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    I love the Lucina x Avatar/Robin pairing and i Like Lyn x Tactician/Mark too. I love anime and manga, my favorite is fairy tail, The seven Deadly Sin, Black Clover, Gundam 00 to new a few. I am also a fan of Natsu x Lucy or Nalu ?. I started with the GBA games but by far my favorite is Awakening I don't know it just really fun game to play and it has my OTP for Awakening Lucina x Robin.

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  1. Well he is the main lead and it anime game the main lead always get praise and everything else that comes with the main lead. I always though IS try to make Alm and Celica a fake avatar characters with the whole everyone speaking to them but seem more like they were talking to the player in away with the one way camara.
  2. Yeah I don't IS is good at whole grey area they did better here but they still put Alm in the right. Like in Fates how it suppose to show the grey of both Nohr and Hoshido it doesnt, it mostly paint the conflict black and white.
  3. There is no to much in gatcha games. Hell Lucina is the saber of fire emblem. Saber from fate franchise has A LOT of incarnations of herself in Fate Grand order. So I can see Lucina having alot of incarnations of herself too.
  4. Eh different stroke for different folks. I like to chose my romances but set romances aren't bad either. My favorite pairing in fire emblem is Kris x Katarina. Wish they made a squeal to mystery of the Emblem I wouldn't mind a game title Final chapter of Marth games or something. Back to topic Glad you interview the VA for Alm hope he will be in more Fire Emblem games too. I could him being Lief voice.
  5. Well I mean it a old game I don't IS would change one of the few canon Lord ships. I like there more implied or chose the female or male partner now in fire Emblem
  6. I think why there no more canon couples in fire emblem is because players have different ships and favor one over the other. Plus saves them a hassle to develop the couple.
  7. Well I can get that but what was the 7th game I mean even if you Fate three versions that only 6 games with the Avatar system
  8. Uh the reason for casual is for casual players and for people who don't want to start over a map, plus Mila wheel only has a limited usage. You sound like one of those fans who complain about casual mode.
  9. Well I mean they are trying to make money off the game and since it only sold like 100K+ plus in Japan I think they are banking on the west to buy it. America I can see buying like 200k Europe maybe like 100k and that it.
  10. Pretty much. I think should of just realesed 5 story maps instead of just 1 the story pick up a bit.
  11. I mean did you not expect Ike to be the best unit on HIS banner.
  12. Man the new chapter update is pretty fun but the Ike Wank was really unneeded if you ask me but eh whatever. IS seem to add more story cutsenes in for chapter 10 I like!
  13. Is just like sucking Ike Ragnel a lot he the only character from his game who get that. I wonder why IS love him so much to want him.
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