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  1. Hi Spirit! Are you still alive? (This is Railgun btw)

  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  3. Hey guys, long time since I last logged in. I'm still very busy with my Japanese. I have played almost no videogames or used the internet a lot because of studying. My exam is in December 1st, 2013. I am still not going to come back until then, maybe I'll come by next month to say hi. じゃまたね。

  4. Spirit whenever you comeback man....... anyway yeah more often man your friends miss you

    1. Spirit


      Hey Ron say hi to everyone for me please =). I think I'm coming back near September. For now I need to study a big part of my free time. I miss you guys too =(.

    2. Spirit


      Still studying dude, miss you guys tons. =(

  5. I give Lifetaker a 7/10 since, as they stated before, it only activates on the player phase and it can only be used once or twice depending in if you have Galeforce or dance. I personally prefer to use Sol since it's more useful in my opinion; but if a character does not have access to Sol, it is quite a decent skill.
  6. Japanese has been absorbing all my time. Mmmh I need to relax more and log in here more often.

  7. One Kana down! Katakana, you´re next!

  8. Hey guys, I'll not be on so much for a while, I gotta study Japan all that is left of June =o

  9. You must really like Tiki.

    1. Spirit


      Yup, I do indeed~

  10. Spirit


    Hello! Welcome to the Serenes Forest Forums! I'd have to agree with you about mages, they're the most useful imho.
  11. Hello! I don't think I know you, but I'll be your friend anyways =P.

  12. Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce that I had this good Minecraft server. If you want to play on it, you are very welcome! I really need some people, it has been alone for quite a while. It is a port-forwarded, Bukkit based server. It has some plugins like Lockette, MyHome, and MyWarp. The I.P. is: The server's name is Lake Adventure. Thanks to you all!
  13. Guys, is anyone interested in joining a Minecraft server?

  14. I finally finished The Sword of Seals! It was a great game and most certainly the hardest FE game I have played yet.

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