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  1. Generally speaking, you're going to want +5 Mt, +15 Hit. Less accurate supports, like Berserkers may want to flip it to +25 Hit and +3 Mt. I guess Waste would also want that, but there's little incentive to use that over Celica's. Don't bother with Crit unless you're very specifically making a character with the setup for it. Enemy Luck gets so high that it's a complete waste anywhere else. There's not really that much else to it, since forges don't have as much flex to them as the characters themselves.
  2. Hey, if you can handle vanilla Lunatic, it's really not the biggest leap to Lunatic+, but I can understand wanting to tackle all the other games first. Speaking of Lunatic+, going to be starting attempts pretty soon: https://www.twitch.tv/kuroitsubasatenshi
  3. Attempts, now with fewer plumbing issues. https://www.twitch.tv/kuroitsubasatenshi
  4. Okay, actually doing the attempts now: https://www.twitch.tv/kuroitsubasatenshi
  5. I do need to take breaks every now and again to avoid burnout, but no matter how many new FEs come out, Awakening keeps calling back to me. Three Houses caused a pretty extended break on account of how long covering the majority of the content in it took, though that's kind of a good thing. Despite how annoying it is to get out of practice and the time required to fix it, getting distance from the Awakening strats makes it easier to objectively reevaluate them down the line.
  6. Picking this back up again and have been looking at making some revisions. Not updating the guide yet, as I'd like to trial them against real runs first. Probably the most interesting thing I'm trying is having Miriel available as a viable pair option. Basically, I've never been fully satisfied with the crit Thunder being used with average or better Robins. That's supposed to be more of a desperation move for below-average Robins. A Robin with slightly above-average Mag can, with a Miriel C and a Flux +5 Mt, start one-shotting the non-HP+5 Fighters and Cavaliers in C6. C7 enemies also aren't much bulkier, so its usefulness extends into there as well. However, there are two main downsides thus far. The first is that trying to fit Miriel into the support routing is a pain. C3 and C5 are Miriel's best opportunities to get points, but the need for flexible position and pairing means it's easy for her to get edged out of Robin's top 3 for the map. C2 is also theoretically a place where that could happen, but Chrom, Fred and Lissa tend to accumulate tons of points with Robin there. The other issue is the loss of bulk. Hitting the Miriel C helps soften that a bit, since we get to maintain the +10 Avoid, but ideally, Robin's Def and HP should be average or better. In short, an uncommon scenario with lots of moving parts. So far, I've missed getting the support by the end of C5 as often as not, so not the greatest results. Considering spending the Seed of Trust to start skewing things in my favour. Similarly to Miriel, but with support gain being more consistent, is using Lissa as a back-up pair partner when Robin is a few points short of hitting Mag thresholds. So far, I've used her in P4 and C9. The obvious downsides are disruption to who is deployed and who is paired to whom. This can make it difficult to get people where they need to be or screw with AI movement. This is basically something I'd like to test against quite a few more skill combinations. Then there's a couple strategies that are farther along in testing, such that, unless I discover some kind of major flaw over the next few runs, they'll probably end up getting added. These are basically the C23 and C24 safer strats that involve bringing Anna and Libra for Rescues, and Olivia for Dancing (and Basilio/Flavia to C24 to bait off Spear Wyverns). For those interested in seeing, I'm going to start posting again whenever I'm streaming it. This will typically be the same old 7PM PT Friday slot, plus this week I've got some time off, so I'm looking at doing an additional run on Tuesday. I may also end up doing segmented runs or straight-up labbing every now and again.
  7. It's two match ups. I also wouldn't use it against the Wind Caller. I realize a lot of people lean on Divine Pulse, yes. The fact that gambling on 60s becomes a regular occurrence is a very good reason never to touch it, though. I'm not going to let my play deteriorate like that. Turtling is hardly the only strategy when avoiding taking unnecessarily poor hit chances. It's maybe required very early in White Clouds, but once certain units get rolling, it's quite possible to play fairly aggressively, if for no other reason than Canto with bows is so insanely abusable. Enemies will readily break formation and get chewed up for it. While it's not LTC pace, forward momentum is rather easy to maintain. The only place this possibly runs into problems where falling back on turtling starts looking really good is the maps that have the infinite reinforcement spam. Throwing out a Gambit, hoping it hits, then resetting the map doesn't strike me as remotely good play. Doesn't matter if it's only the second turn of the map.
  8. My Raph definitely wasn't getting enemy mages with a one-two from normal gauntlet attacks. I needed to get him Str +2, Death Blow and mastered Grappler before he really started contributing via Fierce Iron Fist. Not exactly the highest investment, but still not really a great situation. While mine was a little Str screwed, bringing him up to average wouldn't have changed his 3HKOs into 2HKOs (though it might have made some of the Fierce Iron Fists that missed kills actually secure the kills). The same build felt way easier to get going on Caspar because of his personal giving +10 Hit on his targets and Bombard softening how much the pre-Fierce Iron Fist period of gauntlet damage sucks.
  9. At the point I was fighting Wind Caller, my Byleth was still about matched to its Charm. Never fought The Immovable, so can't comment on that. Both Immaculate Ones have something stupid like 52+ Charm, which was actually about 3 higher than my Byleth hit each time. However, the point also isn't that it would be a problem for Byleth, because even at roughly matched Charm, they're usually seeing good hit rates (same for the house leader). The point is that both Byleth and the house leader have other, better battalions they'd rather run (and/or they're flyers), and Absorption ends up being complete garbage on anyone else because they're usually a good 10 (early game) to 20 (end game) Charm behind Byleth. I was barely able to get 50-Hit Gambits up to the 90-100 range against the Immaculate Ones with a couple of my most stacked units with triple links, Hit +20 and an Adjutant. I'm not gonna drop 20 Hit for no good reason. Must be a Paralogue I haven't played then, since the Blaze DoT hasn't ever contributed any notable damage to my runs. It's never a factor in my decision to use Blaze, anyway.
  10. In addition to what was said about Ignatz, I want to reiterate that his Authority strength means once his Charm starts to fall behind, he can easily transition from running CC via offensive Gambits to the high-grade utility Gambits. Impregnable Wall and Blessing are both stupidly good. Doesn't Thyrsus just give Aegis and Pavise as though they were on a unit's skill bar, so it'd be Dex%? I still advocate for Dancer Lorenz. He gets it right when his Mage shenanigans where he can double Cavs are falling off and the magic focus of Dancer still lets him throw out an emergency Ragnarok if Dance is somehow not the optimal choice. Admittedly, I haven't tried Raphael in War Master, but I can't see giving up Fierce Iron Fist being a particularly good idea for him. I gave him a metric ton of favouratism when I ran Deer and he was still missing one rounds with uncomfortable frequency with Fierce Iron Fist. Going back to just two hits with his gauntlets is not something I'd care for. Also, seconding the value of Rally Str. My quadders appreciated it a rather lot. Mind, there's also been times I've lamented that he has to be the one who has it because an extra 12 damage is something he'd have also appreciated (if I were to do a non-blind Deer run, I'd probably consider stealing Annette to that end).
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