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  1. And I'm done with FEH. Daily AR on the main was grinding me down, and the Duo Heroes thing was the breaking point. I deleted both of my accounts - spending-main and free-alt. I looked at how much I spent since "completion" last year, and it was almost $4k. Once my Fire Emblem burnout subsides, maybe I'll get back to my runs in the main games.
  2. Alt is throwing orbs at the Chosen Ones trying to get a 5-star, any 5-star. Nope, nothing but 3-star Fates stuff. I haven't even finished one route of Fates and this is already making me want to keep it on the back burner due to being soured on the characters.
  3. Bought a pack and got a second Yune and an Eliwood merge. Good enough.
  4. ...yeah, I can't even crack 100k, so these new rewards are unobtainium. This was with a +10 Brave Lucina with the effective refine and Astra, both herons, and a third dancer. One more thing that is making me reconsider pouring money towards this game for my final whaling goals. The game has taken way too much of my life as it is.
  5. Yeah, I realized Nagi is first and foremost a tank and not a nuke. +HP is at least a defensive asset, I might build her for now. I realized I actually had one ticket left on the Forging Bonds. I get Lethe...+Def -Spd, made into a book. The real surprise here was Mercedes. The off-focus pull of her was +Spd, so I promoted my other copy of her to merge away the flaw and handed her a dark blessing. I can't wait to pull for Sothis to put together an alternative dark season team.
  6. Throwing in $200... Really tilted by Swordhardt, Mercedes, Dream M!Corrin and Camilla, and Flying Olivia before getting Nagi +HP -Atk (of course -Atk just to tilt me) and Phina +Res -HP (yay super asset!). That was rough, I better not like the Legendary, I need to save orbs for fixing Halloween Jakob.
  7. Was finishing up the Soiree banner and got a merge for Berkut on the main and Nephenee on the alt. Tickets and leftover orbs got me a big pile of feathers. I don't feel like throwing any money on this banner.
  8. Felt like burning orbs and my alt had a pile around 200. Ended up with Ishtar +Spd -Res, Reinhardt +HP -Spd (who forgot his outfit), a Brave Veronica who taught Sakura Wrathful Staff, Caineghis -Atk who was turned into a manual, oof to Mercedes -Atk being 5-stars, and switched Laegjarn to +Spd from +HP.
  9. TT orbs end up getting me another Sumia trying for a merge on Berkut. Sumia is officially worst girl now.
  10. I did it! Valentine's Titania is my second grail +10. Was torn between Camus and Navarre as my next grail +10, but I had a spare Lewyn for Special Spiral, which would work great with the Scarlet Sword.
  11. Threw down a good chunk of cash to try to fix PA!Olivia. Nope, Sue jilts me again. Sue is officially worst girl. At least I got Berkut with the leftover orbs.
  12. Ooh, a pile of orbs from Heroes' Path. Main: A pile of feathers and a Sumia. Yuck. Alt: Just trying for one more copy of Klein. End up with Nephenee +Spd -Def. Why does my alt get all the luck? I've gotten Zelgius, Brave Lyn, Celica, Lewyn, Deirdre, and Kaden within the first five pulls on recent banners.
  13. On the main, Donnel. I ended up with a spare Carrot Lance and decided to take him all the way. Also on the main, Lukas. I'd switch him to +Def if I could, and will be using the next QR3 fodder on him to free up the seal for Steady Stance 3. On the alt, Soleil. Wish I had the stones to refine the Slaying Edge+. Updated the signature. Reyson will be my main's next +10 project, and Klein will be my alt's next +10.
  14. Happy to see Camilla win because she's my free alt's free pick. Somewhat salty I spent so much trying to get Micaiah on the main only to watch her lose. I'm clocking out of this mode if I don't have the unit I'm "voting" for. Ranking feathers are negligible and can be made up for with more aggressive sending home. Floored at the toxicity on the sub, I got downvoted into the toilet for saying that over there.
