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  1. If you can believe it, the person she was arranged to be married to is even worse.
  2. Welp. I knew this was doomed to phail. Though it at least lasted longer than I expected.
  3. Yeah. That said, Dheginsea actually had weaknesses to exploit in the form of thunder magic and wyrmslayers. Aside from those, Dheg can be outranged by a Marksman (Ena and Kurthnaga, both of whom are forced to come to endgame, can also attack him without him countering, which leaves me with at least one out). Going back to Nemesis, even with the Elites dead, 54 defense is still a lot. And Lysithea has rock-bottom durability against someone with 70+ atk - you don't need to be Columbo to discern what happens to her if she misses. Or that Blessing won't save her because the second hit will do her in anyhow. How in the name of Hylia will you pierce 80+ defense??? There's no physical equivalent to Luna, last I checked. . . Also, iirc, you said "while he's on the stronghold". Good luck with that, bub, considering he has 99 avoid with the Elites alive (also, Poison Strike, unlike in Fates, requires the user to actually connect). Byleth, sure, as they're the main character, and thus must be used (that said, everyone here is "blah blah blah Wyvern Lord"), but Lysithea isn't guaranteed to see use (shocking, I know). Also, Poison Strike, like I said, is locked to a male-exclusive class that I probably won't bother with because it sucks unless your name is Hubert, and most of the male units that are not Byleth or a lord (Claude in this case) are of dubious quality at best; the only good one that I can think of off the top of my head (Felix) is weak in Reason.
  4. You're still wasting effort trying to raise three skills when one of them will be irrelevant in the long run. Also, while I think Swordmaster is a decent class, the combat art you get for mastering it is useless. Magic isn't infinite, but heavy weapons (axes) and fragile units (mages) don't mix. Especially when your class path largely is a magic one. About the only good reason to train Annette in axes is if you wanted to use the Bolt Axe, which is a laughable weapon with high weight and poor hit.
  5. And even if he could kill, the enemy can just bypass that with a gambit, which, due to his low charm, will likely connect, and leave him open for something else to kill him (if it didn't kill him).
  6. Unfortunately for Ashe, not only is Vantage/Wrath not that good, he's outclassed at it by Dimitri, who gets the Battalion versions of both, which are much safer due to not needing half health or less.
  7. False. While his personal is good early on, in the long run, it's questionable when battalions that give boosts rivalling or even surpassing his personal come along. Hell, even a few E rank battalions give an attack boost that comes close to his personal anyway.
  8. I would go for Thief over Mage and Bishop. The fact that this needs a lot of training in swords, axes, and brawling is off-putting. You'd be better off chopping either the sword classes or the axe classes. As stated earlier, Warrior is blatantly out of place. I would consider going for Gremory instead of Holy Knight. Or even staying in Bishop. Holy Knight is too much effort and not worth it. Drop Dark Bishop.
  9. As stated earlier, it's unreliable. You'd be better off having armored units, which I'm sure you're referring to, just avoid mages in the first place.
  10. Would run for the hills (or at least the nearest door) if he saw three big Bowsers stacked on top of each other coming at him.
  11. The problem is, in terms of healing, Holy Knight is far inferior to Bishop. The horse doesn't even come close to making up for the loss of doubled white magic uses and extra healing. The result? Anyone who could work as a Holy Knight would be better either going to Dark Knight or Gremory instead, or even staying in Bishop.
  12. Just because they're a perfect fit for the class doesn't mean the class is worth putting them in, especially if the class is bad, which Holy Knight is. At any rate, do you seriously have no problem with the fact your proposed Ferdinand build requires training in lances, axes, heavy armor, riding AND flying???? Because that's really spreading yourself thin, especially with the fact that you'll probably want to invest in authority on top of all that.
  13. You aren't bothered as much as I am by the fact that the OP's class paths are too damn long?
  14. To be blunt, I think Sol Master Ninja is extremely overrated. It's just not a reliable survival method. At best, you only have a little over a 1/3 chance of Sol activating. That's already rather lousy. But factor in the fact that Sol only works well if the opponent is healthy then it triggers, and it only looks even worse than it already is. That's not the type of chances I want my units' survival to hinge on. Especially not in a game where evade-reliant units are much more likely to get hit.
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