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  1. Thanks! Where can I get the most up-to-date version of the hack?
  2. I'm just starting Elibean Nights and I have a few questions: 1. How do you change the difficulty between Normal and Hard? 2. How do you adjust character pairings? 3. How difficult are each of the tales? I've failed at Eliwood's a handful of times now.
  3. We wrote the lyrics and recorded it when the two of them were over for the weekend, but I wasn't in the video because I go to a different college than they do, unfortunately.
  4. My friends and I made a parody to The Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex" about playing the 3DS demo! youtube.com/watch?v=edpIA4gWZhI
  5. I Googled "blue fire" and decided this one was my favorite. Maybe I'll mirror the image instead.
  6. I didn't recruit Libra or use Gregor on my first playthrough, so Nowi married Henry.
  7. I'm not surprised that Chrom won the female avatar's vote because of nosferatanking and 2 kids. Are people voting for male avatar x Tiki because of her events in past FE titles, a manakete Morgan superior to Nowi or Nah's, or because of looks (which is something people typically consider)?
  8. Does the AI try not to hurt itself because of counter? If so, that's a good way to make 1-range weapons not a threat. Another option is Pavise.
  9. Does the 2 hours between Barracks events start counting once you have room for one, or does it just check every 2 hours if you have room for one?
  10. I had a blast playing HeartGold since I never played the classic Johto games. My least favorite is Hoenn because screw the ocean.
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