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  1. But as an assasin he will never get targeted over other units, which is not something you want from a tank.
  2. Since the other countries seem to have adequate military forces(or at least had in the past) maybe campaigns like this where shot down pretty early, if they ever where a thing. Maybe Serios(or Sothis before that) never had any interest in the other countries to begin with, we also never hear about anything remotely related to Agarthians living outside of Fodlan. And last but not least, since the crest system as demoninator for the nobility only exists in Fodlan, why would the ruling class/body/leader or even the general populance of any other nation accept this religion?
  3. Apparently it should indicate how much the character had to fight in those 5 years. Someone like Ferdinand would get more levels than Bernie for instance.
  4. There is also M!BylethxYuri's endings in AM/VW/SS: "[...] Curiously, informal notes and letters from friends suggested that the pair was extraordinary long-lived and their youth was untouched by the passage of time."
  5. I just started a NG+ BL run. Does anyone know if visiting the tomb to get Sothis Shield locks you out of Dimitri's support conversation? In the bug tracking thread it is mentioned as "unconfirmed".
  6. Back in Gen.3 I always thought would make sense for it to have fighting/fire for blaze kick. ;) So I hope this will be expanded upon quit a bit. So lets see... Scald could be water/fire and Kyurems special moves ice/electric and ice/fire. No idea for special damage on certain types for the moment.
  7. You talk about dodging but recommend Counter? Forget about that, Counter is not worthwhile 90% the time. Other than that, since you are offensive knocking out an opponenet per turn is mandatory anyway so Lifetaker>Renewal. You will probably want to use (forged) brave weapons, which can be bought from spotpass teams and the last regular map so armsthrift isnt needed that much.
  8. Finally added everyone in the OP and you too, Skullknight. And don't forget to add me too, I have Eevee! 3566-1643-5909
  9. Updated. Feel free to contact me if you like it "normal" xD
  10. Added Falter, Shuuda and Scooter :) Now I'm courious which Pokémon are in mine? ^^ If some one else added me, just post in here or pm, thanks al lot in the name of all Pokémon there are. ^^
  11. I havent finish the story, so I have no idea what my safari looks like but anyway here is my code: 3566-1643-5909 , going by the name of Danaos/Philip/Philip :) I will edit with the ones I used from here later. So, the first ones: Sylphid/Sylpheed/Bianca arvilino/Azzie/Azzie Ƶerker// L95/Lin/Lindsy Shelie// Alg/Alg/Serena Vicious Sal/Falco/Falco Sartek/sartek/ Sasori/Pieter/ MagicLeafy/Mandy/Mandy Avarice_Shadow/Avarice/
  12. Even though they didnt have given the avatar the deepest characterization I can definitly identifie myself with him. I'm quiet and observing myself, as well as openminded and empathic towards others. And right before explaining the tactic with the burning ships I even thought about this myself. :D
  13. Isn't Henry's hair more silvery instead of white? I thought not even his kids are getting it the same way he has it but white instead.
  14. As a second Lissa's Husband (a least in the current file) I second this! ^^
  15. I voted for Stahl, Ricken, Lon'qu, Brady, Owain, Priam and most important Gaius! Thanks for the fanservice in summer scramble! <3
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