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  1. So, lesson to be learned about AR defense designs: even if your setup is a hybrid Ophelia-Alm damage spam with Surtr-W!Eirika stall tanking, upgrading the Lightning Trap is a bad idea. I was able to purposefully set off the trap to do 50 damage to Surtr, which was the end of him.
  2. I want to reiterate that a relatively low-investment way to cripple L!Alms on defense (and a number of other units, though watch out for Desperation if you're doing this) is to run Bolt Tower 4 with Fallen Takumi. That's 35 unmitigatable damage stacked up (though they can have a maxed Healing Tower in the mix, not every setup has it) plus Panic that doesn't depend on HP thresholds. L!Alm's biggest threat comes from the ability to almost always double and have that second hit do a crap load of damage (thanks to the prf plus proc, unless you're running a Guard effect). One non-proc hit from him is way more survivable, so putting him near death, then putting a DC tank in range to kill him on the first hit can make everything fall into place. Vantage tanks work even better here if they defense decided not to bring any uncounterable or Hardy Bearing effects.
  3. Should probably be okay in general, though flier balls commonly run Est, so you'll need to find a way to play around that.
  4. The standard lower-investment (only "lower", because CC is usually required, so you have to either promote your Takumi or kill a 5* pull) counter to flier balls it to run a CC-Vantage archer. Boosted enough (such as being supported by the previously suggested multi-M!Corrin cheerleader squad) super tanks can also typically survive baiting them.
  5. It may be worth reevaluating how you feel in a week or something. Being angry/frustrated tends to tilt people and make it even harder to play or do things well. Taking a step back and not doing Heroes for seven days or so may let you come back fresh and do things better, especially with some of that new knowledge you've acquired. Just saying, since it sounds like you're still invested enough that throwing the entire account out may end up not be want you want in the long term.
  6. Aether Raids needs less investment than usual, just with harsher strategic pulling involved. Scoring high in Arena (Assault) makes AR investments look like a pittance (until enough whales decide they need full sets of +10 Mythics, but seems there's not a ton keen on that idea).
  7. Totally wasn't paying attention and was starting to wonder why I was meeting so much resistance in comps before I went to bed last night. I guess my defenses did well enough that I actually came within 100 points of T27. Neat.
  8. Yeah. Though I guess I'm getting a little lazy myself. So used to Naga skewing my stats on her in the recent-ish weeks, that I didn't think anything of it, but her stats were a bit overly high. Now that I'm not in a rush, I went back to check and whoever attacked forgot to deploy the bonus structure, in addition to only having a base Fort level of 4. A green super tank still could have rolled my defense, though (someone actually brought in a suped-up vanilla Felicia in the next match and more or less did just that).
  9. So, uh, my Dark team is literally just 2x Yune + legendaries of the season thrown together, but it managed to get a win. Not because of Gunnthra and Yune, but because someone decided to field a team of almost all physical damage (Bride Fjorm isn't terribly amazing magic damage) with no greens in it again her. My Fjorm's got 43 Def and Steady Stance 3, so she just timed them out. Sure, they were all stuffed in a corner to make it not completely trivial to take on, but the standard Eir-boosted green super tank could have facerolled my setup (of all blues and greens). >.>
  10. You may want Hrid to hang out closer to Yune. Her guaranteed debuff will make him double.
  11. Further consideration: the red TA Raven is probably the better pick, though. A ranged unit who can take a hit from Maribelle can break the Weapon Shop, then Sophia/Lyon can move up from just below the Weapon Shop to trash the Panic Manor. This provides another safe tile for the rest of the party while simultaneously gibbing Gunnthra and Lyn. It's very beneficial to also bait and kill Rein at this point, but if the rest of the team has the offense to kill both Veronica and Rein on a counter-push next PP, things should still be relatively workable with just the red Raven. The best part about baiting Maribelle on the left is, whoever was hiding because Sophia/Lyon, and Sophia/Lyon proper, can scoot up against her and trap her against the Concert Hall. This can be helpful if, for whatever reason, you need to gank Duma instead of kiting him to get the Aether. Many common non-tanks tend to be skewed toward Res or Def, though. Aversa, an extremely common offensive pick, for example, should be able to safely tank Maribelle (or Veronica, I guess, but Maribelle is the better target).
  12. A strong TA Raven user like Cecilia or F!Robin on the right would take little damage from most of that. You could also do a TA raven red on the left. On the off-chance you have a team with both, you could split pull both sides and basically neuter that defense entirely. Super tanks should also be able to do okay as long as they avoid getting attacked by both Gunnthra and Veronica at the same time (or use no visible buffs). If you're very confident in your super tank, you can do something really aggressive like have a flyer Reposition it over the central hills and have it bum rush Lyn.
  13. For the most fleeting of moments, I was rank #83 when I finished my runs last night (currently #416 and falling). I sold my soul to Hel to get three success defenses, though (2x L!Azura, 2x L!Alm, NY!Laeg with Lunge and Savage Blow 6 Pain+ Priscilla), then when that stopped working, a timely double Yune pull let me stem the bleeding by having my final loss be, just -20, for a crazy low total of only 240 Lift lost this week. Gunnthra on the same team as Eir gets a bit gross, since it's not too difficult to stack +30 damage in debuffs with default kits.
  14. I was waffling on this thought back when Aether Raids was new, but after being forced to spend for dew to upgrade the Forts, I think it's more a matter of careful setup to play into certain strategies. That is, I started upgrading stuff that seemed to be vaguely generally useful on a whim because where else was I going to put that stuff? Tactics Room used to be great, but everyone's developed Rally Traps to get around them. I still find it occasionally helpful when I'm forced to use it as a bonus structure, but the 1-in-6 chance of having it in the right row or not kind of kills any sense of reliability. Oddly, I've found the Bolt Tower, which I initially turned my nose up for proccing enemy Vantage and WoM shenanigans, to be very useful. At level 4, coupled with a Fallen Takumi, that's 35 damage and Panic in a three-column area. This can allow DC/CC super tanks that otherwise risk falling into problems with not killing dangerous units that then get danced (like L!Alm) to sweep most of the defense. The Healing Tower at level 4 has also been great. Allows greater safety for super tanks doing long pulls, as well as face-checking level 4 Lightning Traps without being completely crippled.
  15. There's only two things I could see really working for EPing him on a consistent basis: stuff that one-rounds on the first counter. Which basically means blade tomes Swordhardt, Keaton and cooldown shenanigans with Slaying weaponry and/or pulse effects. He can't one-round you if he just instantly explodes upon initiation. Thinking of that actually reminds me that I should figure out a blessing for my Valentine's Hector. His base kit already does that with no extra effort and Alm's basically guaranteed to put him into Wrath range.
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