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  1. It's gonna get worse with the amount of people sucking Rey's dick.
  2. *You're, did you not pay attention in school? Oh wait, you're all too stupid to understand grammar.
  3. Oh wow, having to resort to editing quotes you little cunt?
  4. You must be mad if you can't use proper grammar.
  5. Elementary school? Jokes on you, I live in the UK and in Year 9 at high school.
  6. SOC acts like a twat, yet you still idolise him, but I do something similar to him, and it's suddenly World War III.
  7. No, why don't you if you're that bothered?
  8. You must be if you can't correctly use grammar.
  9. Because Lissa is the canon waifu of My Unit, and my actual girlfriend is real.
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