  15. I said I was done with FEH whaling, but I had one final exception: the rerun of Summer's Arrival. Tana is now my Earth season points cheerleader. With F!Grima running Guidance, I can ferry around the bonus unit. If only there was Spur Spd/Res in a seal... Cordelia was my dream +10. I switched to +Spd because I'm using the curtains for that special cooldown. Can't wait for an Astra-Fire season so Hector can get that ticking down to 1. Innes actually got his last merge before Cordelia did. I got jacked badly in AR by a set where he used a Slaying Hammer+ to smash my Caineghis or FY!Tiki, can't remember, so I'm stealing that idea for myself. I'm awaiting the stones to refine that. Close Defense was from when he was an Arena bonus unit last year. F!Morgan showed up along the way, her final merge. Really thinking of switching the Speed refine to Resistance, but Innes needs that refine more. The feathers from all the send-homes gave me the push to finish Ares.
  16. Got baited for another copy of Leanne. Gray came along for the ride.
  17. I refined Faye's weapon and intend to keep Distant Defense 9. Should I switch from QR on B because it's on her weapon now, or is double QR still worth it to counter Wary Winter Eirika? EDIT TO ADD: I have Null Follow-Up. Is it worth it to also stop Brave-Bold H!Jakob? She survived him but was the worse for wear.
  18. Turns out FY!Tiki isn't as good at tanking the usual onslaught of mages. Luckily, I had dew on hand and immediately gave it to Faye. The first match I fielded her in had only Aversa, but Faye survived a Brave/Bold H!Jakob dropping an Ignis on her. FY!Tiki then handled BK and Idunn. Positioning almost cost me the match, but my Naga was damaged enough to trigger L!Azura's Wings of Mercy to finish Winter Eirika.
  19. Was ready to begrudgingly support Pent on the main because he weaseled his way into the final multiplier, but Deirdre made it and Ethlyn didn't. This leaves Bartre as the only F2P option. I always play against myself so one account wins. For me, the worst case is my alt winning while not having the character.
  20. Alt went up to 11% before finally the Duma merge arrives. Yes, using two copies is better, but this is a non-competitive account. Now to save up for an Azura merge again...
  21. Got the feathers to complete him yesterday. Next +10 project will be Ares. I merged him up decently from when he was a 4-5.
  22. The tables have turned. I finally upgraded my offense fort, and gave FF!Corrin the Light blessing. FY!Tiki now has Astra. I'm ready to enjoy this mode again. First match, I lost two units to some galaxy brain Restore trap. I really shouldn't be doing these first thing when I wake up. Second match, I parked FF!Corrin by herself and watched as she tanked an entire team. Defense "win" is some guy who threw away what looked completely winnable.
  23. I've given up this week. I have enough lift that I won't be knocked back down. Just as well, today's offense failure was thanks to a +10 Lyon hard-walled my entire offense team. Fury 4, meaning they pulled Valentine's Greil (and I expect trashed a few Valentine's Mists in the process) for him. I begrudgingly admire this player.
  24. Realized I didn't have any expensive travel plans this Memorial Day. Decided to go in, since the banner was ending. Nina again? +Spd, nice. Ouch. FF!Corrin x2, better copy +Spd. I'll take it. Ouch. Ouch! Velouria (wanted you, but -Spd is crippling), Mikoto (Flash is now up for grabs), Flying Olivia (Guidance is up for grabs), and finally a second FY!Tiki, +Spd to take advantage of Special Fighter.
  25. My F!Grima's already +10, and I've had success with Caineghis (+1, +Def) in Light season. *goes in to pull for FY!Tiki* Got her, +Atk -HP. I'll see how well I do pulling for the Astra Mythic before trying to merge away -HP. EDIT: Crap, the Darkness Within banner ends before the Mythic. Went all in, got an FF!Corrin (+Spd) too. Switched FY!Tiki to +Spd.
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