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  1. So Xalrei would fight? With Requiem and not her lesser weapons, yes? The cursed blade supposed that even if Xalrei's weakness became an issue again, the others had benefited enough to take up Requiem in her place, even if temporarily. At least in theory, there shouldn't be any issues. 'Very well ...' Requiem began to glow faintly as it reached out as far as it could to sense what it could, all the while trying to ignore the fact that it was surrounded by precious magic. Once its senses reached far enough, however ... 'What's this ...?' Souls and unclaimed power, a field of dozens of victims ripe for harvest! 'Heheheheh ... hahahahahah! I will kill you all!'
  2. The cursed blade didn't like being mentally prodded, though admittedly, it had been the very definition of dormant. Doing anything other than quietly observing its surroundings exacted a toll on Requiem, and observing these peaceable arena goers was a special kind of torture. Having opened its spiritual eyes just long enough to take in its new surroundings, it was clear that something was off. There was also something extremely unpleasant about this place. Requiem had an extremely difficult time acquiring energy through nonviolent means, which made extracting magic from this area impossible in its current state. The cursed blade tried anyway and failed. Maybe the source of this area's magic was physical, something that could be struck and properly drained. 'This place resists.' Feeling conservative with its scarce energy and information, Requiem answered Xalrei with questions of its own. 'What do you intend? Will you fight or flee?' If she admitted her intention was to fight whatever came their way, then perhaps the cursed sword could be bothered to reach out farther with its senses and try to be more helpful. If the plan was to avoid a fight, Requiem had other plans, and enough stored energy to facilitate them, albeit with some minor risk. On top of leaving the group perturbed, potentially dead or worse, calling out a challenge into the mist to try and draw the danger to them was an investment of precious energy that might not pay off.
  3. Well, at least the Gamma was gone. At this point it was easy to tell where everyone was and what they were doing, and seeing the Regalia attacking one of the Chaldenes made Firmia a little nervous. They ought to be fine, but 'ought' and 'would' were two different things. "Missiles," Brant instructed as he moved the Regalia just close enough for a good angle on the enemy warship. "Be careful, you two," Firmia warned over the comms, "You're too far away for the Avalon to support you." Bris autoshifts to Flight Mode, moves to 11,6 and attacks Chaldene #1 with TK Missiles!
  4. Astin had definitely chosen the wrong side, just like so many others. It was way too late for regrets now, and with the battle not letting up, there was no time to even speculate about other possible outcomes. Their allies had to weather a coordinated counterattack for a time, but the weaker enemies had put themselves in bad straits by committing to the fight. One by one they were being taken out, and then ... "Alright... We're cleaning them out." Brant glanced back at his copilot wondering what she had in mind. "Earth to shit for brains, come in, shit for brains ..." Classic. A scathing, fur ruffling rebuke followed and Brant knew once and for all that Chris' psych game was strong. Brant took a moment to slow the Regalia's speed and transform into MS mode. They needed to decide where to go and what to attack soon, and that would be easier if they weren't zipping around as much. Meanwhile, the others wasting no time in ganging up on the Theoria. To Brant's surprise, Thorvald scored the finishing blow. It looked like it was going to be Hannah, but all things considered, the outcome was about the same. No point in kill counting today. It wasn't a good day. ... With Astin and Marianne dealt with, they could focus on the remaining enemies, none of whom would be spared if Firmia had anything to say about it. If they didn't flee, then the fleet wouldn't have to worry about them showing up later when they hit Apotheosis' main base. Thinking on that for a moment had been a mistake, actually ... Firmia didn't know what kind of threats were waiting for them, but the Riese had suffered near irreparable damage this time around. It would be one thing if they could delay the final attack until the ship was fully repaired, but that was more time for their enemies to regroup. If the Athena and ANF escorts weren't enough to make up the difference, they might actually lose the next one. Walking back that awful train of thought, Firmia was just in time to see the Theoria destroyed. Making a mental note to pick over the wreckage if and when they secured their victory, she searched the field for vulnerable targets. It was good timing, given the support request that followed. "That's Gamma number nine ... Let'em have it!" Firmia waited, carefully gauging the hits the Gamma was taking from the combined volley of missiles and heavy beam fire. It was certainly damaged by the attack, but by no means finished. Just one attempt wasn't going to cut it. "Marcia, full power! Blow that furball out of the sky!" Firmia attacks Gamma #9 with Excalibur! Brant Autoshifts in to MS mode (still flying) Revolutsiya (Chapter VI)
