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  1. So I just realized that I'm actually Batman and I'm simultaneously a seal and stuff. Cool.

  2. Obviously. Which is why we're obviously the bestest units of this entire game even though I doubt I've appeared yet (but if I have I'm still the bestest except we're the bestest so) and LPC is liek totally teh bestest writer ever. Okaaay I don't actually know how I managed to write ^ that ^ but in any case that is obviously what needs to happen.
  3. Did some poking around on the seller's page, found a lot of comments like Also of note, several buyers contributed inordinately1 large numbers of positive feedback messages. It seems at the very least suspicious, and I'm going to just call it now as bootleg to err on the side of caution. 1 On random samplings of pages 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the comments section, seemingly more users bought multiple items and gave identical to-the-letter reviews of each item than users who didn't.
  4. Yeah so jumping on the bandwagon if'n you ever have a spare bit of time, I'd appreciate a character (preferably female Samurai or Spellblade, but idrc). Thanks in (possibly) advance, ~Lyaraaaa postscript: Could the name be "Silvertongue", or would that be confused with Silverhand? Lyraa~ is fine too.
  5. Duathlon's coming up soon! Fun!

  6. But...but I forgot who I am *waaaaaah* EDIT THANKS TO FREEEEEEE~ (Suwako-desuuuuuuu) I AM KOGASA-CHAN FOR SOME REASON! YAY!
  7. So, are we deploying them in any specific manner? I mean, the whole point of FE isn't just about the individual units, but also how you command them. Right now, all you'd need is to craft units that could beat your strategy (which seems to be based on limiting damage). Like, idk, a Vaike!Morgan (M) Berserker with forged Hammer and Killer Axe. Furthermore, what are you arming them with? Right now, I just don't have enough information to actually attempt a real response to your team. I'm lacking the following data points: - Armature - Deployment - Battle Strategy - Rationale I love how you included stuff like supports, but not that. ~Lyra Belacqua, called Silvertongue
  8. Is it just going to be males x Robin (F) or are you going to branch out? I really like it so far, but I guess it's in the eye of the beholder as always. Stylistically, you were spot-on, and thematically, everything was well-placed. I would've liked it to be a bit longer, but that's just me. They are shorts, as you said. Keep writing, please!
  9. YAY! Thanks to you all, and I hope we'll be hearing from each other soon! Yep. Sure do! Ooookay... not sure whether I should be flattered or appalled, but I shall endeavour to read the rules with as much efficacy as I can. ~Lyra Belacqua, called Silvertongue
  10. Yep. Joined today. Move along now; I suppose the only reason I posted this is it's protocol. Whatever. For all of you who actually care enough to open communications with me, I'm Lyra Silvertongue. Oh wait, you already knew that! Silly me. I'm probably younger than you (though not by much), and I love cats. Well, pretty much anything. OH! I also love chocolate. Just saying. I swim, participate in lots of stuff you've probably never even considered rational, and debate. Oh, and I read pretty much three- (why can't I get an en dash here?) five hours a day.I'm not going to comment on my skill in any of these areas. Got to maintain shreds of modesty now, don't I? To be honest, I'd say that my greatest skills lie in argument and strategy. And my greatest flaws? Come now, I don't want you hating me right off the bat! I'd say that I'm completely and utterly crazy. And I can be harsh sometimes. But mostly crazy. So yeah, hi. Be seeing you. Oh, yeah, one thing I forgot to mention: I am always watching. ~Lyra Belacqua, known as the Silvertongue
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