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  1. Field "Why don't I show you what a G-frame can really do ... up close and personal~" Nero leaped straight up, and he seemed to keep getting higher and higher until he reached the Journeyman's open hatch. With a smirk and a gesture at the crowd, Nero disappeared into the machine. The hatch closed and within a few moments, the Journeyman's visor lit up a brilliant blue. "Consider it a pre-show demonstration for you early birds." "Immersion's fully active ..." Nero flexed the Journeyman's fingers and inspected them closely as the crowd reacted, some cheering, others a little on edge. No one was quite sure what this demonstration was going to entail. Some even thought back to the warnings they received from the station's network as they crossed out of Eupraxia's safety net. One couldn't help but be reminded when standing beneath a giant capable of un-quantifiable amounts of destruction with no direction interaction whatsoever. That said ... it was still a very cool machine. Changing Rooms "Are they even legal on the station?" Euphrosyne asked in return. She wasn't quite up to date on Eupraxia Grand Station's 'pet policies' but she did know that Babylonians tended to have a hassle getting certain items into port. Granted, that was mostly the Iron Kingdom's fault, given how insanely cunning they were with their traps and other improvised weapons. "Ichor are mostly legal so you'd think ..." Hitomi chimed in as her hair began to change color. Sure enough, at this rate, she'd be a platinum blonde in a few minutes. "I mean ichor have been around for a really long time, but still ... so many varieties ... "She couldn't help but play around with some of the finished locks, feeling around for any loose residue. Surprisingly there was none. It was as if her hair had always been this color, and even though she didn't feel like they were tugging, the scarabs on her head were even getting down to the roots somehow. These things were amazing! Assuming legalities extended to at least some types of scarabs, "Well, if they are legal here, you would need to track down a seller and see how much they're willing to part with one of them for." "Are you selling them?" "No, but now that you mention it ..." Euphrosyne wasn't going to shoot down the chance to make a few extra credits out of hand. It was at least worth considering. Most people buying scarabs wanted them for ship maintenance and the like, so they would purchase them in bulk. As pets, they weren't particularly interesting, but at the same time they weren't a hassle to deal with, either. They could also be reprogrammed non-intrusively for a variety of tasks. Parting with one from their own stock wouldn't even put a dent in their working capacity, especially since the Sipa Lugal always operated with a small surplus of supplies, ichor, and scarabs. "... we might be able to come to an agreement." "Euphrosyne?" Carmen interjected with a grimace, "Do you feel that? Did one of the frames just activate?" It wasn't a disturbance in the air or even a tremor reaching the mansion that Carmen felt. It was more a biofield so large that it overlapped and interacted subtely with her own. It was something even the weakest espers could potentially pick up on in the relative quiet of a mostly empty ship hangar. "... NERO!!!" Euphrosyne flew out of the changing area heading for a different room on the second floor. "He must have gotten impatient ..." Front Courtyard "Whoa, speaking of stuff coming up," Irvine jutted a finger over at the two G-frames in the field. The light from the Journeyman's visor was intense and easy to spot at this distance. "Is Master Nero starting the show early?" Leto cocked her head slightly at the spectacle about to unfold. "I ain't done eatin' yet!" "Strange ..."
