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  1. I disagree - gaining weapon ranks was rarely an issue. Binding Blade and Thracia were about the only games in which it was an issue. As a result, I think it was better than the other two. On the other hand, fixed weapon ranks is one of the many, many facets of Genealogy's atrocious balance and why it's essentially "The Rich Get Richer: The Game".
  2. It's from Find Mii. Nah. I just like that sound, and like to make him say it in the first two Mario Party games (or "OH MY GOD!" if I'm playing the first one in Japanese). I think Pegasus Knight may have been intended as an advanced class at some point in development.
  3. Think that was bad? Try M. Bison. Or Dark Emperor.
  4. For general advice, I'd advise the following: -Keeping lighter weapons around to avoid being doubled -Having a steel weapon for use with combat arts -Use bows often I dunno - I think there are better uses for Claude's ability slots than the Battalion skills. Does he? Because I've seen nothing of the sort. @ TC, I'd reconsider going for S+ rank in general, and S rank on non-mages - the weapon crit skills aren't that great as to justify all the investment.
  5. I'm not sure it'd be worth it, considering the Crusher is rather heavy and inaccurate, to say nothing of needing to get up close to whatever you're attacking, which is pretty much guaranteed to end poorly for Annette should she whiff. Not to mention the fact that, as a magic weapon, it loses durability even if you miss. Good point, but Armored Knight and Fortress Knight are also guard adjutant classes, and don't require investing in two non-weapon proficiencies to class into. And I ask again, what are your plans for ability setups?
  6. The problem I have is that one, they don't get authority experience with certain exceptions, and second, some of the most helpful skills are from intermediate classes. I'm not sure that late recruitment is worth it with that in mind... I'd hate to have to delay going into advanced classes.
  7. You're going to have to do better than just saying EO is awful if you want any chance of being listened to. Also, you're literally the only person who I've seen insist that Swordmaster is better than it.
  8. Anyway, other stuff that came to mind: -Getting Byleth to A swords might be in your best interest, as it gets them Windsweep, which doesn't allow counters. -I'd recruit Petra and Bernadetta - the former is a ginormous pain in the ass to fight, and the latter is the only unit with Encloser. Actually, the accuracy drop is only 20 per extra space. @ TC, why Great Knights for adjutants, and what are your ability plans?
  9. I beg to differ, given that I don't have to bust my ass to get it like I have to do with, say, Wyvern Lord. Fixed for accuracy.
  10. As far as Spirit battles go, it is pretty nasty. You face Zero Suit Samus on the Omega form of Garden of Hope, with a poison floor. Making matters worse, it's a timed stamina battle, Zero Suit Samus starts with way more health than you (180 versus your 120 [145 if you use a Stamina up spirit; you could go higher, but you need Poison Floor immunity OR Madama Butterfly's spirit to even have a chance]), and she gets a defense up effect early (by which I mean once her health goes below 150... when the game says it happens at high damage).
  11. One, I would just have Mercedes go for Gremory instead of Holy Knight - Holy Knight doesn't offer anything that makes it worth going for. Two, I wouldn't bother with the Bolt Axe if you're making Annette a Gremory - it's too heavy and too inaccurate. Third, Flayn needs Reason for Gremory, so I'd just go for that instead, as she's not going to be doing much with a Crescent Sickle. Also, War Master is male only, so Catherine can't be one. What's more, Dimitri is weak in axes, so you might want to change that.
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