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  1. ^ Fair enough. I'm not implying malicious intent. Just here to do my part to set the record straight. I could very well be wrong as I used a text comparer because my Japanese is bollocks and the only difference I saw was the occasional change to pronoun or honorific. They could be in another file, but I doubt it. If you want that, go to GameFAQs.
  2. I wouldn't get my hopes up. We may see proof surface, but who knows. We'll know for sure soon enough. I am more than satisfied with what we have. EDIT: I should stress again that RainThunder is the one who uploaded the data. I just read over the last chapter's data a couple of times.
  3. Well, I've read through the third route final chapter that user RainThunder datamined, and everything's consistent with what Onestep and friends have posted here. Only discrepancy between it and what Onestep reported is that So, that's that!
  4. I have concrete proof that Aqua lives in the third route, granted by datamined chapter script from user RainThunder. In the very final scene, However, the reported change to the coronation scene doesn't happen. Boo. Oh well.
  5. Well, I've read through the third route final chapter that user RainThunder datamined, and everything's consistent with what's here. Only discrepancy between it and what Onestep reported is that So, that's that!
  6. YOU SIR ARE A GOD OF GODS. My Robin and Lucina Amiibo just came in AND I get the path 3 dump?! All right, I'll be back in a bit.
  7. Yeah, you'd hope given that this is an extra path you have to pay extra for they would change one line of the epilogue unique to each pairing, but you'd at least expect that they'd mention if Het!Kamui was married. EDIT: We're also missing the chapter dialogue files for the third route. We're spoiled enough as is to know as much as we do.
  8. I've been poking around in the text dump and found nothing of the sort in either case. However, the text dump online is incomplete and doesn't have most of the chapter dialogue for the third route. People on /feg claim there is a special event for but there isn't one otherwise. It's a shame because I want to know this too.
  9. It's probably the former. There's still some placeholder text in there for the third route though. I can confirm all of Onestep's aforementioned observations. Looks like we won't be confirming that special ending until another month. Dammit! I really wanted to know if that was real. Oh well. At least I feel less like a leech given that I went digging myself. Perhaps someone who has the game will post proof later? Who knows?
  10. Such is the price of forbidden knowledge. EDIT: Further evidence that it's incomplete: Chapter dialogue files are denoted by [LETTER]_[CHAPTER #], where A = Hoshido, B = Nohr, C = Third Route. The only exceptions to this are chapters 1 through 6, which are denoted by A simply because they're the same for all three routes. All of the files are there for Nohr and Hoshido, but the only chapter file for the Third Route I can find is C_006. So there's gotta be files missing or else I'm using an outdated text dump.
  11. Any suggestions as to what I should look for to find the third route ending text dump? It has to be in here, right?
  12. He mentioned earlier that there's glitches in the cutscenes in the hacked third path. Perhaps something's not there that should be...? The support endings were tied to the men last time. Is it the woman now that decides the ending? Or are you referring to the part that is attached to the male's ending?
  13. I've found her supports with Kamui, at least. Can't translate them, really, but... She has SIX different sets of supports with Kamui it seems. One for each combination of gender and route. If I can make out something of the third route S support, I'll edit this post and put it here.
  14. From what I've seen in the text dump Aqua's ending text says something to the effect of "nobody knows for sure if she ever existed", which doesn't rule out either fate. Similar deal to Robin in Awakening. There is an ending that mentioned if she was married. I am assuming in the third route she gets the paired ending with Kamui where it says that they ruled the country together. I'm currently looking for the additional ending scene. Wish me luck as I dig through text files with my minimal knowledge of Japanese or Chinese!
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