  5. The battle was over all too soon, and the cursed weapon felt no contentment. It certainly didn't help matters that the last kill was lost ... by mere inches. What a tragedy. On the other hand, the battle offered a more concerning insight, a potential setback Requiem had never before considered. This collection of arena lovers was really good at murdering people. Almost too good. It wouldn't be too long before others decided they were too dangerous to fight. As things stood, only a few kills could be expected during each slaughter, even with them taking turns using it, and eventually the threat they posed might keep them out of most fights. There had to be a better way to feed, a way to use their efficiency to its full advantage. Most likely it would have to bide its time and make due. With more power, new avenues would surely open up, but for the moment, their admittedly clever shenanigans were as good as Requiem was going to get. 'Grow stronger, Xalrei,' Requiem demanded, 'This power is far more valuable than an axe,' the cursed blade continued with obvious contempt for the earlier swap.
  6. Finally, battle. Unrestrained, nourishing battle. Xalrei wasted little time in felling one of their enemies, and Requiem in turn consumed their spirit completely, leaving behind a searing mess. Now this was more like it, the cursed blade's goal if not its purpose. Requiem had been on the cusp of making a tactical suggestion, or a nudge toward further carnage if you'd prefer, when it was promptly returned to Xalrei's belt. Why? Forsaken for an axe of all things. Was the strain of wielding such a powerful weapon too much for Xalrei? If that were the case, then why hold onto it? Too strong to wield, yet too alluring to part with? 'I will not spectate idly whilst blood is spilled,' Requiem protested. It wasn't long before the empty one approached, and through Xalrei, Requiem learned that there were others interested in taking advantage of the cursed blade's power in this brawl. Excellent. Better still, Xalrei proved to not be as attached as Requiem suspected. The feast would continue. For a time, at least. Things became a little strange when the cursed blade found itself changing shape, not into a melee weapon or a bow like before, but a firearm. Right away, Requiem realized it was going to be projecting a small part of itself at very high speed at an enemy, and to say that was novel would be an understatement. When the shot came, Requiem felt like a part of itself had disappeared entirely. Quickly though, it found what was missing, a small piece calling back to it, promising a now vulnerable soul ripe for devouring. The body left behind was, like all the others Requiem had feasted on, an unsightly heap of cooked meat and bone. 'Well done, strange blade ... You actually make a pretty good gun.' The empty one's words were casual enough to slightly annoy Requiem, but that was more than offset by the incoming energy. A gun hadn't been the ideal form for gathering souls or magical energy, but Requiem supposed that as long as it was used and fed, its various shapes, however strange, didn't matter, nor any praise. In fact, with enough energy built up, the nigh starving weapon could probably find a way to ease the burden on its wielders. There were no guarantees, but perhaps the promise alone would be enough to encourage them. All Requiem knew for certain was that it could kill more easily with more power. 'The greater the power gathered, the less the burden. Strike them all down.' From the look of things, the cursed firearm wouldn't need to do much in the way of encouraging them, as Jade tried to take down another enemy by shooting them. Requiem wasn't able to claim their soul this time, but it was close. One more shot would easily do it. Just as the second bullet dissolved into magical energy, Requiem was scooped up by one of the others. How vexing, and yet, this Bladen's intentions were clear enough. Transforming into a blade, Requiem prepared to bask in blood. 'More ...' the cursed blade couldn't help but call out as its power finally began to increase, 'More!'
