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  1. I never thought I would see Fire Emblem up there with Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Hopefully this means we see more merchandise. I also hope they keep doing the thing they did with Fates where one game appeals to the new players and one appeals to the veterans.
  2. "All right, I'll play along. But mark my words, if they attack, heads will roll!" - Ike "It is my charge. It is my hope. Sir Orson... Prepare yourself." - Seth "...Yes, I have broken my vows, Valter. And yes, it may be I who falls when we tilt lances... But a dog like you will never see me crawl!" - Cormag
  3. There's this Mystery of the Emblem one I've found that is basically Paper Emblem: Sticker Sword.
  4. I like how it's almost a modern version of Gaiden. There's the monsters, branching paths with two different lords, trainees (villagers in gaiden) and even certain skills like Slayer. What else I like about FE8 is the amazing characters and introducing split promotions to the series.
  5. Matthew Mercer Hector maybe?
  6. Ryoma or Rutger are the best as units without doubt, but as a character, I personally like Joshua the most.
  7. I'd give FE6 a solid 8/10. I enjoyed the map design a lot, the plot and world building were good, and I enjoyed the characters enough. The only things I really disliked were the shoddy unit balance (units like Marcus, Milady, Percival and Rutger are gods, while units like Wendy, Sophia, Roy and most axe users are trash), and the awful requirement of unlocking every gaiden chapter and keeping certain units alive in order to unlock the true ending which can make a first playthrough a bit of a nightmare.
  8. I could probably get through FE6 just by looking at numbers and looking at different icons, to see what each weapon actually is.
  9. Bad unit/Good character: Totally Virion. He has amazing supports, like the chess one with Robin and I like his character design. It's a shame he's an archer with bad speed and strength and basically no redeeming factors. Good unit/Bad character: Ugh Rutger. I can't stand him, he's just a generic edgelord but that critical bonus as a swordmaster and the HM bonuses are just too good not to pass up.
  10. Alright here we go... FE1- Tomth and Mishelin are lol, armour knights with atrocious bases, growths that aren't getting them anywhere, and don't even have the decency to join with a weapon. FE2- Not familiar enough with Gaiden FE3 (Book 2)- Not familiar enough with Mystery of the Emblem FE4- Not familar enough with Genealogy FE5- Not familiar enough with Thracia FE6- Wendy is the obvious answer. Gross bases, is an armour knight, the worst class in the game, and conveniently joins right before axeland. Not to mention Bors turns out better anyways (not that he's great either). FE7- Why put tons of effort and experience into training Nino, when Pent joins prepackaged with bases that last the rest of the game and sweet weapon ranks? She's just not worth it. FE8- Amelia. She joins with mediocre base stats, meh growth rates, and has slight availability issues. Not to mention the game throws a Paladin at you at the very first chapter with base stats and growth rates that make him better than Amelia even when both are at max level. At least she comes with a Speedwing? FE9- It's a hard call, but I'll say Rolf. He takes a bit too much effort to train and I prefer Astrid as she's a Bow Knight in a game where mounted units reign supreme. What is the advantage of Snipers anyways? Longbow access? FE10- Not too familiar with Radiant Dawn but I hear Meg is Wendy 2: Return of the 9/10 unit FE13- Ricken. Has mediocre stats overall, especially in speed and I generally prefer Dark mages in Awakening due to access to the Nosferatu tome and higher defense while still usually having good spped. Conquest- Benny. Unlike Effie, who can be a Great Knight due to not having huge speed issues, and not needing wary fighter, Benny absolutely needs to be a General to get Wary Fighter to not be doubled. And sure, he's a tank, but there's not much to tank if he's not going anywhere, unlike Effie as a Great Knight who can keep up with your other mounts. Birthright- Mozu, unlike in conquest where she can be decent by manning the second ballista, and being one of your only bow users, in Birthright, Takumi exists and outclasses her in nearly every way. Revelation- Nyx. Horrible bases (seriously IS, could you at least buff units not named Hayato and Silas a little bit?), joins a bit late, is incredibly frail and it's especially sad when you see someone like Shura with insane bases join in the exact same chapter. EDIT: Formatting
  11. Ignis > Ignatius is my favourite change. Harold > Arthur is terrible though, especially when we already have an Arthur and an Artur in the series.
  12. Ephraim "I don't pick fights I cannot win." "Losing is not an option." "For Renais!" "My spear hand is ready." Eirika "Brother, are you watching?" "War only brings sorrow..." "I will not let Renais fall!" "I dislike fighting, but..." Alm "No mercy!!" "I will conquer you!" "On the battlefield, there's no time for politics!" Zephiel "You shall not bar my path!" Valter "My thirst for blood will now be sated!" Joshua "Your luck has just ran out!" Marcia "Clambake fool!" "Stuff it, sponge brain!"
