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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. This chapter surprised me, but the name kinds gave it away, nonetheless I just went in with my units and killed them all. I almost killed myself at one point
  3. Well, as for battle deployment. The scenario's are really determined by the poster below. So for example. Let's say I give this kind of scenario Oh no, the Elibe forces have taken down most of Bern's forces, only 10 including yourself remain. The others are your most trusted and powerful allies. The Elibe forces carry out a staggering 50 number of units that mainly consist of Paladins, Great knights, Valkyrie's, General's, Sage's, Swordsmasters, and Assassins to finish you off. As the strategist, your survival is important. They make it to the main room of the castle, surrounded by the enemy with you along with your 9 other allies in the throne room. You have pillars to use and the throne itself to take advantage of terrain effects. The map itself is around 30 tiles long and 30 tiles wide, the throne room itself is 15 by 15 in right in the middle. There are stairs near each four corners of the map were the enemy will spawn for 3 turns at the beginning. What's your strategy? Now, this is where you plan and deploy your units based on the info given to you. I mentioned that there are no weapon limits, but I guess I should put some limits so I'll be updating it
  4. In this Forum game, The poster below must create a battle scnario to challenge the poster above's counter strategy. It can be just about any scenario as long as it stay's withing the following guidelines 1. No fire arms scenario, this is FE with swords and magic, don't need guns ruining everything 2. Scenario's can't be vague and must be explained in detail 3. Scenario has to be sensible, like a scenario in a time were swords and magic were the main weapons used in war, or even modern as long as the #1 rule isn't broken. 4. No OP scenario's. And what I mean by that I mean like creating a scenario where the characters have to fight...oh I don't know...a scenario were the enemy has infinite health and so forth 5. Remember, the stronger the poster above's team, the more your scenario has to challenge them Now, as for the poster above, they must create a list of 10 characters they would have in their army. Sounds short yes, but imagine as if the 10 characters are either the left 10 who survived or your top 10 generals. Poster above must create a detailed stat wise profile of each character so the poster below can conjure up an appropriate situation without being to OP. Here are the rules 1. You're army's statistics must be FE based. Awakening would be the most modern and appropriate one to use 2. Just remember that the stronger your army, the more challenging scenario's you'll face 3. No OP characters. 4. There is almost no weapon restrictions, any weapons from all FE series can be used, but you can't use Forged weapons and legendary weapons. You may use legacy weapons such as Roy's blade and any other weapons that exist in FE Alright, since I'm the first one, I'll be showing off my team. Team name: Bern's Finest Main General: Allen And...start!
  5. I have met several Streetpass along y area. Most of them were pretty easy though since unlike me and another friend I have, they don't seem to play7 the game seriously enough to focus on the characters. As for me, well I created a streetpass team that's completely composed of Street pass characters I met. When I had my friend challenge them. He lost once, then on his second run lost all but his main character. He was playing on Casual
  6. WEll, it's nice to have you here friend. Welcome to Serene Forest forums. Enjoy your stay
  7. Gaius: "Your a cupcake." Or "Like taking candy from a babe." Walhart: "You shall fall to the wayside!" Or "I am inexorable!" Morgan F: "Time to Even the Odds."
  8. Basically, what battle cry's do you guys like when characters get a critical? For me, my favorite would have to be Owain's "Hand, Hungers!" Another would be Noire's, infact I think I like all of hers. Oh, and Chrom's isn't too shabby either "You're end has come!" Makes it ever more epic saying that when he uses aether and gets a critical on it
  9. I did notice some bromance between OwainXInigo. It's cute how the two would argue. Oh I can still remember Inigo teasing Owain about playing with Dolls, and he got mad and dissed him from being a chastise in return
  10. Oh how embarrassing, thank you. And I'll be updating these constantly considering I'm trying to level up all characters I have in my roster. Though something tells me getting Katarina (Assuming they release the DLC) will be hard to get
  11. Of course, I read the rules as asked before joining
  12. My team isn't updated yet. Right now I'm just raising the level's of all the DLC characters I have. And of course, I haven't maxed out all of my characters stats. And I don't want to use any tricks or use up perma stat boost items unless their absolutely necessary
  13. In this Topic, you guys can post the stat's, class, and all other info you can about your entire army roster so far. I beat the game already so I have all the characters and some DLC's in there.
  14. Haha, don't worry, I won't be doing that. I rarely get to see any people in IRL play FE, so associating with people on a forum with thousands of them? Well I'd be an idiot not to stay
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