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  1. alright it's been a month and everytime i open up the game i'm like "but i dont want to play fire emblem right now" official hiatus for a while, will make a ridiculous necropost once I muster up the desire to fire some emblems again in the future to anybody that cares, sorry editing over a YEAR later to say fuck fe12, this obviously is officially closed (also the entire thread is broken because of spoiler garbage so) yeah cya
  2. 1. Nah New Mystery is a lot more difficult and especially on Hard mode, i'm too much of a pussy to do a run like that 2. I dooon't really like Cord and was planning on using Draug, but I'm not a huge fan of reclassing (I reclassed Arran to make the game easier though). But, maybe. 3. See above
  3. No excuses here [spoiler=Chapter 2] Jagen sucks off the Whitewings and myself simultaneously. Thanks for the blowie, dude. Some nonsense I picked up from How's Everybody. thax This sums up this first part of the game pretty well. Yeah thank god, because now I get a pegasus waifu yadda yadda yadda I map saved at the end of a turn and Warren died so I gave up for the day because I had to go to work and now I had access to How's Everyone again Ryan Cecile Gordin Rody and my favorite Get away from me, Arran. So Arran goes off to the side and gets ready to pick up the Lady Sword from the thief, while Catria recruits Warren on turn 2 Usually I hand this off to Cecile, but looks like someone else gets it this time Rumel attacks Arran and before I can use my brain, swoops over the next turn to delete Draug and I reset swoops over the next turn to delete Draug and I reset. giiiive me the fucking sword boi. I chose to draw people around to the side this time, making it even easier to get Warren And nooooow I can kill these chumps Looks like Arran crit the boss, was not expecting that but that's pretty neAT I mean should I be surprised? Baiting out the Cav from the right the dude has a silver sword btw, hard mode is funny fucking ouch Rody reams this loser malicia is best girl <3<3<3 These dudes are fighting on TOP of a fucking castle how badass is this game and just to wrap it up, Warren (who I probably will use) takes out this wyvern marth scoots his boots over to the castle and seizes https://youtu.be/SECVGN4Bsgg?t=48s Surprise it's a grill! hey bro you're missin some balls i saw a joke about this on reddit when fates came out in europe i'm not reliable
  4. [spoiler=Chapter 1] alright blah blah blah it's been a year, hardin saved the fucking world, married nyna because he wanted to smash her BADLY, and became emperor. He's still a good dude. Nothing wrong with him. but bad things are going down suddenly jagen's like "hey man im mad fuckin old but here's arran who's even worse than me" YARR HAR FIDDLE DEEDEE [spoiler=DO WHAT YOU WANT CAUSE A PIRATE IS FREE] I said I cared about the story but not right now it's 3 am and im gonna kms alright so we meet general Wang and he's like "lol im the general, ur just a lozer marth pls kill everyone here and lorenz" Right off the bat Arran stabs a dude in the face I hope there are some waifus here! I mean, this is a Japanese game right..? Waifu acquired I wanna know this dude's name, does he have a name? I picked up some 1-2 weapons btw Alright I'm beginning to get why Kris is so ridiculous Like jesus christ man, this is supposed to be a hard playthrough I've never used Draug in any Shadow Dragon/New Mystery playthrough so I decided why not? He's hitting all these 79's, I can tell this isn't Fates Rowdy Rody gets one step closer to doubling a level 1 Knight Marishia's luck is mad fucking high, just like me #smoke I've done this chapter so many god damn times dude Hey look, it's Lorenz! That dude's pretty cool. Why is he a boss? I should talk to him! OH GOD OH GOD WHY LORENZ what a joke! i didnt get another prepromote! fuck this game! In retrospect I should've just killed him and got the EXP Yeah but you see, that's not ... how it went... Oh now we're bringing in the ten year olds hey fuck you! I don't murder children anymore! We just drove him to suicide lol, relax Yumina Alright game, you've convinced me. I hate this Lang guy. When do I get to kill this asshole?