  2. Changing Rooms "Fine, have a seat while Carmen handles that," Euphrosyne said, gesturing at the remaining blood, "I don't know if you people have issues with 'bugs' but they'll be taking care of the dye and complexion issue." "So you're going all the way with them?" Carmen asked, taking the small kit from Hitomi. Probably best to save practicing one of her crafts for later and just use this. "You bit your lip, right? Can you show me?" Once she had the spot, one good dab ought to do, really. As for cleaning the blood, there was a cloth for her skin but the clothing was a lost--"Oh, and can I borrow on of the scarabs? They might be able to clean some of this off." "Sure." Euphrosyne grabbed the scarab on her shoulder and tossed it over to Carmen. "Now, just hold still while I put them on you. They already know what to do and how to do it. You just need to sit still and let them work. It won't hurt but they will be getting a little intrusive. Just hold your clothing down tight anywhere you don't want them poking around. They're only after your hair and skin." And eyes ... but she didn't want to address that directly just yet. With that, Euphrosyne began placing a few of them on the girls, with one per limb and at least two per head, though Hitomi got saddled with three up there. The serf also took note of Melanie's tail and placed two of the scarabs there. "You just pass them to each other like that?" Hitomi was surprised these beetle-like creatures were handled so lackadaisically. She wasn't about to call it abusive but surely the little guys didn't enjoy that sort of thing. Field "Well, we didn't lose anything from the add-ons," Nero mused, "Ishkurite legs are tricky to work with, though. The balance is all off so even though they respond like you'd expect, in practice you could find yourself making some preemptive corrections. Can be annoying when you're trying to line up a shot and evade potshots at the same time." Nero recalled a BVR engagement from not long ago where the Journeyman's tendency to over-pitch had him focusing more on his balance than his opponent's maneuvers. It took some getting used to. Euphrosyne tended to sidestep AMBAC related issues by relying more on thrusters and zipping around like a missile. Nero heaved a heavy sigh, figuring he might as well let off some steam. "Change of plans, people. Let's make things more interesting~" Suddenly, the Journeyman's chest began to whir as its systems came online. Nero glanced back at it just in time to see the hatch on the torso slide up and open. "Yeah. This should be fine." Time to put on a little pre-show warm up.
  3. (Sorry for double post but there's a spoiler tag in my last one and they ALWAYS break if I so much as glance at them) Brant casts Strike!
  4. Changing Rooms "So what's going on, exactly?" Euphrosyne asked, "Where did that blood come from?" "Got it! I think ..." Hitomi examined the small box first, deciding to open it to check the contents. "No labels on anything ... don't you ever do any brand name shopping? I can't even tell what this tube is or what's inside it." "No," Euphrosyne scowled over at her. "Just bring it here, Hitomi," Carmen sighed. Front Courtyard "I like it," Irvine grinned as Leto made her way back with his steak, "It's pretty, quiet ... peaceful ... the girls were brought up on milk and honey or somethin', and I can't get over the fact there's just a couple of frames standing over there by that crowd. Oh right!" Irvine paused as Leto served him his filet mignon and birch beer and jutted his arm over at the exhibit's ranch. "Can you believe those horses are actually robots? How'd they--Hold on a sec. Hey, Leto? How'd you guys put those things together for this?" "I'm not certain, actually," she smiled an apology, "You may want to ask one of the exhibit's organizers, Master Donnell." "You guys don't share intel?" "Irvine, this is almost painful for me," Alexis' voice came out of the table, "Leto is a robot, just like those horses you're so impressed with. Not all the servants are real so please keep that in mind." Having been outed for the sake of Alexis' sanity, Leto's smile widened. "Yes, I was only programmed yesterday morning, Master Donnell. I don't have any information unrelated to my duties here at the estate." "... right. I gotcha." "By the way, James just got off the metro. He should be here in a minute or two. I'll be 'lurking' in case anything comes up." "... right. Ci, madre ..."
  5. Changing Rooms "A panic attack?" Carmen was glad Ninos wasn't around to hear that explanation. His commentary was always harsh enough to spark arguments with outsiders and crewmen alike. The others were right, though. Monika didn't need to force herself into something she wasn't comfortable doing. They wanted volunteers not conscripts. "Hopefully I wasn't laying it on too thick about serving Lord Riaz ... anyway, can you hold still for a moment? I'm going to try something. Hitomi, there should be a small kit in the first drawer from the far right side of the counter. Can you bring it to me?" "Like a first-aid kit?" Hitomi asked, already heading in that direction. "In this instance ... I suppose so," she shrugged. Suddenly, the double doors to the changing rooms opened and Euphrosyne stepped through carrying a beige bag in both arms. A lone scarab was riding on her left shoulder and another was perched precariously atop her head as she stepped into the room. "So it turns out the lanes leading to the second floor were closed off. I've got someone looking into it but we're in a hurry now, so I just brought this batch up with me." "That's at least one hundred, Euphrosyne," Carmen winced. Did they even need a quarter of that for getting the girls ready? Field "What, you mean how quickly you can convert or just responsiveness in general?" Nero wanted so desperately to just hijack the Cavalier now and give a demonstration in the hangar. The Journeyman was fine for a demo as well but its mobility was based more on sustained output than acceleration; it could keep up with ships, but couldn't escape a close range engagement as easily as the Cavalier could. Nero knew how to pilot both machines, but unfortunately for him, the Cavalier was essentially Euphrosyne's. In normal G-frames this wouldn't be much of an issue, but these custom models weren't as easy to swap around. Once they fully adapted to the bio metrics of a particular pilot, it was best not to put anyone else at behind the controls. Performance was worse across the board otherwise and repeating the process to get a new pilot to that level could take a year or longer. "Can they evade a MAC round fired inside three kilometers?" A random guest piped up. "The Cavalier can, yeah ..." Nero nodded in boredom.