  13. My opinions on every portrait: Marth: He's okay. There's really nothing bad to say about it, but it's not exceptional either. Roy: He looks cool. I like how it manages to make a character like Roy look like a badass. Micaiah: It's absolutely terrible. The ugly outfit, pose and facial expression are extremely unfitting for her character, and why is she a dark mage, when she's supposed to be a light mage? I'm ashamed to even say this is Micaiah. It's my least favourite DLC art by far. Leif/Leaf: I like it. It's done by the same person who did the FE8 artwork and FE9 portraits and he looks cool in the artwork. Overall one of my favourite DLC artworks. Seliph/Celice: I don't really like it. His facial expression doesn't really fit and his outfit looks pretty bad. Alm: I love it. Gaiden's artwork isn't exactly eye-pleasing so it's nice to see a good piece of artwork of Alm. It really fits his personality. His outfit looks great, as well as his pose. One of my favourites. Lyn: She looks pretty good, but I think the legs look pretty bad. Elincia: I don't like it. It doesn't fit her at all. I almost didn't recognise her. Eirika: Not a fan of it. Why is she wearing a wedding dress in the first place, other than fanservice? It's very unfitting. She's not even wielding a sword, she's wielding a staff, which she never uses in FE8. What's next? Ephraim the Groom? Ephraim: This one is definitely my favourite. He looks serious, calm, badass and confident, very fitting of his personality. The armour looks great, too. Celica: I dislike this one too. In Gaiden she was actually pretty badass and then we see her here with a generic anime pose and expression. Even her original Gaiden artwork looks better than this. Not to mention she's drawn by a porn artist. Ike: Ew. All I can say is he looks awful. Also, where is his hand? It looks like he has a sword for a hand. Catria: Eh, it's okay. Nothing spectacular. Palla: Meh. I hate the panty shot. What happened to the mature Palla I know? Est: Not a huge fan art of the artstyle but it's okay. Katarina: I actually like it. It's cool how they made her a Grandmaster and there's nothing really wrong with it. From best to worst: Ephraim Leif/Leaf Roy Alm Katarina Marth Lyn Seliph/Celice Catria Est Elincia Eirika Ike Celica Palla Micaiah
  14. Name: Either Corrin or Kamui, still deciding which to use Gender: Female Alignment: Nohr Secondary Class: Pegasus Knight Appearance: Relatively similar to the default, I may make some changes Husbando: Silas
  15. I like this idea. It makes more sense to have a conversation than to pet someone's face, and I'm pretty sure most people only cared about the skinship because of the Live2D models.
  16. I'm playing Conquest first, but I'm interested in Hana and Takumi as far as Birthright characters go.
  17. "Pick a god and pray!" - Frederick "Gregor SMASH!" - Gregor "I'm going to KILL you!" - Henry "Hot death comin' through!" - Basilio "I will ruin you!" - Maribelle "Die, with magnificence!" - Virion "BLOOD AND THUNDER!!" - Noire "Rest in pieces!" - Cherche "Say goodnight!" - Severa "I'm a man of passion!" - Inigo "Have some death!" - Henry "To the ABYSS with you!!" - Noire Awakening has so many great quotes...
  18. I haven't been here for a while. I'm hoping to post here more.

  19. Wendy is trash, because she's an armour knight, one of the worst classes in Binding Blade and she has terrible bases. I would much rather use Bors and I wouldn't even use him anyways. Of course it's fun to laugh at the Gamefaqs guide from like 2001 that rates her 9/10.
  20. This happened to me, on random FE7 http://imgur.com/j94noGu
  21. On Eliwood mode I promote Hector first and on Hector mode I promote Eliwood first.
  22. Favourite: Sages. They are just really cool, especially in the GBA games and I like a lot of members of the class, such as Pent and Lute. They have good magic and speed, making them very effective combat units, and can even work as supporting units, since they can use staves. Least Favourite: Probably Warriors. All they have going for them is HP and Strength. They have really bad Speed, Defense, and Resistance, making them hard to keep alive on the battlefield. Berserkers also completely outclass them, I would much rather have super high crit, more speed, and the ability to move through mountains and water than bows and maybe a bit better strength. The only exception to this is Nolan, from what I have played of Radiant Dawn, he's an amazing unit, and really carries the Dawn Brigade.
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