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  1. LOL, FUCK ME I was just playing FE8 and I was at the final chapter. I weaken Lyon to 47 HP, and Ephraim does 23 with Siegmund and doubles him. Apparently my logic states that kills, so I do it, it leaves Lyon at 1 HP, Lyon almost kills him, I pray he misses on enemy phase, but no such luck and he kills Ephraim. I don't even suck at math, my brain just completely fucked up for a second.
  2. Awakening. Some chapters on FE8 Hard Mode actually give me trouble, such as Victims of War, Phantom Ship, Father and Son and Last Hope.
  3. I don't know my blood type, so Light because I was born in January. I like the Light affinity, I feel I would have it or Anima if I were a FE character.
  4. My Ephraim is defense screwed, he has 11 defense at Level 1 promoted. But that wasn't as bad as my Ross, who I actually dropped. 13 Strength at Level 11 Pirate when he should have 17 by average.
  5. I'm not sure if I have posted here, but I want to thank you for the great translation patch, it's really good. I wouldn't even be able to tell this from an official translation.
  6. Ok I was just playing FE8 and a Pirate hit Joshua with 4%. It didn't kill him though.
  7. I have seen a picture before of Ephraim getting killed by like a 8% javelin hit.
  8. When I really sucked at Fire Emblem, I was at Cog of Destiny and Eliwood was Level 7 Lord, and Hector was Level 5 Lord.
  9. FE6: Arcadia is tedious and boring. Also Desert + Fog of War is a terrible combination, especially with wyvern knights rushing you. FE7: Not a big fan of Battle Before Dawn. Zephiel and Jaffar also do stupid things, which get them killed. FE8: I remember Father and Son being extremely hard. On my current FE8 run, I'm about to reach it, so I'll see how hard it really is. FE10: Not far enough in the game to say. FE13: The first Walhart chapter. Horrible map design. Cavalry charging at you in an open field isn't fun. Also the Tiki map. Seriously, a defend map with a route objective?
  10. My favourite is Blazing Sword, and my top three would most likely be the GBA triology.
  11. I prefer Axes and Lances, to make them different from Falcon Knights, and because axes are cooler.
  12. There actually is a FE7 commercial I know of, but it was really bad. It didn't resemble Fire Emblem at all and it had a bunch of men at a table, one falls out of his chair, and a man says "What happened to Dorcas?" and another answers "I poisoned his mutton!" Then it says "Fire Emblem, trust no one" which ironically completely goes against the theme of FE.
  13. Not sure if I actually replied to this topic. Rutger is the "best" and Joshua is my favourite.
  14. HUGE lack of advertising for the series. Awakening was successful because they stepped up their advertising.
  15. Well that explains it. I like to spend turns grinding supports. I don't arena abuse, I'm actually scared of even entering the arena.
  16. Best: Seth. Seriously, better growths then Franz? Did they make him OP on purpose? Worst: FE1 Jeigan. His bases are barely better than Cain and Abel and his growths are terrible. Favourite: Seth. I like his relationship with Eirika, he's cool and red hair is always good in my book. Marcus is also cool, in both FE6 and FE7 and Jeigan is a fucking BADASS in FE3, when he threatens Lang. Least Favourite: Arran, he's just meh.
  17. I think Fire Emblem is more focused on gameplay. Usually the stories aren't amazing, but good enough to give a reason for the gameplay.
  18. I don't really care about rankings, but my tactics score is always 1 star or 2 stars. Am I really that terrible of a tactician? My other scores are like 4 or 5.
  19. Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light is outdated and unplayable, in my opinion. At least Shadow Dragon isn't quite as ugly to look at. And since people are saying not to vote games you haven't played, I will add that I have played FE1 on an emulator and nearly cried of boredom. Also I find it interesting that the Mystery of the Emblem games are some of the only to have 0 votes (aside from fates and path of radiance).
  20. Best (from a gameplay standpoint): Zeiss, because apparently he is like Miledy Jr., and I know Miledy is pretty good. Haven't recruited him yet, though. Worst (from a gameplay standpoint): Sophia, haven't made it to Chapter 14 yet, but she has really bad bases (seriously, weighed down by flux?), and has like the worst possible join chapter, and judging from average stats, the payoff isn't even good because she barely has better stats than Raigh while being a pain to train. Favourite (from character standpoint): Nino, her backstory was tragic and I like her optimistic personality. Least Favourite (from character standpoint): Est, like most FE1 and FE3 characters, barring a few, she is just boring.
  21. Blazing Sword has everything I would want in a FE game.
  22. Ray to Raigh, it makes his name closer to his twin's name. Erik to Eirika, because Erik is more of a male name, and Eirika fits her personality more. Also there was already another character named Erik. Celice to Seliph, Celice was too close to Celica. Deick to Deke. Dieck is... an unfortunate spelling.
  23. I guess if the games count, I have a physical copy of FE7 and FE10, FE8 on the 3DS VC, FE7 on the Wii U VC (my brother wanted a copy too) and a digital copy of FE13.
  24. They are some of my favourite units. They are extremely useful, with their ability to steal, use lockpicks/have locktouch skill, increase line of sight in fog of war, and can even become assassins and have incredible combat in certain games. It also helps that Matthew is one of my favourite characters personality wise.
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