  6. The second Twin Bird Maneuver went off flawlessly! "Alright! Reign, let's circle back for another pass. And thanks for the assist, Chris." To think they had Marianne running scared at this point. Brant couldn't deny it felt good to pay her back in fear more than in outright victory, but they couldn't afford to take any chances here. Chris and Vera may have been on the warpath right now, but they had the right idea. Astin and Marianne had done more to harm them than most in Apotheosis just by being on the Riese. Letting them get off with just a good scare was out of the question. Deftly dodging Marianne's counterattack, Brant guided the Regalia high enough to get a good view of the battlefield and update his mental map of what was going on. "Let's see ... not bad, not bad. Once they run out of regulars we can start focusing down the tougher suits. The snowball's starting to roll ..." Firmia clenched her fist as Terry radioed her asking for fire support. ... just this once. She would not make a habit of helping these people or get too friendly with them. It wouldn't be a popular decision, but the Alkaev reminded herself that she needed to set the record straight before she sent the androids in to retrieve the scientists. As soon as they defeated Apotheosis, this alliance with Apotheosis' old side show clowns was over. For now, she was content with mercilessly lighting up the opposing Luna. "We won't let that traitor warp out of here this time! MARCIA, INCINERATE THEM!!!" "All this yelling ... everyone's just done today, aren't they?" Tonya sighed. Firmia attacks Astin with AA Missiles! Revolutsiya (Chapter II)
  7. "Right," Brant nodded, glad his explanation hadn't left a negative impact, now of all times. Chris even fired back, aiming to get them both pumped up for the remainder of the battle. "I'm alright, Hannah. It's not our problem. Our problems are these guys ..." It was too bad this was going to be a long slog once even after the regulars were dealt with, thanks to those powerful lead units and warships ... or not. "Well, there goes one of them." There wasn't any time to reevaluate their chances against the Sacarian leaders, as Hannah just sent them the signal. They hadn't had the chance to really master the move, but it was time to attempt another Twin Bird Maneuver. Practice makes dead enemies. "Hang on, we're going to hit the Ceres as hard as we can here. We're ready!" Given their positions and energy, they might actually be able to pull this off twice ... something to keep in mind if the first left them in a good position. The Reign still handled the high speed maneuvers better than the Regalia could but they landed their combination attack easily. Sure enough, while the damage wasn't decisive, they were still in a good position to hit the Ceres again. "Hannah's being pretty damn courteous, Marianne," Brant radioed the traitor, much of his contempt hitting her name, "You don't want to know what the others would do to you for trying to kill Christina." ... that said, "Let's give'er another!" ... Firmia watched the Twin Bird Maneuver on the radar, and to her surprise, they immediately turned and pulled another one. They wouldn't be able to keep that up for long, but the Alkaev couldn't complain about their choice of targets. If Marianne got away today ... well, obviously Firmia would just hunt her down and kill her, but it was more the very notion of her escaping in the first place. She couldn't let that happen, but the Riese was still vulnerable, so the Avalon couldn't break away to assist directly. Not just yet. What they could do is give Astin something to think about. "Marcia, target the Luna--the stupid one--and prepare to fire missiles!" "snrk The stupid one," Tonya tried not to look back to see what sort of fresh hate was on the captain's face this time. Brant cast Strike and Focus moves to 9,17, uses Twin Bird against Marianne! Firmia cast Marcia's Strike! Revolyutsiya (Chapter I)
  8. It looked like not everyone could help with this. Carmen was just starting to approach when Hitomi leaped from the changing room, fully dressed in the maid attire and looking duly concerned. "Bleeding?!" "If it's nothing serious I can handle it ..." Carmen didn't have the confidence in her voice she normally would. They needed to clean up the blood, but she might be able to deal with the wound all on her own. Her waning confidence stemmed from the uncertainty in trying. With a light wound, she ought to be able to ... but maybe it was better to simply fetch a kit. One of the smaller scarabs would have also been extremely helpful here, but they weren't showing up for some reason. "Kei, are you going to be okay?" Hitomi winced when she saw the blood, "I don't even know how you can bite down that hard ..."
