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  1. Cool, glad to hear you liked this patch. I think Project Naga is really interesting as it seems they figured out how to replace the font and did a lot of other stuff the base patch I started from couldn't. I'll have to look around and see if Naga ever released any sources as I'd be interested to see them.
  2. Hi folks, I was looking around the web to see if anyone has done an updated patch for FE4 since I last updated this one - what's the verdict on Project Naga? I don't have plans on continuing work on this patch at this time, though. Is it still used by folks?
  3. Looking back at the sources, I believe this should be for a headered ROM. I didn't modify anything in this part of the code from the original sources. Here's a quote from the readme in the fe4transsrc package:
  4. If anyone still cares about my patch I think this was the final version - I lost the sources when I had a computer die on me (it was in a VM, pretty hard to back up). The patch is on Dropbox. Enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips I'm interested to see the code of naga, looks cool!
  5. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  6. * PATCH UPDATED 5/31/2013 1:54 PM EST * Same location as in the first post. http://diablo3gemcalculator.com/fe4/fe4.ips
  7. Ha, thanks :) I appreciate everyone's help so far :) Nick, here's a description of what's going on with the graphics - the graphics for some things are visible if you open up the ROM in a sprite editor program. Things like the Holy Weapons are plainly visible and you could edit them in place in the ROM. Other images - like character portraits - are not visible in a sprite editor, even though they're in the ROM somewhere. This is because they're compressed - like what Winzip does to a .zip file, shrinks it down - and compressed data is much harder to work with than its uncompressed form. I was able to change Sigurd's compressed portrait because I knew where in the ROM his compressed portrait data was. How did I know this? I have some Japanese documents that detail the starting location and ending location for portrait graphics. I'm not sure how the author came about this information, but I bet they did something like run the game through an ASM debugger, found a routine that's called to decompress graphics, watched for that routine to be called and made notes of the data areas referenced. ... whew So why can't I just replace the Holy Blood chart graphics for the names, like Holsety with Forseti? Because, since they're compressed, I don't know where they're stored as data inside of the ROM. If I look at a save state for the game in YY-CHR - which is a snapshot of the running MEMORY set - I can see the graphics in their UNCOMPRESSED form. They have to be uncompressed to be displayed as a graphic. But this does not tell me where they are loaded from, or stored in compressed fashion in the ROM. So... I could probably do what others did to get the compressed portrait locations BUT I don't have the time to dedicate to just this right now. I'm planning on tackling the rest of the text changes in the next few days and updating the patch. That should do it for most text based issues. Graphics, missing translations... those are the things that are going to take a while.
  8. Lol when you put it that way it sounds easy! I found them in *memory*, not in the ROM. Not yet. :)
  9. For science, using the FE4 hack docs, google translate and this website, I hacked Prince Marth's portrait from FE3 into FE4 as Sigurd's portrait. Also, using save states and YY-CHR I found where the graphics for the map, Holy Blood chart and more all are in memory. So I am getting somewhere with this at least ..
  10. Thanks for all testing, I added a few of your comments to the TODO section of the first post. I'm currently mainly (slowly) working on graphics hacking stuff..
  11. * Official changelist started! - check first post! *
  12. Yeah, that's one of the ones I thought was 'official' which really isn't. We can undo Andorey.
  13. Not that Brigid stupid (I really should have used a better word than "stupid") but it's the same spelling as a Celtic mythological figure. Since we're not calling Tordo "Thor," and we're not calling Belhalla "Valhalla" I think going with the reference over the mythological name makes sense. Oh, what's that you say, what about Mjolnir? Talk to NoA ;) I have a list of all the changes in a spreadsheet... trying to figure out a better place to put it. Will probably just spoiler it in the first post...
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