  5. sorry, i couldn't think of a reason to play anything other than Overwatch I'm sure you understand too tired now but we will get back to our regularly scheduled programming when I wake up edit: this evening (june 12th) will have an update sorry again, no more delays for this entire LP now
  6. since the swordmaster thing was a joke (and didn't win anyway), the poll ends with a unanimous yes for making Arran a dracoknight, making him an actual useful unit
  7. It's 6 AM and I played this around 2 AM, let's go! [spoiler=Prologue 8] woah, what's up? Fuck all that, what's up with the title, dude? PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON By the gods! Just in time for our new recruits to defend the castle! What the fuck? Alright real talk, why not just kill them? I mean, while you're here trying to take over the castle? Are you really asking this SAY IT AIN'T SO! You bitch! Cecille! Take her out! Cecille? Worthless You're not coming, cecille shut up you're not coming! yes dumbass alright thanks now sit down and let your little brother do stuff sorry but that's literally the only way we can fight Rule number one of being a bad guy: Don't actually fight Rule number 2: If you're much stronger than the person you're trying to kill, then just make people that are weaker try to kill him Not this again. I like his strength, but dude's mad slow. Hopefully he starts picking up speed Holy shit somebody help me please Actually, if I get +2 HP for the next 11 levels, which is possible, then I'll cap before promotion! WRYS GOT MAGIC! picture on the right is from shadow dragon SD Wrys is fucking pathetic this chapter is half boss-rush, half defense I'm basically baiting out reinforcements and then wiping them all out at once Look how goofy this Thief looks with an actual sword. You'd think I'm close but no! Katarina's basically a walking nuke also more reinforcements Time to start healing myself up so I can tank some stuff not the most disappointing level up Alright, it's serious now. just these guys left. However, Katarina can delete most of my units and the thieves have more range than her, effectively making anybody that isnt myself little more than a sacrifice and uh, I accidentally put wrys in harm's way not too surprised Like I said Eine is a walking nuke alright this is much more favorable, she'll still wreck my face but it's only 19 damage She missed and now I can proceed to dunk her senseless buutttttttt might as well give marth a little bit of revenge ooof, right in the throat and he picks up a sexually pleasing level I mean, it's pretty simple. it's called "being a spy" fuck yeah it looks dumb as hell lol Hint hint
  8. two all-nighters at work in a row guys, more coming this evening/afternoon
  9. did you get drunk and post this topic three times bruv happy birthday though
  10. [spoiler=Prologue 7] I'm not gonna do every base conversation for every chapter, just the important ones. So this chapter starts out with Jagen being all like, "you guys are good this is your final test" and then cain's like "LOL IT ME" The first base conversation has Marth saying this: too funny Then this Then Marth and Brett agree that "Casual mode is best mode" And finally, Katarina cries and says "I'll tell you later" also too funny The squad This chapter is pretty hard actually, cause the map is so small that the cavs and pegasus knight can go anywhere they want This another [spoiler=Revelation]vallite kinda thing? long story short I lost like 3 times because the pegasus knight reinforcement kept doing this to me For some reason I lost a couple of screenies on the way there but eventually That last screenshot was beaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful Ogma nets a shite level up though Wrys simultaneously heals Brett and walks out of the way of the Archer, who then suicides on Merric. There's not much story here, just some congratulating. Then Katarina asks if I want a headband from Cecille and I'm like sure lol Likely just for this chapter this next chapter is where it gets good. also, the next one is the last prologue
  11. [spoiler=Prologue 6] Story goes as follows: Luke whines about how no girls want his dick, and gets his ass roasted by Katarina. He's like hey, if I change my hair to look like Brett's, maybe everybody will want to fuck me; gets roasted again. Then Jagen's like "Okay Brett, make sure you're prepared for every battle" and Frey introduces the Preparations Screen. First base conversation is about the Fire Emblem. Frey essentially says that "The Fire Emblem was given to Marth" The second is about Cecille, and Katarina says she has to go, but she's ordering for weapons to be delivered by her new recruit Cecille. Then the lase conversation is just Jagen asking who my grandfather is, and then he says "Wow your grandfather was a cool dude he'd be proud of you" Anyway, moving on. I guess I'll bring these guys. I like Rody and Ryan, Caeda is baeda, and Wrys is ... well, he has a heal staff. Shit. hey babe im right here Man it would be a real shame if Katarina turned out to be a traitor, wouldn't it!? After all she's done for us she'd just be spelling her own doom as a result of helping us become stronger! Prologue Prologic Then Cecille dies once and I die once to Ogma, so I decide to bring Merric instead of Caeda cause I wasn't using Caeda anyway (for fear of her getting sniped) This should work. Kris isn't broken at all. These Prologue chapters essentially take 2/3 turns and just depend on whether or not I survive the first phase I mean if you insist. Don't mind if I do. Now it's just time to mop up the rest of the goons. Consider them mopped! Then it's pretty much Ogma praising me and Katarina asking if we should actually join the Guard. Then it's bed time!
  12. [spoiler=Prologue 5: More Filler] I took almost entirely story pictures here so I'm gonna cut down on them because it's just the prologue shit. Basically, the group loses their way back to Altea castle and then-- oh look, bandits! I let the bandits come to me, because otherwise I'd just get bombarded. Merric's here to further break the Prologue! You're goddamn right, natural green hair bros! Green hair makes you a better unit. I think the first time I played I used Cecille. Which of the cavs is the best? I only used Cecille because she's a qt grill. Clean up time. I love Merric. It hurt me not to use him in FE11. theirleader.jpg No you meanie. GOTTEM WITH THE OLD COMBEROONI Take that, shit head! I mean, isn't Caeda with us? MAYBE! JUST MAYBE Then the story essentially shifts to focus on Roro and Kleine. Roro's like, hey Kleine, make sure you murder Marth good! And Kleine's like don't worry dude, Eine is working with us. And the player's like "Wow, crazy, I wonder who Eine is." Spoiler alert, it's exactly who you think it is Yeah, it's the fact that you're literally no help at all Now it's like "Hey, Marth, sorry we ditched and murdered all those bandits." And then Marth's like "bro it's cool, thanks actually, those bandits suck dick! How would you and Eine Katarina like to be my Royal Guards?" And I'm like "u sure lol?" Marth's like "yeah!" and that's about the whole story.
  13. I'm so relieved I finished it as well. I like the prologue in this game actually. I don't know what it is about FE12 but it's just so much more refreshing to play than FE11. I didnt even bother lol
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