  9. Changing Rooms "We definitely have a plan, Euphrosyne nodded. She immediately walked over to the wall where the entrance to the changing area was located and knelt down over the scarab running lanes. "Just have to call them up here. I usually don't have to deal with the little guys, but Sheridan isn't here ..." In the meantime, Carmen waited around for the others to get changed, making sure she was available to help anyone that needed help. Within a few minutes, they had their first arriving volunteer maids, Karina and Melanie. The two certainly had different ... attributes. The exhibit wouldn't be wanting for variety at least. "We can probably loosen that up for you, Melanie. To answer the question, yes, we'll get started on your hair and eyes once Euphrosyne's done with ..." "Why aren't they coming?!" Carmen winced, wondering if she should try and help or suggest some alternative. Calling Sheridan seemed like one such alternative, but she was still welcoming guests and collecting the entrance fees. They couldn't afford to take up too much of her time, right now. "Alright, all of you wait here," Euphrosyne made for the double doors in a huff, "I'll be back soon and then we'll finish with your makeup. Just focus on changing and getting comfortable." The doors shut behind her and they were once again down to one serf and a small group of volunteers. "Once she has the scarabs we'll be nearly done," Carmen explained, "so we'll just focus on the outfits for now." Speaking of which, Hitomi in particular was taking WAY too long. The girl could completely swap between her Battlenet uniform and a flightsuit in just less than ninety seconds. The maid costumes were 'involved,' but they were far from complicated. Then again, Carmen felt she ought to actually try squeezing into one before she made a final call on that point. "Hitomi? Monika? Are you two having trouble? I'm here to help if you need anything ..." "I'm fine!" Hitomi called back, "J-juuust practicing some maid moves!" Carmen supposed that made sense, wanting to practice poses and the like in total privacy. She'd never been properly embarrassed in her life thanks to serf psychology, but for this lot, it was another matter entirely. It made her feel almost alien whenever she noticed the difference. For normal people, when it came to exchanging clothing and exposing figures, embarrassment would take a prominent spot beside pride, fear, and excitement. Carmen understood those three well ... just not the former. Field Someone was asking about the Cavalier's top speed, now? To say Nero wasn't technically inclined wouldn't be accurate, but the serf was definitely wary of raw numbers, given how situational they all were. Case in point, depending on the environment, a G-frame's top speed varied from 'fast' to 'ludicrously fast.' It was more a matter of how much of its power and propellant could be brought into the equation and what medium they were traveling through. Of course, different people meant different things by speed, and the Jovians were typically concerned with the more aesthetically pleasing stats like combat mobility. That was where things got exciting, and it was what really made the Cavalier such an effective unit, even in very long-range engagements. Before Nero was ready to clarify, he realized that the one who'd hit him with the speed question was wearing a mask of all things. Jovians had all sorts of random gadgets on them, so Nero couldn't be sure if the mask was a AR-HUD, a camera, some combination of the two, or just a regular mask. It didn't bear on the question, so he opted to leave that matter alone. He couldn't have Euphrosyne or Mary jumping down his throat for accidentally starting something with a patron. "Eh ... depends on what you mean. Combat-wise, you can't even touch this thing at BVR, not even with a long gun. At least a hunter class or a fig couldn't. Even on Larsa-" Might as well use it as a baseline since it really did look like they were inside the shield world, "-this little speed demon tops out at about a thousand two-hundred meters a second close to the ground. Obviously the thinner the air, the less drag and the higher it tops out. And that's not even getting into TK profile shaping." "It's faster than the Journeyman?" "Obviously," Nero rolled his eyes at the next one. He didn't know why these people were trying to find the 'better' unit here. They had completely different jobs in the field. More over, their best pilot was using a Hound, which was statistically inferior to both the Cavalier and the Journeyman across every relevant category ... yet he could put both machines down for a long nap even in a two versus one scenario ... if only Thomas wasn't babysitting Ninos, he could come and deal with these people.