  7. Changing Rooms Next came the part Carmen wasn't looking forward to. In truth, she could have stalled a bit longer, but she wanted the girls to know what they were in for if they were going to let the scarabs give them the full serf look. "Since Euphrosyne's busy now, I should show you the next two steps," Carmen began, grabbing one of the unused scarabs from the bag and holding it up to her cheek. The little metallic creature tried to get a foothold, but she held it just far enough from her face that it could only grab a loose strand of hair. "If you're going to be serfs for the afternoon, you'll need your skin and eyes changed, too." "Umm," Hitomi winced, trying to picture a scarab changing the color of her eyes. The procedure wasn't going well in her head. "H-how's that going to work, again? Changing eye color sounds like straight up surgery." "I'm going to show you," Carmen frowned, more concerned with the potential reactions than anything. Fortunately it wasn't surgery, just a strange experience. Front Courtyard Irvine groaned as Linus headed over to check out the commotion. He supposed it was better to finish his meal. He wasn't getting food this high quality at better prices anywhere around here. It wasn't long after Linus started off that James approached from the exhibit entrance. He looked positively pissed ... and considering he would have had to get passed Sheridan to make it over here, he was probably even more upset before. Irvine waved to him. "You're late, Sage. What took you so long?" "Shut up, Irvine," James hissed, coming straight to Irvine's table, "I never said I'd be here at a specific time. And what's going on over there?" "Relax," Irvine winced, "Like I said, you're late. They're about to start that show of theirs." "The G-frame demonstrations were supposed to be outside, not in the docks," James noted, his tone dubious. "Yeah well," Irvine shrugged and then nudged his head toward the Journeyman, slowly beginning to levitate above the crowd. The Field Euphrosyne glanced at Linus, trying to remember if she'd seen him before. She quickly pegged him as one of Carmen's friends, and his second question confirmed it. "Things could be better, but for now we can manage. That's to answer both of your questions, just so you know." "Everything's optimal," Nero's voice reached the crowd from on high. "Now to show you what real combat maneuvers look like!" Even using just its telekinesis, the Journeyman was able to take off into the artificial sky at high speed. Only the violently displaced air made any sound overhead, leaving an almost ghostly impression as the frame reached the peak of its climb. From there, Nero put his TK maneuvering to full use and propelled himself toward the mansion, aiming to just barely miss the structure, as well as wave hello to Thomas and Ninos. From there, it was probably best to circle back around and make sure the crowd could fully appreciate the high g maneuvers up close. It wasn't the safest way of doing things, and Nero didn't have as much room to maneuver as the backdrop of the exhibit suggested, but he trusted his piloting skills.
  8. Having all but given up on that deer for the evening, Requiem was 'excited' by the prospect of another battle. Not too excited, but its usual crimson glow was just a bit brighter. Still, there was so much that could go wrong, here. Requiem could only hope they weren't heading back to that incomprehensible arena. 'Do not hold back. Strike them all down. If you fall, another will take up this power for themselves. It will be too late for regrets then ... strike,' the cursed blade opted for some words of encouragement as Xalrei prepared for battle.
  9. Happy birthday, bird! =D

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  10. 'You understand,' Requiem replied, glowing again in lieu of a grin, 'Then you know what you must do.' Whether or not Xalrei would opt to find that special individual or simply give the cursed blade what it wanted, Requiem wasn't sure, but the time was soon coming when she couldn't rely on other solutions. Sooner or later, the mere act of possessing the cursed blade would force her hand.
