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  1. IIRC, it doesn't matter for the other effects; the crest only determines the damage halving.
  2. Which completely ignores that you won't be waltzing around with level 5 prowess skills for most of the game. How Axe Prowess 5 and Sword Prowess 5 stack up doesn't mean anything when both are irrelevant for nearly all the goddamn game. That being said, I find it hard to find good reasons to use axes much in a game where weight is a thing again, except you can't offset weight penalties as easily as in (most of) the prior games where weight was a factor. Bold: That's a laugh, considering that Ingrid and Hilda have lower magic growths and two magic spells until A rank. Also, I think you're underrating wind magic, as it's reliable, which is far more positive than I can say of the Bolt Axe and Crusher. The rest: Even though Gilbert sucks and the Crusher makes SSB64 Link's recovery look good? Honestly, I consider the latter a candidate for most useless relic in the game - and I already have issue with the usefulness of most relic weapons, so you bet your ass I'm gonna have issue with a heavy and inaccurate relic weapon that'll do nothing but get its user killed if she doesn't kill whatever she's trying to attack with it because it's a range 1 weapon that gets her doubled by damn near everything. Also, I think "no pain, no gain" is naive, foolish, and most of all, bullshit. Besides, I am not some mad scientist who will sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of quarter-baked gimmicks, which you certainly seem to be. I mean, War Cleric Constance?? When she starts with an E in Brawling??? You must be trolling me. And I much think you're overrating her, so... we're kinda stuck. My point is that I have to waste even more resources to suboptimal use to fix Wyvern Annette than I am comfortable with, Cichol Wyverns being one of them (obviously, I'd rather give it to someone who's, you know, physical, so that +7 physical attack actually does something). Also, I just don't like axes in this game - nearly all of them are too heavy for me to abide when you can't offset weight penalties as easily as in most prior games where weight was a factor.
  3. Wait, it's a digital exclusive? Because I thought it wasn't...
  4. I'm not surprised. They did it before in DoA5, and Koei Tecmo does have associations with Gust these days.
  5. Speaking of, did you get it? Because I couldn't find it at the GameStop I went to. The clerk there never even heard of it.
  6. I dunno. I mean, the first Atelier game had a heroine whose outfit exposed her midriff. That's a huge reason why I prefer the male's design. And I don't even have an issue with female characters wearing outfits that expose their midriffs most of the time.
  7. Which requires DLC, which not everyone has or is willing to get. That being said, Arcane Crystals are buyable later on, but they're not exactly cheap. Where? Because this almost sounds like that running gag from the Pokemon anime about a certain character constantly having his name gotten wrong, and him always flipping his lid over it. To get back to the topic at hand, I'm for unorthodox builds, but unlike you, I draw the line when it is blatantly obvious that I'm wasting that character's potential. And both of these don't just cross the line, they take a running leap over that line. I mean, it does NOT speak well of the Aura Knuckles that I have to get DLC AND go out of my way to qualify for a rather shitty class with a specific unit to get any use out of them. It gets even worse when said character is also the only feasible user of Bolting (as the other units who learn it are Hilda, who has no inclination to magic at all, and Manuela, who has a weakness in Reason; they also start at E, so good luck with that). You cannot convince me that it's okay to lose three Bolting uses just to make the shitfest that is the Aura Knuckles usable. Second, in what fashion is Annette "crippled" outside of Blue Lions??? I'd say they're still better than axes magic weapon wise, considering that the only magic axes murder your AS and are deplorably inaccurate to boot - a losing combination when missed attacks cost you durability. This isn't helped by the only feasible users of them being weak in bows.
  8. To be fair, its extra range does help with linked attacks. Sure, some combat arts can replicate the range, but they can’t replicate that.
  9. It’s brilliant comedy - except for the part where it’s too much input for not enough output, that is. Why in the name of Anankos would I bother with her (worthless) budding talent??? It’s ANNETTE, god damn it. If you have the audacity to back a gimmick, the least you could do is get her name right. Also, that implies that one, I’m willing to invest in axes for her (hell to the no), two, that I’m going to waste one of the good flying battalions on a magic attacker (get serious), and three, that I’m willing to go out of my way to get her into wyvern in the first place (fuhgeddaboudit).
  10. Given that only a handful of classes use magic in the first place, that isn’t the problem. I’m more miffed with offensive white magic being a waste of space. The weight is only one issue. I’m more concerned about the shit accuracy - the real reason I consider the Bolt Axe a waste of space. Between the magic hit formula and the fact it’s already tied for the least accurate weapon in the game, I find it very, very, VERY hard to justify using the Bolt Axe. I’m not gonna lie - it’s still far better than the joke that is the Aura Knuckles.
  11. I would say yes to the Lord class. Boosted Authority rate and the Charm ability are good.
  12. I would say it still is, given that they’re still rangelocked, and to be blunt, it says nothing good of the Aura Knuckles that I have to commit to a really gimmicky build to use them.
  13. I dunno about you, but that doesn't impress me considering you're wasting one of the few good flying battalions on someone who doesn't even benefit that much from it. That being said, I admit there are ways to increase hit, but not all of them are practical.
  14. I dunno - honestly I felt that relics are too expensive to repair for how useful they are(n’t). Conventional weaponry tends to be more useful overall nine times out of ten. Well, whaddya expect? Being able to hit hard doesn’t mean a damn if, you know, you can’t hit in the first place.
  15. Honestly, I find Pavise irritating - it doesn’t do much for the units that are likely to go to Fortress Knight, and most of them either aren’t likely to care about physical damage or don’t have good dexterity. While some relics have it, they need the appropriate crest, which limits how useful the effect can be; only Felix, Mercedes, Lorenz, Lysithea and Yuri can use it on non-NG+ runs. I dunno...
  16. Standard weapons: 3H does fine in this regard since they’re generally worth using. Specialty weapons: They have niche uses. Not much more to say. Magic weapons: And here’s where the wheat and the chaff are glaringly obvious. The Levin Sword is great, but most of the others, not so much. Especially the Aura Knuckles, which require A in Brawling, while most of the units that have a strength in Brawling have terrible magic growths. The Bolt Axe is little better. Sure, not much spells can compete with its 14 might, but the 15 weight and 60 base hit are dealbreakers. Not helping matters is that the units that could make it work are both weak in bows. Relics - Simply put, axes drew the short straw. The Crusher has a dismal 60 base hit, which is no bueno considering it’s supposed to be used by a mage. The 11 weight does it no favors. Aymr has the same hit, and even worse, requires Agarthium to repair. Neither is helped by their intended users being weak in bows. That being said, I find it interesting that they require certain units to get the most out of them, and that crestless units take damage when trying to use them. Magic - Faith drew the short straw in terms of offensive options. Not much else to say. What makes you say that? Because about the few relics I found worthwhile are swords.
  17. Yeah, never mind the fact that you still need S rank in authority, which you have yet to address the impracticality of. Or that Physic only has five uses unless you’re a Bishop or Gremory, the latter of which he’s locked out of. Or that Ignatz won’t have good range with Physic.
  18. That does not explain why the hell I would want to waste time and instruction points trying to get Ignatz to S authority for Rally Strength when anything over A rank is unnecessary and it’s infinitely more practical to just recruit Annette instead.
  19. If I wanted Speed and Strength rallies on the same unit I’d just recruit Annette. It’s ten billion percent more practical than trying to get Ignatz to S authority.
  20. Probably knows metal slimes are quick to flee.
  21. Darn it, Shallistera... where do you get off calling contaminated water “valuable”?
  22. Might have found the last fights in chapter 6 especially stressful.
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