  10. Changing Rooms "It really wouldn't be worth it having you all wandering around aimlessly out there," Euphrosyne noted as she approached the group. "Don't worry about hair dye," Carmen chimed in after Karina, "though if you've got lenses you might want to use those instead." She couldn't imagine any of them wanting to deal with the smaller scarabs poking and prodding at their eyes. Some of them were probably already going to be freaking out with the things crawling all over their faces. No point bringing that up until they were fully committed to helping out ... "Everything begins with your mindset," Euphrosyne continued, taking one of the costumes from Hitomi, "Remember, first and foremost, you're a servant. Your pride and dignity are meaningless next to your master's. That's who you represent to the rest of the world. His honor, family, and legacy are your life and purpose." "Who's our master?" Hitomi asked. "Erm-" Euphrosyne flinched. She hadn't been tripped up by the question, per se ... she just didn't like the first thought that came to mind ... "For this event," Carmen took a step forward, hand on her chest, "You are all servants of House Riaz. Lord Dagon Riaz is your master." She announced the head of House Riaz with such fervor that Hitomi couldn't help but straighten up and put her own hand on her chest as Euphrosyne nodded approvingly. Field "Yes, the barrier is strong enough to destroy missiles on its own," Nero scowled, "What kind of question is that?" Another curious guest put in a question of his own, quickly running through a list of G-frame telekinesis thresholds he'd probably put together himself. "Can these sustain a full barrier and still use TK assisted AMBAC?" "Of course," Nero rolled his eyes. It wasn't quite that simple, but the G-frames themselves could handle something like that. Unlike figura, a G-frame's potential was closely reflected by the pilot. The better the pilot, the more its innate capabilities could benefit them in battle. "What's the upper limit on individual targets?" a different attendee spoke up, his hand raised to stand out as much as he could, "With targeted telekinesis I mean." Nero shrugged with an irritated grin. This was another issue where the pilot was of equal if not greater importance than the frame. Most pilots could 'mentally acquire' up to a couple of dozen targets but acting on them individually was another matter completely. "If you're a lousy esper, your G-frame's telekinesis isn't going to be much better. Just look at it that way."
  11. A deer? A deer?! Was true power a joke to Xalrei? Regardless, the notion, while incredibly insulting, was somewhat tempting, if for no other reason than the fact that any sustenance would do at least stave off the slow drain of Requiem's power at this point. The cursed blade wasn't convinced that trying to instigate a conflict wasn't the better option, but at the very least, Xalrei seemed willing to do something about the cursed blade's minuscule reserves of energy. Deciding not to tip its hand for now, Requiem said, 'You were warned.' No point in dignifying the deer suggestion just yet ...
  12. Getting away from the meaningless conflict of the arena should have been a good thing. It might have been, mused the cursed blade, if only this collection of individuals hadn't opted for yet another peaceful stop. Requiem was still contemplating quietly to itself, trying to find some effective path to a bloody conflict. Anything. Even the group turning on itself over some minor misunderstanding was far, far preferable to starving while they nourished themselves. The nerve of these cretins ... There were options for turning this odd adventure into a bloodbath, but very few that could be acted on right now. Requiem had to get to know this group one soul at a time, and through that, learn how best to manipulate them. What little energy the cursed blade currently held was enough to form purely rational thoughts between bouts of fighting to retain that same energy, and it was obvious even in this sorry state that the game was over as soon as an incident led back to the shape-shifting sword itself. Requiem's options were indeed limited ... Time seemed to march on in mind-numbing fashion until Requiem sensed something familiar, a presence that was almost comforting in this atmosphere. It approached, coming closer, and closer, and with each passing second, the cursed blade's anticipation of a fight grew. Was this strange, almost alluring soul coming in the pursuit of blood? Was there a chance Requiem could take in the lives of the fallen? It didn't matter who wielded it in the end, as long as it could finally feed and grow. There were no allies or enemies here, only potential victims. If there was ever a time to nudge these creatures toward the edge without being seen as a liability ... it was now. 'I sense a hunger for conflict, pure and marvelous ... and this is no arena.' Admittedly there was something highly restrained about said aura, but this wasn't about accurate assessments of the situation, it was about giving its arrogant handlers the nudge they needed to converge, weapons drawn, caution abandoned. 'Prepare yourself, Xalrei. You will need this power to prevail.' The cursed blade couldn't grin ... but its barely perceptible crimson glow told its own story.