  11. Changing Rooms "Its fine," Carmen sighed, "I think it's fair to just let you keep one for helping us out with the exhibit to be honest." Carmen was also considering it an advanced apology for whatever nonsense was about to go down. She doubted anyone would get hurt with Thomas so close by, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing to think of Euphrosyne and Nero arguing in front of the guests. She'd managed to treat Monika's lip in the meantime and was putting the little tube of medical paste back in the box. That left Monika with a shallow cut (that was getting shallower by the minute) and a few blood stains. "That's nice," Hitomi smiled, "I'd ask for one too but I'm not sure if Sensei would mind." Hitomi wouldn't say they were inherently cute, either, but the way they gently worked their magic was certainly had its charm. They seemed to blur the line between insects and robots, as well. "Can you get them in specific colors? I wouldn't mind one with my own theme." "You can, actually," Carmen nodded. "Definitely want one then, hehee~" The Field "Huh?" Nero caught sight of Euphrosyne coming straight for him. G-frames had virtually no blind spots within a few hundred meters, but even then the woman's approach was difficult to miss; she was taking advantage of her esper abilities and the lower gravity in the hangar to literally fly over the field and straight to the Journeyman. Moving the same as she would while piloting the Cavalier, Euphrosyne was covering twenty or so meters a second to reach him. "Wonderful," Nero murmured. "Nero! Don't even think about showing off inside the hangar!" Barely managing to slow down, Euphrosyne's approach ended with her delivering a flying kick to the plate just above the Journeyman's visor. The head actually moved, but only because Nero had reflexively recoiled at the sudden aggression. Euphrosyne grabbed the blade antenna on its head to secure herself. "Get out of there!" "Hah, no way, you hypocrite. With the kind of mood you're in, the next kick's going to be to my face. I'll pass, but feel free to protest while I give these people a good show." With that, Nero brought up the Journeyman's hand, and it made a grasping gesture at Euphrosyne. With the Journeyman boosting Nero's own abilities orders of magnitude beyond anything a human was capable of, Euphrosyne was gently plucked from the Journeyman's head and held in place by an invisible force in front of the machine. Euphrosyne sighed, wishing she'd just made a beeline for the Cavalier instead. She'd opted not to because an impromptu sparring match wasn't a part of their exhibit plans anymore than Nero's shenanigans were, and that would only create more of a mess, not to mention putting the guests at risk. Nero had won this round ... "This is ridiculous." Euphrosyne didn't have to use much of her strength to break free; Nero wasn't restraining her. She came down and landed as part of the crowd spread out to make room. Once she was on the ground, she crossed her arms in a huff.
  12. It wasn't the same as sleep, no, Requiem didn't have the luxury of sound slumber anymore. It was better to describe the cursed sword's current state as a haze brought on by a combination of intense desire and the resulting torment of being a forgettable sidearm. It seemed that Xalrei was more likely to trip and impale herself on the blade than find a suitable sacrifice. Of course, just about anyone was a 'suitable,' even deer if it would redden up the place. Yes, even ghosts were suitable for Requiem, though nothing was ever that simple. 'You strike at flesh,' the blade gave off its faint crimson glow briefly, 'Thus, I strike at flesh. Find one who confronts spirits, then use this power. If you cannot, offer more. The more power consumed, the more power you will wield.'
  13. The Ceres was destroyed and Avery was gone. Marianne was gone. Chris had confirmed it and was practically celebrating, albeit angrily. Brant would be lying if he said he was completely happy with the way things had turned out, but those two had chosen their side long ago. Hannah's thumbs up was a much needed reminder that the friends, family, and allies he had now were far more important than anything else. Either way, it was too late for regrets. Of course, even those benign regrets had no choice but to disappear when Astin turned the other Luna's fury on them all. It was going to go 'nuclear?' Brant felt a fresh wave of disgust wash over him as he contemplated what might happen to any suits or ships caught in the blast radius. This warzone really was no place for Liliana and Akilina ... "You guys need to take that thing down quick," he muttered, knowing the Regalia and the Reign weren't close enough to get in position in time. Chasing down the Ceres had put them far afield and heading back to try and help might, at best, simply increase the number of casualties. If anything, they should be spreading out away from the Luna and taking shots all along the way. Firmia almost couldn't believe what she was hearing over the comms. Then again, considering what had just happened to Marianne ... fine, then. A person's true nature was often revealed in times of great stress, and it was clear that Astin had never been an ally of theirs, potentially or otherwise. Time to take out the last mole and rid themselves of Apotheosis's presence once and for all. "Tonya, make sure we stay out of the blast radius. This is personal, now." As soon as she'd finished her directive, the Avalon's six funnels raced out in front of the viewport and toward the Apotheosis Luna. "Don't hold back! Everyone that's in range start shooting and don't stop until there's nothing left but a smoking crater!" A shame they might not be able to salvage the thing, but there were much bigger prizes where that came from. Marcia casts Strike! Firmia casts Dreams (Calina's Fury), moves to 10,10 and attacks Astin with the Avalon's Funnels! Revolutsiya (Chapter V)
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