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  1. does this suggest that you expect people to cobble something together without writing any new text? or, worse, go back to the old days of inserting text manually with a hex editor and compressor? because "the anti-huffman text patch" used by every modern text insertion tool seems to also fall under this category (if nothing else, it certainly belongs in the same category as essential fixes). on a broader note, how exactly do you intend to enforce this? do you know precisely which tools apply patches before which operations? does this suggest that anyone who ever opens their ROM in FEditor is disqualified, because of its autopatches? What if they opened FEBuilder and clicked through a bunch of prompts without knowing what they meant? if this is a competition designed to attract beginners, this seems to disqualify basically everyone.
  2. If you recruit them at the end of the map (instead of at the start of the next), it should work itself out.
  3. @Paperblade DMd me on discord to tell me there was an error in my results, and that my action failed. Idk if there will be a confirmation or anything, but that's really all I have.
  4. man but what if the surrender is some deepwolf shit ##Vote weinerboy
  5. Jk im dumb that wasn't really an omgus Still not a huge fan of how publically defensive athena has been. The eclipse shenanigans + "I'm gonna start looking into anyone that misreps me" is pretty terrible
  6. Fine with leaving my vote on athena; I wasn't that concerned with the role stuff but the immediate OMGUS and general defensiveness isn' giving me confidence
  7. And your role has been mostly outed; there's no benefit to hiding parts of your role for the phase
  8. This is either confirmed "yes" or confirmed scum It's a NOC phase; if you got your cop refunded and did not use it you are either confirmed scum or an idiot ##vote athena I skimmed the rest of the thread but it's painful to phonepost much more
  9. I don't think "who would want to turn the game into NOC" is a good path to go down; NOC is almost unilaterally better for scum and eyeing down people that mentioned preferring NOC will be a waste of time at best.
  10. ah yes, my favorite defense self-meta since you're making this claim, do you care to produce the logs? it's in public chat, so surely there's no objection to pointing out what exactly you're referring to here
  11. Also, is it confirmed that weapons was Shinori's target?
  12. It's a NOC phase, so we should lay some info out on the table. Why is this? I don't entirely disagree, but I'd like to hear why our leaders are so sure of this
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