  13. 14:00 Dock The Rear Courtyard "I see," Ninos pondered the situation he now found himself in, "So it's not me you need help from specifically ... but since I'm her captain and have charge over her ..." "Need is a strong word," Rebecca smirked, taking a sip of some red wine, "I'd simply prefer it if our acquisition goes smoothly. According to our records, she should be able to control it, even at a distance." The acquisition Rebecca wanted to make was definitely a big one, but it made sense. The League's government would probably try to find some way to stop her if they knew the Iron Kingdom was wise to their hidden weapon, which made things just a bit dangerous for everyone involved. "I'm certain you're aware that it would be unwise for me not to first consult my father about your offer. And yet, I can sense that you would prefer it if I left Lord Riaz out of this. Am I wrong?" "If I believed there was no way to broach the issue without involving him, I would have contacted him myself. Having said that, I'm giving you a very rare opportunity to work with me and improve your own standing, not just within House Riaz, but also with my people. Your Lord will appreciate your efforts if you don't cause him any trouble in the long run. Yes? Surely that's why you've been given command of your own ship and the freedom to conduct business with the Jovians as you see fit. Either way, the choice is yours. You aren't wrong to seek your father's guidance, but any gains made for your house fall solely to him if you do." Ninos grimaced. Rebecca wasn't pressuring him as much as he expected, given what she was trying to take from Eupraxia Grand Station, but she was still putting him in an uncomfortable place. Of course he would prefer to handle this himself ... but he was having trouble with the very crewmember Rebecca was trying to borrow for part of her acquisition. This would make it back to Lord Riaz a lot sooner than she thought if they went through with this. Even if the deal went perfectly and everyone got what they wanted, Ninos couldn't be completely sure his father would approve. He definitely wouldn't berate him for it, whatever the outcome, but the risk of disappointing his father to that degree was almost too big of a risk. "Please, think it over," Rebecca offered with a gesture, "but do let me know if Lord Riaz becomes aware of my proposal. I'd like to continue this discussion with him at that point." Subtle, but Ninos still felt the jab. She wasn't wrong; he was just an extension of his father, and irrelevant once Lord Riaz was brought in on this. The Field Kneeling over a small crowd of mech enthusiasts and curious guests, the Cavalier and the Journeyman went a long way toward making the estate look like a real private property on Larsa. Many noble houses tended to make customizations to their G-frames, particularly for their best pilots. These one offs were sometimes extreme, but usually, the unit they were derived from could be worked out visually. The Cavalier and the Journeyman were quite similar overall, borrowing aesthetics from both the 3rd Generation Hound and the Fourth Generation Ishkurite frames. The Cavalier had a massive central thruster with three binders for enhanced AMBAC performance, while the Journeyman opted for two back thrusters and a rack for two subunits. Because both units had legs derived from the Ishkurite class, they had room for additional integrated weapons. The Cavalier took things one step further by mounting its shield to its left shoulder and a large beam cannon to the right. The shield also contained a visible plasma link, which would prove devastating at close range. Both were well-rounded units, however, the Cavalier was clearly designed for high octane hit and run attacks while the Journeyman was a capable escort with all angle attack options at close to mid-range. With the help of a few spare servants, Nero was able to handle the small crowd's onslaught of questions. Like Euphrosyne earlier, Nero wasn't wearing a servant costume and instead had on similar coveralls to her, with a black, loose hanging sleeveless undershirt. Like all modern serfs, his skin was ghostly pale. His hair was white, relatively short and running wild at the top. The rest--the long portion--was contained behind him in a loose ponytail that tapered off at his waist. Nero didn't look like he wanted to be there dealing with this, but Euphrosyne had left him to deal with it. Every time he glanced up at the Journeyman, his trigger finger twitched. Still ... a whole our until he could actually pilot. Still, that was far better than standing around being asked about how it all worked ... ... maybe he could ... just hop in and ... give a little demonstration ... The Estate Main Building The main building wasn't all fake, there were real partitions in use throughout much of it, though not enough to simulate every room in the estate. Some walls could be walked through if one didn't mind being briefly dazzled and disoriented. Surprisingly, the serfs had managed to create a safe, functional second floor. Most of the fake walls and decor were up there, as well as the changing rooms. The estate also had restrooms with flush toilets. Considering they weren't part of the