to when she had been surrounded by Cressidas at Great Lake Base, it was always going to be her preference to keep enemy numbers down ... "Alright then. You'll know if we're changing tactics, but for now, the Avalon's priorities are enemy mobile suits." She had more or less the same update for Louise when she radio'd in. "I want to make sure we don't have to worry about getting surrounded or outmaneuvered, so focus on enemy mobile suits until the situation changes. Just carve them up one by one while we close in on whoever's leading this attack." "You sure love to pick on the weak, don't you?" Tonya teased. "If Apotheosis was weak, I wouldn't waste the ammunition," Firmia countered sternly, her eyes fixed on the radar display. Having said that, Firmia found herself thinking beyond the war, again. What was going to happen once Apotheosis was out of the way and only the Sacarians and the EU were left? And what about Gabriel and Juliya? The former was in bed with at least a few Sacarians now, so where would that lead ...? Archangel (Chapter II)
  7. Firmia wanted to be in a good mood this morning. She wanted it so badly since so much had been going well for her lately. The Riese's defense drones had been delivered and were combat ready, the Avalon's original six drones had been supplemented by two more drones by Brant and all of them upgraded into a more useful configuration, the battle preparations aboard the Athena were going well according to the last report, Sasha's Eidolon project was progressing quickly and was nearly ready for live trials, and Firmia had even managed to get in touch with Brant's parents, who were quietly aiding her with another important project with the help of an AI they called Faber. She even had an early morning drink courtesy of Hannah to help her ease into the daily grind. Everything was going well ... except the news coming out of Russia, that was ... Archangel (Chapter I) Gabriel Ziv Alkaev Katz, was the son of Yuri Alkaev Katz, and both men were in the Alkaev Journal, though with no significant information about either. Yuri was Rosa's older brother, and he was also dead. Gabriel was alive and exceedingly well. A former EU light infantryman, he was uniquely suited to not outright dying in the kinds of situations Apotheosis had forced most of their enemies into ... and he was the one severely pissing Firmia off, right now. Thanks to Gabriel, things weren't all quiet over there. According to her grandfather, the Vaska, Russia's sole battleship, had suffered a mutiny, one Firmia's own sister had aided in, and was now working right alongside Gabriel. Firmia would never plainly admit it, but hidden deep in her own notes were plans for acquiring the ship for herself. There were both legal and illegal methods listed for consideration, but they were all practically worthless, now. How a former foot soldier from the EU could suddenly swoop in and affect so much change would have been a mystery to her, had Dima not explained that he was giving her cousin some financial and material aid. He didn't have to explain. Firmia knew the implications. Dima always had a backup plan, in case she failed to live up to his expectations or simply died. That wasn't all Dima told her, though ... Apparently, there were Sacarians aiding him. That sounded eerily familiar to Apotheosis' Faustian deal with the Sacarians, and helped explain how the Vaska was captured so quickly. What Firmia wasn't sure of were the finer details. Were the Sacarians using Gabriel and Juliya to weaken the remaining Russian forces since Apotheosis was taking too long? Wouldn't both Alkaevs be able to see through a scheme like that and reject it out of hand? Were they both just fine with Russia collapsing in the end? The curiosity was painful and infuriating. It seemed like the moment they defeated Apotheosis, Firmia would have to take her own people and prepare for more fighting back in her home country ... though it wasn't clear right now where the battle lines would be drawn, or just how much the ANF could afford to get involved. Gabriel was a nuisance, but was he a friend or a foe? Juliya was a moron, but was she a friend or a foe? One benefit of sending over the defense drones to the Riese was that they still ran on the same programs as the Avalon's and had some residual data feeds set up. Relying on the Riese's sensors and sharing data continuously, they realized enemies were coming the very moment Jessica did, and as a result, the Avalon's alarms went off at almost the same time. It might not have been optimal, but with things set up this way, the Avalon could fly close to the ground during travel, making it significantly harder to detect from long range, though at the cost of its own radar performance. Flying below a juggernaut like the Riese only obscured the enemy's view further, barring any advanced Sacarian technology they might be using. Having already been dressed for T-Link use, Firmia started off toward the bridge from the cafeteria. She let Hannah go to prep the Reign and addressed the crew from her tablet along the way. "Still every few days it seems like ... Ahem ... all combat teams, get to your machines and launch, immediately. There are unknowns incoming, probably a vanguard. We're going to shoot them down and press forward, just like always." Arriving at the bridge, Firmia said, "Tonya, bring us down to combat speed, and keep us just above the ground. Marcia, make sure that Excalibur move is ready." "Hah!" Tonya clearly remembered that move, and the name never ceased to be amusing. Firmia could sense something was still bothering Tonya, but it was way too late for anything personal. Whatever it was would have to wait until later. As long as there was a later, Firmia reminded herself, she could resolve just about any problems her crew was having. The Alkaev quickly plopped herself down in the captain's chair and hailed the Riese. "Jessica, my suits are about to launch. If you have any battle plans in mind, I need to know ASAP. Otherwise, we're focusing on targets of opportunity." That essentially meant killing the closest, most weakly defended enemies first."
