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  1. Okay, well, before I sort anyone I kind of need to showcase the system I use to sort people, because it's a little irregular and relies less on traits and more on a person's morality and how they approach problems. Traits are nice, but morality/problem solving allows for more facets of each house to be explored (positively, negatively, and neutrally). Anyway, here it is in full. I usually work off what's shown in the basics link. It's a good read, even if you're not into it. But, for a quick summary: And some charts. I mean, I'll gladly take requests if there's a character you want me to sort like this because I don't even know where to start. There's a lot of characters.
  2. I don't even have a set team anymore. I'd need like, four teams to catch and use everything I want. Mimikyu is a definite though. It has his own lil' section of my heart.
  3. Gooooood morning ladies and gents and nonbinary persons, I'm Vash and this is an update on the latest Sun and Moon news. On we go~ New Pokemon New Trainers I do believe that is everything!
  4. I can totally fire off some opinions real quick though, plus this gets them out of my head so I don't accidentally muck up the info post with 'em. 1. Silvally looks awesome. Awesome, and, now that we've seen what its typing/hold items allows it to do, this plus its description as being a Legendary-killer, I think we can safely guess what Pokemon its meant to rival. That has some... interesting implications. 2. I love the dragons, that's some of the coolest designs I've seen in a gen full of cool designs, I'm so hyped. (Also nice, Dragon/Fighting confirmed. I think this is a first for this typing.) 3. THE BOUNSWEET LINE IS SO CUTE. I mean, Tsareena is beautiful but Steenee is so frikkin' precious I might slap an Everstone on the thing. Or just never use its evolution stone, however it evolves. 4. RIBOMBEE'S LIL CAPE. 5. Okay while I was initially kind of "ugh, okay" about Alolan Muk... holy fucking shit. That Grimer. I... I actually want it. It looks badass. 6. I'm going to marry Olivia. 7. Ilima looks AMAZING. Oh my gosh I love them. Why are the normal-type trainers so cute??? Okay that's... all the opinion posts. Now post time.
  5. Hey so, if you want an update post from me I might be able to crunch one out real quick now or wait until I come back later this afternoon, whatever's cleverest for y'all. I just got up again and saw the news I haven't even watched it yet. But I can see already that Gardevoir's going to have some competition in the Pokemon waifu department already........
  6. That's... exactly why I kind of want it? I mean, the Underground is a nice concept but it never did look like something I'd go down and do myself. It's a bit like berry farming for me, unfortunately - useful, but frankly ignorable enough to where you can function fine even if you never use it. So I was thinking that for people who didn't like going down and exploring the Underground yourself, you could use your PC pokemon instead (probably for some kind of cost, of course, but that's fine). I understand this is probably an unpopular opinion and you in no way have to agree but, I'm just sharing mine. Sorry. I know, I know. ... I wish I had been about the time. :P But I'm glad I can be of service!
  7. Depends on the company you keep. Listen the starter summaries took a goddamn hour because I was trying not to just straight up quote the site.
  8. We all know why I'm here and we're here so let's just speed on along. New Pokemon Festival Plaza The Festival Plaza is a feature that allows for interaction with other players (like the Mii Plaza I'm sure), and there you can complete requests given to you by other players for Festival Coins, which you can use to buy special clothes, dyes, and items. (Including what looks like special tourist items from each region?) Seems like it'll be a nice, fun way to use the Streetpass function! (Considering I still don't know what the purpose of the XY Streetpass is, I quite like this...) Poke Pelago Poke Pelago appears to be a resort-like area specifically for the Pokemon you've deposited the PC. Run by a person named Mohn, the island to engage in all kinds of activities. You can attract wild Pokemon with Pokebeans to join your game from an island called Isle Abeens (cute), Isle Aphun allows Pokemon to scavenge and mine for rare stones and items, and Isle Evelup allows your PC Pokemon to gain experience and train through activity and drinks (like the smoothies from Pokemon XY). A very cute way to let your PC Pokemon do more than take up space. I think this is a great feature and I'd love to see it in other games. (Like idk... remade Sinnoh maybe...) Mega Evolution Mega Evolution's back! ... I don't know what to say here, there aren't any new Mega Evolutions revealed so it's just. Well. Yay if you wanted it? Sun/Moon Special Demo The demo for Sun/Moon will be released on the eShop on October 18th, 2016, and feature a special event Pokemon that can be carried over to the full game when it releases - Ash-Greninja, with the new ability Battle Bond. There's... also not much else to say about this, it's just -- here it is, enjoy, if you want it. And this is just about everything! Hopefully this is a good summary despite me being extra me today.
  9. Okay but quickly: the music playing during the starter evolution reveal is rad as hell and I'm praying we get it to here it some more in game. All I wanted to say. Carry on.