hangar itself, the water system being used was likely well hidden and at least somewhat portable. In terms of decoration, the estate was shining with golds, whites, and blues. Rather than the lions and other beasts of ancient Babylonian architecture, the halls of the mansion were lined with artistic portrayals of G-frames, some standing ready to do battle, others standing in line and flanking some of the larger corridors. While subtle, the building also featured authentic design considerations, such as the running lanes, small rectangular outcroppings separating the floor from the walls. They had accessways leading to higher and lower floors. These were used by the scarabs to travel throughout Babylonian style buildings without needing to negotiate human and varan traffic. Since the running lanes appeared in all of the larger rooms and corridors, and small entrances could be opened up into most rooms, the scarabs could be summoned to any part of the building where they were needed. The running lanes also served another useful purpose. They were just wide enough to discourage the curious from thoroughly investigating whether a particular wall was fake or not. Not knowing what was on the other side, one ran the risk of losing their balance and simply falling through any holographic walls they were lucky--or unlucky--enough to find. The Estate Main Building - 2nd Floor Changing Rooms The volunteers had to make their way up a branching central staircase to reach the second floor. From there, it was a short walk down the 2nd-floor hallways to reach the changing rooms. Aside from some chairs, countertops, those everpresent scarab running lanes, and mirrors lining two of the four walls--one sharing space with the countertops and the other taking up an entire wall on its own--there was very little to the place. The individual changing rooms weren't much different from closets, with a simple door for privacy, a bench, racks for the clothing, and a mirror for some good old self-assessment. By the time Euphrosyne arrived to meet the volunteers and the volunteered for herself, Carmen had already shown them the outfits ... "I mean ..." Hitomi held one of the outfits' dress portions up in front of herself and examined it through the mirror wall, "It's kind of tame by modern standards." "You mean Jovian standards," Carmen grinned. "Alright," Euphrosyne stepped into the room and closed the dual doors behind her, "How many do we have and ... do they even ... look the part ...?" She answered both of her questions by simply scanning the room. She wasn't completely disappointed but she knew they had their work cut out for them getting everyone to look like they belonged. As for the girl with the feline appendages, she didn't know what to make of that situation or how to address it. Front Courtyard Irvine, having finished up his investigation of the outer limits of the exhibit, wound up in the courtyard just in front of the main building. He had a seat at one of the many tables set out for the guests and had a look at the food menu. While things were of a Babylonian style, the exhibit itself was certainly Jovian friendly, with each table having a smart glass layer for easy access to any of the local networks, as well as said menu. The table still had a porcelain texture to it somehow, but the integrated display was crystal clear. Other guests, about five in total, were also seated in two other groups and were looking through the menus. The Remaining guests were either over at the ranch, walking around, or inside the main building. The food was one of the big draws for Irvine, personally. The Babylonians were extremely particular about not only the types of meats they ate, but also how the animals were raised. They had also managed the seemingly impossible within the last century, meticulously engineering derivitive livestock bested suited for particular planets; they had done this without the usual negative side-effects. Overall, Babylonian cuisine had a bit less variety in animals, but nutritional profiles neither the League nor the Alliance territories could ever hope to match using their current methods. Irvine decided to keep things simple today and just try out one of their steaks. The exhibit was apparently going to be open today and tomorrow, so he had the rest of Batcon to sample more of the menu. He just had to choose a cut, now ... One of the servants from the exhibit managed to approach from outside of Irvine's field of view, so he didn't notice her until she was standing over and slightly off to his side. She looked like a serf but was wearing one of those high cut maid outfits the others had gone off to try and squeeze into. She introduced herself as Leto, welcomed him to the exhibit and inquired about his choice of steaks ... she seemed to have already noted that he had at least the basic item selected on the menu. Irvine opted for the filet mignon, something he could actually make a comparison to what he normally ate ... at least what he normally ate when he could treat himself. His diet mainly consisted of chicken, pasta, sweet drinks and alcohol. Finishing up his order with his drinks, he ordered some water and some birch beer.
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