  8. Turn 4 Movement Phase Sable right 6 Trooper 28 up 3, left 1 Mewlanie down 4 Trooper 27 left 4 Aska right 1, down 5 Trooper 29 left 4 Monika left 1, down 6 Trooper 25 left 4 Dr.Flambre right 1, up 2 right 1 Trooper 11 left 2, up 2 Reinstall right 2, down 2 Trooper 9 left 4 Serval Sage down 4 Leader 3 left 4 Aliens down 2, right 3 Trooper 25 right 1 SleepyBot right 3 Gunnder 3 bumps into Keizerin and stops ... GramSlam moves right 8 Remaining Soldaats decline to move Motherloader moves right 3 BB moves right 2, down 2 Flake moves right 5 May13 right 1, down 2 Fire Miko down 4, right 2 Sicarius right 2, down 1
  9. "I should head back first," Jack said, "May as well order as a group if we're ordering, right?" That bit of information about airships was interesting, though. Jack wondered how much they cost and how the party would go about acquiring one. As a formal air force hopeful, Verner had a fondness for aerial vehicles, even more so than for the wings he now sported on his back. Compared to a machine that could fly, his wings were more akin to his legs in this world. Heading back over to his party, Jack said, "We're good to go, guys. We should grind up as fast as we can, too. We're stuck on this island until the main dungeon's clear ... by the way, anyone wanted something to eat here? Might not want to fight on an empty stomach."
  10. Enemy Battle Phase Trooper 25 feels around in the thick smokescreen! Trooper 35 Engages Fire Miko! Attacks Fire Miko with the Battle Rifle ... and misses! He tries again ... and misses again! Rinse and repeat ... and a miss! One more for good measure! ... missed for good measure ... Fire Miko counters with a Spread Missile! Trooper 36 gets caught in the blast for 90 damage but Trooper 35 uses their Defense Plate to block the counter! Trooper 35 attacks one last time because something must hit! ... apparently not. Trooper 35 hangs his head and ends the Engagement! Gunner 3 Engages Reinstall! Gunner 3 attacks with the Heavy MAC and hits for 100 damage! Gunner 3 ends the Engagement! End of Turn 3
  11. Jack realized just how effective Edwin's stunt with Paul and the VRX had been. Even with menus popping up in front of him constantly, his immersion remained untouched. That was just the way 'reality' worked now, he supposed. Stiff NPCs, little elf girls named Charles, and floating menus. This is why both Verner and Jack didn't drink ... "Got it in one, Miss," Jack nodded playfully. He pretended to write down the names of the party's members with one hand while dragging them over in the menu with the other, not sure if the Guild woman would notice or care. Considering how oblivious they seemed, she'd probably be more interested in him ostensibly being a lefty ... "There we go," Jack smiled once he was finished, "Anything else we need to take care of before we get going?"
  12. "Not sure how long this thought experiment is going to last," Jack glanced around at the NPCs Clarissa mentioned, "but it wouldn't surprise me if these folks became self-aware. This is already pretty realistic. ... anyway ..." No one missing save for Paul then? Alright. Jack took mental notes of the group, checked and accepted some, though not all of the friend requests there ... some were from people he hadn't seen before, but had probably seen him in action over in the square ... and with that, he was ready to get them registered. Since they were already grouped up, he hoped the process would be rather simple. Unfortunately, Jack hadn't spent his beta testing days exploring the group content. He'd been too busy walking and having an absolute blast doing so. Jack approached the NPC running the guild and waved hello. "You handle registrations?"
  13. "That's fine," Firmia said, trying to tune out the drama, "I'll wait." It was a bit late but inevitable. Even the trend of the drama becoming steadily worse over time hadn't been broken here. The Alkaev was pretty sure this was the first time someone had actually been sucker punched. Probably the first time blood had hit the meeting room floor, too. You had to be kidding ... Brant felt something coming, but not a physical attack, not until it was too late to stop it. And why Tarquin? Yes, he and Elaine weren't friends, but Louise started this episode, not him. If there was that much bad blood between them, why even let them be that close to each other? Brant held himself back as Jessica and Seung-Min raced to subdue Elaine, the former winning by a wide margin, and the latter settling on checking on Tarquin. "... dammit ..." Brant let his head fall onto his arms and sighed. He wanted to help Elaine, but it was hard enough when she was just mouthing off at people ... "If the debriefing's over," Megumi took a few steps toward the altercation, "bring Tarquin to the infirmary." ... what a mess. Elaine was clearly panicking under the stress, but that didn't justify attacking anyone, not even Louise.
  14. "Seems simple enough," Jack shrugged, not having any other thoughts on the quest itself. Mystia's friend Alf suggested the former stay in the back essentially, which Jack thought was a good approach in any version of this game. They were all getting the same exp, and the consequences of individual KOs was potentially severe, so they should take every advantage they could get. "And yeah, anyone who's vulnerable should stick behind our tanks for now. No one's gonna blame you for taking the game seriously after that announcement ... anyway, I'll go get us registered, I guess. We're not missing anyone else are we?"
  15. The situation reeked of indecision now, though Jack blamed himself for that as much as anyone else. They had only just met after all, and different combinations of individuals could have coalesced into a party in any number of ways. "I guess we're going the Co-Consul route til things make a bit more sense? Well, questing's definitely a good idea. We're not beating this game as level 2s, but if there's anything important we can get done while we're here, let's take care of that first."
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