  10. I did not want those leaks to be any kind of legit but here we are. Damn. Now I'm really hoping for the split-evolution thing just for Litten's sake. I mean, Torracat looks amazing but fuck me, that final. Not that this matters to ME, I mean, go Rowlet or go tf home. But anyway! Everything else looks like it's going to be a blast. I LOVE the fact that you can do things with your PC Pokemon! (Considering how in Y I just kind of... collected spares for WTing this is gonna be so profitable~) Also do we need an overview post? Always up for one if necessary.
  11. Yooooooo! I kinda like Midday Lyconroc a bit more but Oranguru steals the cake for me. Moon It Is. (I mean, was there ever any doubt?) Although since it's mentioned that Rockruff shares an evolutionary secret with the starters... and we've seen what it is... could it be...? ALSO YOU CAN GROOM YOUR POKEMON And I LOVE the new customization options. Dressing up was really fun in Kalos so it looks like it's gonna be a BLAST here. And the animation for Pikachu's Z-move is adorable. I'm squealing.
  12. OMG THIS WOULD BE SO COOL! Maybe that's why the different versions are set at different times. While you could get either form in either day, maybe the daytime form will be more associated with Sun, and the nighttime form with Moon.
  13. And I was juuuust about to swing in here with the images myself but -- there it is. Okay Rockruff is awesome and I kind of want both forms but is anyone else looking at UB-02 Beauty and thinking what I'm thinking?
  14. I mean, it's Wikipedia, but here's a whole little explanation of the archaic meaning of aether. It's basically classified as the fifth Western element, along the likes of fire, water, earth, and air, 'cept a lot of things prefer to stick to the classic four since aether is harder to grasp as a concept.
  15. [/throws myself into a hole] I am never getting out of Owain hell ever, it seems.
  16. A new day, a new summary post. Let's just knock this out real quick, shall we? *Just note that for this post to lay out The Facts so no theorycrafting from me in this post. New Pokemon/Alolan Forms Time Differences The Aether Foundation Gladion Zygarde Cells and Cores Pokemon Sna - uh, Poke Finder Ultra Beasts And that, I do believe, is everything. Sorry about the wait for this, typing this up took longer than it normally does. ~~
  17. I mean, it's canonically happened though. Zoroark is known for being an illusion Pokemon. It has the same ability as Ditto, and isn't there something in canon about Ditto being able to shift into people, or is that also a theory? Actually, speaking of theories we've already got that really popular theory that Ditto are actually failed clones of Mewtwo. Mewtwo, which is a created Pokemon. They might have been trying to make something else and got UB-01 instead, which could tie into its instability and ability to change forms. I mean, these are all just theories, but there's enough little hints from past instances with shifting into humans and the flavor text from the site itself to make this something to think about, at the least.
  18. Well, I'm here and it shouldn't take too long so ~ If UB-01 is actually Lillie, I'll eat my own hat. (That's actually a little sad, in a way. You go and make a friend you thoroughly believe is human and then you find out they're the unnamed, unexplained monstrous threat and you're going to have to take them down.) Okay but, with all this in mind. What if Lusamine is Lillie's mother? Just, not in the way we're expecting her to be. Lusamine created UB-01, and it takes the form of a young girl, which is its favorite form. Lusamine raised Lillie like she was her daughter and most people know nothing about the truth, because UB-01 is smart enough to not reveal itself. Except Gladion knows. Gladion knows, and he knows that UB-01 is dangerous and he's sickened by the thought that Lusamine is just letting this thing wreck havoc for The Foundation's amusement, so he rebels against The Foundation and joins Team Skull, and tells Guzma, and Guzma makes Gladion his enforcer and sends him to scout out for UB-01 while Guzma and Plumeria build up their resources to confront The Foundation. Forgetting someone? Actually let me be blatantly clear with what I'm referencing here: The Lostlorn Forest event in Black/White and Black 2/White 2. TD;LR a Zoroark deliberately takes the form of a human woman to trick people and pokemon away from her home.
  19. Okay, so, while I'm here, for once (sorry about the last couple of times). Summary post, y/n?
  20. I'm actually really intrigued by all of this. Lillie seems like she's clearly connected to the Aether Foundation - same color scheme, even looks like Lusamine. And since the Aether Foundation more likely that not is trying to stop Team Skull, so Lillie is probably related to the President (daughter? niece?) and uses her connections with them and the professor to assist you on your journey. And all the new Pokemon look really cool - well, and then there's Raticate but... it's a Raticate. I don't know what you were expecting. But holy shit, Type: Null? UB-01? UB-01 is REALLY interesting because it's got nearly the exact same color scheme as Lillie. Crack-pot theory time. Lillie is actually a Pokemon disguised as a human trying to assist its fellow legendaries from being stolen and used for evil by Team Skull. Plot twist. And ULTRA BEASTS. BOY. STUFF'S GETTING REAL. (Also Gladion is cute af. I'd let him fight me.) Also Amazing. Ratatouille is real and alive in 2016.
  21. We're all going to the nearest Denny's right now, we're gonna be the cutest forum posters on the BLOCK.
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