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  1. Not much activity on this thread lately. Any new drawings? Well what pieces do you want to do?
  2. And didn't somebody make a daughter for Vaike named Victoria? There should be concept art for her as well!
  3. You should also do a character portrait of Antoinette! You know, when she's facing to the left or right.
  4. Dude I just got into the hacking business. I was only trying to help out the cause.
  5. Sorry if I didn't understand your post! Jeeze, I'm just trying to help!
  6. Ok ask yourself this: how do you extract the GFX of a GBA Fire Emblem ROM? This process might be similar.
  7. Ok you're already derailing the conversation right now! We still need to find out where the graphics are in the ROM. Forget about ayanami and focus on the topic at hand for Naga's sake!
  8. Do you know where he could get one? Does anyone know one?
  9. Ah you still haven't figured out the exact location on the ROM map of the graphics. Maybe we can all help you in this endeavor. Nobody has ever been able to translate the graphical text!
  10. Totally fitting for her! Thanks! Think you could create a picture of the confession to go along with it?
  11. Can you try to imagine a male Avatar marry Antoinette? I really like to know the confession quote!
  12. At least now you know where all the graphics are. You just have to edit them now.
  13. In that case maybe we should just change the font to the normal one seen in text conversations.
  14. Dude that was a lame pun. At least you found another part to be changed.
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